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AARP Tax-Aide PowerPoint Presentation
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AARP Tax-Aide

AARP Tax-Aide

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AARP Tax-Aide

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  1. Activity Reporting In 2011 Prepared by AARP Foundation Edited for NY3 DC 2010 AARP Tax-Aide

  2. Important: • Performance reporting is required by our sponsors to secure funding • IRS counts returns – paper & e-file • AARP counts people helped • The total number of people we help is a critical statistic – Almost 600,000 are • helped without filing a current year federal return • Improving tax return accuracy through documented Quality Reviews is critical The Approach Over 2 years – Reduce activity reporting workload by 80+% This year – Meet reporting obligations and maintain data quality and accuracy with a new activity reporting system using the evolving AARP Volunteer Portal web interface.

  3. What is being done in 2011: • Launching a newvolunteer-reported stats web form (LC/DC): •  Access through the new Volunteer Portal •  Volunteer reporting of only Paper Returns and Q&A (no reporting of e-filed returns) • “E-File” designated sites will track Quality Review for only Tax-Wise prepared returns in Tax-Wise • “Paper” designated sites will continue to track Quality Review on the Site Sign-In Sheet and in the volunteer-reported web form/system. • New system delivers the #1 requested change [cease manual reporting of IRS data]

  4. Summary Chart: Portal Access Users – NY3 will be using the new Activity Reporting System, accessed through the Volunteer Portal (

  5. AARP Tax-Aide Volunteer Portal A web-based and centralized access point that provides: • Single and Secure access to All AARP Tax-Aide Information, Applications, Databases, and Reporting • Personalized presentation and accessibility to information, applications, databases, and reporting based on volunteer title and other requirements • Simplification and consistent presentation of the forms, tools, and interfaces used for data entry, search, and reporting • Centralized program communications • Standardized and Automated workflow/tracking

  6. Current - Methods Site Activity Reporting & Site Information Management Extranet Forms, Manuals and Other Info E-Mail, Fax, Snail Mail, Telephone – Expense Statements, Order Forms, Inquiries, Communications

  7. New - The Portal Single, Secure and Personalized Access to Everything You Need Self Service, Forms, Manuals, Communications Interfaces Workflow & MORE! Activity Reporting Recruitment System Order Form

  8. Portal Home Page

  9. Portal Registration Form - National Office will be pre-registering users of the new Activity Reporting System.

  10. Portal Login Screen

  11. Portal AARP Tax-Aide Home Page

  12. Portal District Coordinator Activity Reporting Form – Note that the reporting of QR for efile sites is not an available field.

  13. Portal Local Coordinator Activity Reporting Form – Note that the reporting of QR for efile sites is not an available field

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  15. 15

  16. Important Details: • By December 15, all DCs and LCs along with SCs and ADSs will be pre-registered to access the Portal and will receive login information • [if they haven’t already registered], applicable training materials, and • schedules by email. • An updated version of the Site Sign In Sheet will be available in Word • form on the NY Tax-Aide Web ( You will use a • modified version from last year titled “Portal Site Sign-In Sheet.” Click on • the Technology Tab on the NY Tax-Aide Web. • Quality Review for all E-File designated sites will be recorded in Tax-Wise • (Preparer Use Field #14), for only Tax-Wise prepared returns. Quality Review • percentages for E-File designated sites will be based solely on Tax-Wise filed • returns. Paper designated sites will continue to manually track Quality • Review. Training for Quality Review in Tax Wise will be delivered by the • National Training Committee.

  17. Next Steps and Goals: • National Office will validate and compare the accuracy and effectiveness of the • new activity reporting system • Feedback on the new system and the development of Phase II enhancements • will start soon after the 2011 Tax Preparation Season • Top 2012 Goals: • Eliminate the manual tracking of Prior Year and Amended Federal Returns • along with State/Local Only Returns •  Manually track only Q&A • Utilize “Sampling” (e.g. ~20% of Districts) to extrapolate national-level • performance reporting stats.

  18. Activity Reporting Q&A