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Unit 2. ENGLISH AROUND THE WORLD. How much do you know about the English language?. Read the following summary.

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  2. How much do you know about the English language?

  3. Read the following summary. English is a ________ ______all around the world. For more than 375million people in countries such as _______ and _______, English is their ______ ______. Another 375 million people _____ ______ as a second language. However, most people learn English at school as a ______ _______. The English language __also ____ by most international organizations as their working language, as well as in inter-national _____ and _______. Most foreigners visiting China are either__________ or ______. If they cannot ______ Chinese, they use ______ to communicate with Chinese people. In global culture, for example the Internet or popular music, English is widely used. In the future we will be speaking Chinese with our_______, but we will be _______ English with people around the world for our work. language spoken Australia mother tongue Canada Learn English foreign language is used tourism trade speak businessmen tourists English using family

  4. In which countries do we find most native speakers of English? Give the names of five countries.

  5. U.K. U.S.A. Canada Australia New Zealand South Africa English-speaking countries

  6. Br. E Am. E colour, favourite, color, favorite, spelling metre, realize, meter, realise, travelled traveled ask dance wheel pronunciation not box car address advertisement choice of words

  7. mirror towel toilet tap handle Bathroom ? bath / bathtub basin

  8. Bathroom? In Am.E, first it is a toilet and sometimes there is a bathtub or shower in it. In Br.E, first there is a bathtub or shower in it and sometimes a toilet.

  9. Do you know Br. E Am. E elevator flat mum rubber gas

  10. Br. E Am. E fall crazy pub film Santa Claus sick

  11. Q: How come the differences between American English and British English? At first the language in Britain and America was the same. In 1776 America became an independent country. The language began to change. The language in America stayed the same, while the language in England changed. At the same time, British English and the American English stared borrowing words from other languages, ending up with different words. In 1828 Noah Webster published the first American dictionary. And he changed the spelling of some words.

  12. Answer key for Ex.1 movie truck subway candy fall

  13. Answer key for Ex.2 • 1. CCTV 9’s World Wide Watch. • 2. Zhao Li thinks that listening to TV programs will improve English. • 3. She thinks Cao Ri is a good speaker. He uses American English. • 4.The more listening you have, the better your listening skill will get, especially if you hear a variety of speakers. • 5. You should be patient and keep trying. Soon you will understand more and more.

  14. * include: to have … as a part Vt You will find the plan includes most of your suggestions. The robbers killed six people, ________ two women. two women _________. including included include/contain include “包括”,侧重包括者只是整体中的一部分。 contain 指内容或成分“含有,包含”;里面装有。 contains Sea water _________ salt. The box _________ old letters. The tour _________ a visit to the Science Museum. This book ________ stories by many famous authors, __________ Mark Twain. contains includes contains including

  15. *play a role/part (in …) 1) to act, take the actor’s part in a play; He played (the part of) Hamlet in the play. 2) to make a contribution to sth.; have a share in sth. 在某方面起作用 She played an important part in winning the game. * *because of/because I have chosen them ___________ the colors. I didn’t go there yesterday__________ I was ill. because of because n. * Are you a native of this place? His native language is German. a native American The potato is native to America. This kind of tiger is native to India. adj.. adj.. 动植物原产某地

  16. Homework

  17. tourism trade English entertainment Internet website official language of the UN Discussion Why do so many people in so many different countries speak English?

  18. ●Trade and tourism from Western Europe and North American has contributed to the spread of English. China is now one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. ●English is the language that dominates international Internet websites and provides nearly all of the new computer technology. ●English is one of the official languages of the Olympic Games and the United Nations. The UN also has its headquarters in New York City. ●Satellite TV, radio programmes and Hollywood films all broadcast English in China. Also, a number of Chinese films include English subtitles.

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