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by savannah swanner english 110 dr barbara gordon n.
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Descriptive Logging PowerPoint Presentation
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Descriptive Logging

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Descriptive Logging
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Descriptive Logging

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  1. By Savannah Swanner English 110: Dr. Barbara Gordon Descriptive Logging

  2. Contents Biography Introduction to My Project Project Description: Class Assignment Project Description: My Issue Steps Taken to Produce Final Project English 110 Objective Challenges Things I Learned About Writing and Myself

  3. Biography I am from Waynesville, a small town in Western North Carolina. I grew up playing soccer and basketball which inspired my major, Exercise Sports Science. Growing up in the Great Smokey Mountains taught me to have great respect, awe, and gratitude for my hometown surroundings. My father as a sawmill manager and my mother as an outdoor enthusiast have given me a enduring love for nature and its beauty. Contents

  4. Introduction to My Project This project outlines the process I took to write my first college paper. The process and final paper helped my realize the birth of my belief that logging forests is beneficial when done correctly. With the guidance and instruction of Dr. Gordon I completed a well edited public piece. Contents

  5. Project Description: Class Assignment • Class Assignment: • Choose a controversial issue • Pick a stance on your chosen issue • Provide the readers with clear descriptions of the people or events in your past that led you to your belief • Do not argue your stance, but instead relate why you hold this opinion. Contents

  6. Project Description: My Issue • Issue: • I chose the issue of logging in national, state, and local forests. • My Belief: • “Selective cutting and regulated clear-cutting is essential to the health and management of our national, state, and local forests.” Contents

  7. Steps Taken to Produce Final Project • Creed (others and my own) • List of controversial issues in the world • Read and analyze other examples of similar papers • Write, refine, and finalize my belief statement • Freewriting: Researching my past • Experiment with different styles of writing an introductory paragraph • Choose the paragraph that best illustrates my belief • Rough draft • Peer editing and writing center review • Another draft and peer editing session • Final Paper Contents

  8. Contents English 110 Objective A more sophisticated writing process that results in a clear, effective, well edited public piece • Before ENG 110 ~ I sat down, wrote a paper, and then turned it in. • During ENG 110 ~ I practiced starting early, freewriting, researching myself, finding different styles of writing introductory paragraphs, and using others as resources. • After ENG 110 ~ I can produce papers that are well written without struggling for hours the day before the due date.

  9. Challenges • Figuring out why I held my belief • Pinpointing exactly what experiences founded my belief • Sticking to the assignment • not arguing my stance but instead explaining why I came to hold my belief Contents

  10. Things I Learned About Writing and Myself • I gained courage and confidence in my own credence because my project helped me discover the origins behind my belief. • I was taught writing can be fun, particularly when one takes multiple steps to complete a paper. Contents