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AARP Ryan Hardy. American Association of Retired Persons Major Goals - repeal ObamaCare (don’t trust the gov’t to reform it and run it) - cut taxes (lower taxes on the elderly, particularly those without jobs)

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aarp ryan hardy
AARPRyan Hardy
  • American Association of Retired Persons
  • Major Goals

- repeal ObamaCare (don’t trust the gov’t to reform it and run it)

- cut taxes (lower taxes on the elderly, particularly those without jobs)

- balance the budget (conservative habits of the elderly, have led them to be opposed to the government spending money it doesn’t have… especially on inferior government programs [ObamaCare])

- create jobs (despite AARP name, many members still work, and do to the state of the economy, are having trouble finding jobs)

- maintain social security (gov’t trying to raise retirement age to 69, and cut SS benefits; AARP is against it… obviously)

national pork producers council

National Pork Producers Council

The N.P.P.C. fights for what it considers “reasonable

legislation and restrictions” for pork producers in America.

Controlled by a 15-member board of directors.

Argues against heavy government restrictions on the treatment of food animals (ex. Fatigued hogs), and limits on pork consumption.

Has numerous state branches who advocate the aims of the national organization.

The World Pork Expo is their big event – has plenty of shows, food and entertainment.

the league of women voters
The League of Women Voters
  • Began in the 1920’s
  • Non-partisan political organization that fights to improve systems of government. They want to impact policies through the education of citizens and advocacy.
  • There are leagues in all 50 states and hundreds world wide.
  • President is Mary Wilson
  • Important Issues
    • DC Voting rights: The citizens of Washington DC have no representative’s in the U.S senate. The league believes people deserve to have full voting representation.
    • Election Administration: 2000 election exposed many problems in the election system. The league brought many people together and worked to ensure that the key reforms were part of the congressional debate.
  • Events
    • League of Women Voters’ Letters
    • Speeches and Testimony
    • Women’s History Month
christian coalition of america

By Dan Barber

  • The CCA is one of the largest supporters of conservative ideals.
  • Their four major platform points are (summarized)
    • Representing pro-family ideals on all government levels
    • Speaking their point in the media
    • Inform their supporters
    • Protest Anti-Christian lobbyists
  • The CCA is providing a solid foundation in which Christians can come to support the issues they care about, as well as a voice for Christian issues in Congress.
  • The CCA is lobbying for more Christian action in the public arena, as well as the support of smaller issues such as, supporting your local Christian Radio, or advocating for the National day of prayer.

Christian Coalition of America

american civil liberties union
American Civil Liberties Union
  • No death penalty
  • Say what you want
  • Women and LGBT rights
  • I reiterate: rights, rights, rights.
nfib national federation of independent business

NFIBNational Federation of Independent Business

NFIB represents small and independent businesses; its mission is to defend and advance small businesses.

NFIB wants to make healthcare more affordable, end useless lawsuits, limit excessive and intrusive laws, and simplify and reduce taxes.

NFIB consists of many different kinds of small business owners, including: high-tech manufacturers, retailers, farmers, and professional service providers.

In order to decide what policies will be lobbied for, NFIB polls its members and acts on the opinions of those within the group.

national rifle association nra
National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • The NRA seeks to defend and foster the 2nd Amendment rights for all law-abiding citizens
    • They want to educate people about the history of firearms and the technological and artistic aspects
  • Some of their major issues include: Firearm safety, hunting and conservation, and the Right-To- Carry
  • The NRA gets grants to help with youth education, law enforcement training, hunter education, and firearm marksmanship training and safety.
  • Chris W. Cox is the Chief lobbyist of this party and has been since April of 2002
  • There are about 4 million members in the NRA
american israel public affairs committee
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
  • America has spent more than 50 years to keep Israel safe by giving them our support.
  • Goals! secure vital foreign aid for Israel and passing legislation aimed at stopping Iran's illegal nuclear program.
  • Obama requested $3 billion for helping Israel in the third year out of the ten year help Israel program.

U.s. Chamber of Commerce

  • world’s largest business federation – represents more than 3 million businesses
  • 96% of members are small businesses (100 employees or less)
  • fights for free enterprise in Congress, the White House, and courts
  • has divisions for legal and international purposes
  • supports free enterprise with: national advertising, grassroots advocacy, citizen, community, and youth involvement, research and ideas leadership
  • major activity: create and implement policies in government to solve problems that affect business

Sierra Club

  • They are the oldest, environmental organization in the United States.
  • The mission of the club is to practice the responsible use of the earths ecosystem, while educating humanity to protect and to restore the quality of the environmental.
  • Their motto is; “Explore, Enjoy, and Protect the Planet”.
  • They are currently lobbying for greener cars, clean energy solutions, limit greenhouse emissions, and to fix broken down habitats.
  • Their current amount of members is around 1.3 million people.
national education association

National Education Association

  • Advocate for children and public education
  • Prepare all students to succeed in the world and get there through a better public education system
  • 3.2 million members
  • Goals:
  • Increase teacher and aid starting salaries.
  • Public Schools meet needs of minority students and try to close the gap
  • Prevent dropouts from happening

“Great Public School for Every Student”

Jackie Krevolin

national association for the advancement of colored people
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • Founded in 1909 by a group of multi-racial, multi-religious group of social and political activists
  • Mission
    • to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination
  • Run nationally by a 64-member board led by a chair
  • Departments within the NAACP govern areas of action
    • Washington, DC bureau lobbies the government
    • Education dept. fights for a better public education
    • Health division tries to improve healthcare for minorities
    • Legal dept. deals with the litigation related to discrimination

As of 2007, the NAACP had approximately 425,000 paying and non-paying members

national organization for women
National Organization for Women

Established in 1966


  • The right for women to have an abortion, access to effective birth control and contraception, and access to reproductive education.
  • Equality in pay, jobs, political structure, and education. (NO SEX DISCRIMINATION)
  • Lesbian rights: No discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. (Equal employment, housing, health services, child services, child custody and military policies)
  • Condemnation of racism.
  • Taking action against assault, hate crimes, biased judicial system, and homophobia.
  • Global feminism.
  • Affirmative action to give women and people of color equal chance.
  • Overall, equal and fair treatment for all in every aspect of life.