Noaa environmental information services neis
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NOAA Environmental Information Services (NEIS). N-Wave Stakeholder Meeting May 22nd, 2012 Jebb Q Stewart NOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD.

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Noaa environmental information services neis

NOAA Environmental Information Services(NEIS)

N-Wave Stakeholder MeetingMay 22nd, 2012

Jebb Q Stewart


What is NEIS?-- A framework of layered services designed to help NOAA’s mission by facilitating the discovery, access, integration,and understanding of all NOAA data (past, present, and future).

Data Integration

  • Physical

  • Chemical

  • Biological

Carbon Tracker


Biological, Chemical, and Physical data are all interrelated

Lots of Great Technology Exists.


  • Google Earth NASA World Wind GeoPortal


  • Grads Data Server OGC Services

  • More…

NEIS Concept

Take advantage of existing technology where we can to quickly find and access to data 100 of years in the past to 100 years in the future, from the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the ocean in a single application.

Framework provides capability to answer questions that require data from different data sources.

New visualization tools
New Visualization Tools

  • TerraViz – Created by GSD

    • A system developed from the ground up by GSD based on Unity3D.

    • There are no licensing restrictions in distributing the TerraViz executable.

    • Unity3D is a well supported commercial game and data visualization engine with 750,000 active users

    • Unity/C# is designed for 3D development, making it easy to create multiple views, create 3D meshes representing environmental objects, etc.

    • Develop once, then will run under Windows, Mac, web browsers, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and even game systems (Wii, Xbox 360, etc.)

    • We can modify the user interface and add any feature we need.

    • TerraViz Handles millions of polygons and performs quickly

  • TerraViz is one possible visualization tool built to develop, test, and showcase NEIS framework.

ESRL Global Systems Division

Dealing with Big Data

  • Data are ever increasing in size.

    • New Polar Orbiting NPP data (~ 4 TB / day)

    • GOES-R

    • New Global Forecast Models, rapidly increasing in size.

  • We want to:

    • Minimize data we transfer.

    • Avoid data duplication.

    • Make data appear local to users.

    • Allow users to collaborate.

ESRL Global Systems Division

Looking to the Future

  • Build new Graphical User Interface system integrating and leveraging new and emerging technologies to meet NEIS goal ‘any data, any location, any platform, now’

    • Perform processing within cloud environment and with high speed connectivity to data sources (N-Wave), taking advantage of large processing power within clouds.

    • Send graphics and server side processed/rendered/streamed data to GUI, improving bandwidth utilization.

    • Take advantage of fast networking to make remote requests and processing appear like local application.

    • Similar to how the new Amazon Silk Browser works.

ESRL Global Systems Division


[email protected]

Neis features
NEIS – Features

Integrates data from disparate data sources synchronized both temporally and geospatially.

Quick access data through time using “Time Wheel” with dynamic time striding.

Neis features1
NEIS - Features

3D KML with Metadata overlays

Integrated data plotting

Neis features2
NEIS - Features

Annotation – Basic drawing capabilities

Multiuser/Collaboration – real time screen sharing with web cams

Neis future
NEIS - Future

What’s next?

Understand more data access protocols. Eventually support ERDDAP and variety of OGC services

Cross Service Processing

Continued improvement for data discovering and searching

More …

Neis terraviz in action
NEIS/TerraViz in Action

TerraViz – Developed by GSD is a show case of NEIS capabilities