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Around the World. OAS Presentation • April 12, 2004. Sesame Workshop The Workshop Difference. Who We Are A nonprofit educational organization making a meaningful difference in the lives of children worldwide by addressing their critical developmental needs. What We Do

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Around the World

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  1. Around the World OAS Presentation • April 12, 2004

  2. Sesame WorkshopThe Workshop Difference Who We Are A nonprofit educational organization making a meaningful difference in the lives of children worldwide by addressing their critical developmental needs. What We Do We create innovative, engaging content that maximizes the educational power of media to help all children reach their highest potential. How We Do It We forge cross-sector partnerships bringing together government agencies, international development institutions, NGO’s, educators, child development experts, broadcasters to achieve sustainable results.

  3. Addresses community needs such as literacy and math, health, pro-social skills, and critical thinking Mobilizes use of technology as a development tool Empowers communities at grassroots level through outreach material Improves ECD quality and access, especially for rural children and girls Builds local capacity Sesame Workshop’s International Work

  4. How We Work: The Sesame Workshop Model Sesame Workshop products are educational and entertaining • Our innovative method integrates production, educational content, and research • Drives measurable outcomes based on 35 years of expertise

  5. Meeting local educational needs Mexico: • Gender Equity • Diversity • Literacy Kosovo: • Mutual Respect & Understanding Russia: • Diversity • Preparation for Life in an Open Society Egypt: • Girls’ Education • Basic Skills • Health South Africa: • Diversity • Literacy, Numeracy, and Life Skills • HIV/AIDS Israel/Palestine/Jordan: • Respect & Understanding Bangladesh: • Girls’ Education • Basic Skills • Critical Thinking

  6. Taking Action Basic Skills (reading, writing, mathematics lay a foundation for community participation) Empathy and Respect for Others Problem Solving Knowledge of Community and Societal Structures Gender Equity Children as Integral Members of Society Personal Responsibility Sesame Street projects promote important civic values in a context that is appropriate for children in our target age: Children’s Rights Critical Thinking

  7. Promoting Civic Values of Sesame Street: Some Examples • Basic Skills: Mexico – Plaza Sésamo emphasizes literacy, an element that provides a critical foundation for participation in society and governance. Segments which feature the joy of reading and concrete literacy skills offer a first step in helping children keep up with community activities, current events and decisions that affect their lives and well as provide a means for expressing personal views about these decisions. • Valuing Democracy: Russia – Ulitsa Sezam’s curriculum was designed to help prepare children for life in their new open society. Segments such as a studio piece about making a purchasing choice when presented with two items at a store but only having enough money for one, is one way such messages are conveyed; live action films featuring Russia’s rich diversity is another. • Gender Equity: Egypt - Alam Simsim, focuses on girls’ education, featuring Khokha, a strong, female Muppet. She serves as role model to young girls and boys illustrating that girls and women can be actively engaged in society as full and equal participants in society. • Respect and Understanding: Palestine - Segments in Shara’a Simsim, such as a live action film in which a Palestinian grandmother makes her granddaughter an embroidered dress, show positive images of children from cultural groups rarely represented in the media. • Children with Disabilities: Canada - Characters such as Sesame Park’s Katie, who is physically disabled, show that children in a wheel chair can be active and vibrant members of the community. • Taking Action: Egypt – segments such as a live action film on Alam Simsim featuring girls and boys cleaning up a park help promote the message that children can make a difference in their communities. • Diversity: Germany – helping children learn about life in their culturally rich country is a critical component of recent seasons of Sesamstrasse where a new German Turkish character, Mehmet, is an integral member of the Germany studio cast.

  8. Our work in Latin America Public/private partnerships guide our work: • Ministries of Education • International Agencies: USAID, World Bank, UNICEF • Private Sector: Televisa, Discovery Kids, Nestle, and DaimlerChrysler • Civil Society: Save the Children, Educational Development Center • Regional: Plaza Sésamo broadcast, Ongoing since 1972 • Ecuador: Earthquake safety/preparedness PSA, radio, TV, print, 1992 • Panama: Technical assistance to support development of radio programming, 1997 • Mexico: Print materials to schools and hospitals on car safety, 2003 • El Salvador: Early childhood development print materials, training, PSAs, 2004 • Brazil: Vila Sésamo broadcast and outreach, 2005

  9. Moving Forward in Latin America • Leverage broadcast platform to extend educational impact -- more regional representation • Expand multi-sector partnerships to drive sustainable programs • Implement community-driven, localized projects • Educational materials for parents, caregivers, educators, and kids • PSA campaigns • Local activities and events • Continue research studies to measure impact

  10. Moving forward with our fans Bert & Ernie by Milton Edwin González Olvera 6-years-old Sta. Ma. Aztahuacan, Mexico Lola by Alicia Parra González 5-years-old Naucalpan, Mexico Big Bird & Ernie by Raymundo Iapes Catilla 7-years-old Iztapalapa, Mexico

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