padstow park public school welcomes you to n.
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Reconciliation week PowerPoint Presentation
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Reconciliation week

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Reconciliation week - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reconciliation week
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Padstow Park Public School welcomes you to: Reconciliation week

  2. Sorry Day Special Assembly!26th May, 2014

  3. Our School Captain and School Ambassador acknowledge elders past and present

  4. Introducing Aunty Margaret Goneis, A.T.S.I.C. member for the Bankstown Local Government Area

  5. Aunty Margaret from the Yuin people brings the Welcome To Country

  6. The choir join Mrs Taylor in an Aboriginal song of welcome called Gurringindenarme!

  7. Aunty Margaret explains the importance of ‘Bringing Them Home’

  8. All students listen attentively to this message. It was pretty special!

  9. The National Anthem is sung in the dharawal language by Samantha Goneis, (Aunty Margaret’s daughter), Year 12 student at Bankstown Girls' High School and member of the South Western Sydney Music Ensemble.

  10. Aunty Margaret is presented with flowers from our School Captain and School Ambassador

  11. Sammy joins the choir to sing Sesere Eeye, song from the Island of Moa in the Torres Strait Islands

  12. Celebrating Culture!

  13. Reconciliation Week brings us all together!

  14. Great Artworks from our students! These Indigenous hands are on display in the school library.

  15. ‘Bringing Them Home’ is what Sorry Day is all about. A big thank you especially to Mrs Taylor, Mrs Graham, Mrs Lister and all our staff and students at Padstow Park who have all contributed so much to Reconciliation Week!