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  2. Liberia located in West Africa

  3. Map of Liberia

  4. What is Liberia – (in West Africa) • Established by free American slaves in 1822 as a Christian State • Located in West Africa and covers a total area of 111.369km. • It has a coastline of 560 kilometers, which receives approximately 400mm in rainfall largely during the rainy season from May to October. • It has a population of 4.5 millions , with 80% of the population living below the US $ 1.00 per day poverty line, • 14% of Liberians suffer severe poverty defined as the proportion of total population living on less than US$0.50 per day.

  5. A Story of Hopeless and Need for God’s Love 14 years of civil and tribal conflict that ended 2003: : • destroyed the economy and infrastructures of Liberia • Killed over 500,000 people • Displaced over two millions of its citizens • Made over 250,000 children orphans or separated from parents • Destroyed schools, health system and infrastructures • Raped and abused over 2500,000 women, who need trauma healing counselling and some form of health intervention

  6. When Hell Broke loose in Liberia

  7. Civil War Displaced Communities

  8. Muslim Rebel Group Raped and Killed a Christian Girl

  9. After mark of a ceasefire in Monrovia in 2002

  10. When Hell Tighten its Hold on Liberia In 2014, Liberia was hit by an Ebola epidemic : • Out of the 28,000 affected , and 11,207 persons that died from Ebola in Sierra Leon, Guinea and Liberia, Liberia accounted for 43% deaths to Ebola epidemic (4819.01) • Ebola outbreak destroyed and rendered the Country’s healthcare system vulnerable , with no capacity to address the health needs of its citizen.

  11. Hopelessness Takes over Liberia

  12. Health Workers Transport Dead Ebola Victim

  13. Ebola Patients Wait in Desperation for Health

  14. When all Hope is Gone and God Seen so Far to Help Ebola outbreak grossly affected livelihoods of individuals and communities in the entire country Ebola outbreak impacted crop production, income and food security Ebola greatly affected the country’s professional and technical labor force (doctors, pastors, teachers, missionaries died, and rendered communities hopeless

  15. Christian woman cried and questioned God why?

  16. The Lord Brings Hope and Healing to Liberia What is God doing in Liberia: God is raising up - • an indigenous Gospel Mission call Goodwill Evangelical Mission • A body committed to reaching out holistically to the rural tribes of Liberia in West Africa • Making disciples of Christ Jesus • planting the Goodwill Evangelical Churches of Liberia • glorifying God in educational services and medical care

  17. Discipleship Workshop in Margibi County (Boys Town)

  18. Rev. George Z. Deemie Leads the Mission

  19. George & Kou Deemiewith our two daughters and two sons

  20. KOU and our four beautiful children

  21. My Role at Goodwill Evangelical Mission Roles (current) • Leading the Mission, providing strategic direction to the mission • Networking with Liberian and international organizations to achieve mission objectives Background (selected) • worked professionally in the health and environmental, pastoral and educational sectors in Liberia. • Bachelor of Theology in missions from a Seminary in Nigeria & Master of Public Health from Cuttington University in Liberia

  22. 17 years of experience in project management, health care and environmental protection administration. • Principal of secondary school • Directed the planting of 25 churches in north, central and south-west Liberia • Formerly a regional coordinator for Great Commission Movement of Liberia (i.e. Cru)

  23. Answering God’s Call to a fulltime Ministry Calling: • Resigned my position as the Administrative Manager for the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia (EPA) in 2014 to fulfill my current role as National Director for the Goodwill Evangelical Missions.

  24. The Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Missions What Do We Do? • Missions committed to souls winning and discipleship, • Our mission currently works in Four counties (Nimba, Bong,Margibi and Montserrado) of the fifteen counties of Liberia , West Africa, • and intends to extend its missions work in four additional counties (Bassa, River Cess, Bomi and River Gee) of missiological relevance in Liberia by 2019

  25. This is the First Evangelical Church in this community: lunched in Feb.2014, with a goal to: evangelize Lower Margibi majority nominal Christian and animists population, and plant the Goodwill evangelical churches of Liberia. Lower Margibi, referred to Marshall Territory which comprised of Charleville, Schefflin and Lloyville townships. Ben Town Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Church

  26. The Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission Mission Objectives: • To reach out , win souls and disciple the nations for Jesus Christ • To plant the Goodwill Evangelical Churches of Liberia among the sixteen tribes of Liberia • To meet the spiritual, humanitarian and development needs of our target communities through innovative community based projects • To equip the saints for ministry through the” school of missions and biblical studies”

  27. Mission Strategy Intervention is holistic and include four actions : • National Church Planting and Discipleship Project • Community Service & Health Outreach Programme • Youth and Women Entrepreneurs Program • Church Leadership Development Program

  28. Action # 1 National Church Planning Project • Key objective of the Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission is to reach out to lost souls, win and plant Bible believing churches among the six tribes of Liberia. • Strategically, we recruit, train and send out missionaries for short and long terms church planting activities in targeted communities and counties in Liberia, West Africa. (24 rural churches currently)

  29. Action # 2: Community Service & Health Out Reach Programme • Address most challenging news of women and children • Provides curative and preventive health services to target communities • with emphasis on maternal and new born care, family health education, management and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, expanded program on immunization,

  30. Action # 2: Continues • Hygiene promotion through an effective water and sanitation program characterized the program’s preventive strategy.

  31. Action # 3 Youth and women entrepreneurs program • In Liberia, 65 percent of youth are neither in school nor at work, a situation that can lead to frustration, delinquency and social exclusion. • Liberia’s population currently stands at 4.5 millions, and is growing at an annual rate of 2.1% with women accounting for 49.4% of the population.

  32. Action# 3: continues • Only 27% of Liberian women are employed with a greater number of women still unskilled and without employment which often leads to dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, prostitution, teenage pregnancy and social exclusion. • A major cause of youth and women unemployment and inaccessibility to entrepreneurship opportunity is the lack of empowerment through appropriate training.

  33. Action# 3: continues • In the attempt to reach out to this target group, the Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Missionworks to provide needed sustainable training to women and youth: • Tailoring, carpentry, auto-mechanic, generators repairs, nursing aid, computer training are amongst the entrepreneur skills provided by the program.

  34. Action #3: Continues • Small scale micro-loan program has been found to be very successful in improving the lives of this target group especially in rural communities. • This initiative enables rural Christian woman to join start small businesses which eventually grow to become the major source of income for their sustenance. • The intension here is to make them self-dependent.

  35. Action # 4: Church Leadership Development Program • The Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission considered church leadership development relevant to the accomplishment of its goal. • She believes that if the vision to evangelize the nations for Christ will remain alive, the vision must be passed effectively to faithful men and women called by God for this purpose.

  36. Actions # 4: Continues • In so doing, the Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Church runs a School of Missions and Biblical Studies whose objective is to train men and women with the call of God upon their lives. • The School operates a two years intensive curriculum for pastors and missionaries serving with the Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Church and other denomination with similar objectives

  37. Mission Coordinating Strategy Mission is coordinated by its National Team: • National Director, • Missions and Church Planting Coordinator, Education and Capacity Building Coordinator, • Community Project Coordinators, • Mission Account/Finance Officer • Health and Social Response Coordinator. • National Advisory Board, and a USA Accountability Team

  38. We Lost Rev. Johnson , a member of our Team a month ago and praying for his replacement National Coordinating Team

  39. Rev. Dwight Singer: Mission Accountability Partner

  40. How Do We Get Support for our Work • The Mission is a faith based organizationthat depends on the partnership God’s people for support in reaching the lost soul for Christ. • Contribution and Donation from people and churches are great help to our Missions in reaching lost souls in LiberiaChrist

  41. Invitation to Partner With God in Liberia Partnership • The Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission invite you to partner with what God is doing in Liberia. • We invite you to serve on our USA accountability Team and Board • The Great Commission Movement of Liberia (GCML - a ministry of the Campus Crusade for Christ -CRU) is a key partner to the Mission evangelism and discipleship training program.

  42. Mission Needs Short term mission volunteers with skills in: • Evangelism and missions, • Pastoral studies and practices, • Humanitarian work & health care • construction and agriculture , water and sanitation , • Education and training, trauma healing counselling • Partnership in the areas of fundraising for missions work,

  43. Mission Urgent Needs# 1 A one time support for the construction the school of Missions and Pastoral Studies

  44. Urgent Needs#2 Logistic and Missions • The Liberia Goodwill Evangelical Mission which operates currently in four counties in Liberia depends on one used vehicle (Pickup) to transport missionaries, training and outreach materials, and sometimes construction material to missions sites. • The demand on this one and only vehicle most often create very serious delay in the timely implementation of its monthly activities planned, especially when down for repair.

  45. One vehicle for all directions in delivering services to more than 45 communities in four counties in Liberia, West Africa Preparing for Evangelistic Outreachin Saclepea, Nimba County- Liberia

  46. Transporting Missionaries to the Missions Field

  47. Missionaries Ready for Missions Trip to Northern, Liberia

  48. Working in difficult cross cultural communities in rural Liberia