honoring student diversity differentiated instruction n.
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Honoring Student Diversity: Differentiated Instruction

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Honoring Student Diversity: Differentiated Instruction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Session I. Honoring Student Diversity: Differentiated Instruction. EDUC – 503 Fall 2013 Instructor: Kimberly Beck kbeck@ridgefield ps.net.

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honoring student diversity differentiated instruction

Session I

Honoring Student Diversity: Differentiated Instruction

EDUC – 503

Fall 2013

Instructor: Kimberly Beck



What is your chocolate personality?Milk Chocolate: You are a “back to basics” kind of thinker. You are level headed, good PR person, great fundraiser, also kind, thoughtful, and playful. You would be called nurturing, will help others to shine, dependable and loyal. Others often turn to you for help.Krackel: Creative, optimistic, always see the cup ½ full, messy but organized (can find the missing item amongst disarray). You like to be a hands-on person, funny, friendly, outgoing, and always willing to help. You like the surprising things in life, the “krackel.” Like situations that allow flexibility, change and growth.Mr. Goodbar: You’re analytical, logical. You gather data first before giving an opinion, play the devil’s advocate at meetings, tend to see all possibilities and drive people crazy by sharing all the what if’s. Hate deadlines, put off starting things, procrastinator. Like to be the expert but in your own time frame. Can analyze things to death. Like there to be rules that everyone follows. Like a lot of structure, hate surprises.Special Dark: Patient, thoughtful, individualist, problem solver. Like to see a project through from start to finish. Good grant writers, work well with difficult people, insightful, reflective. Little patience with incompetence or liars. Set high standards for self and others. Dependable and resourceful. Loyal.


Hershey Bar


Mr. Goodbar

Special Dark

What part of your chocolate personality was “right on?”

What part (if any) of another personality describes you?

Increasing Engagement: THINK • TURN • TALK


What do you think this course is going to be about?

This course will be

co-designed and in many

ways co-taught.

The wikihttp://educ-503.wikispaces.com/

will be a place to keep all of our ideas and to collaborate with one another.



• What is it?

• What does it look like?

• Why does it matter?

Think (individually) • Turn (to anyone) • Talk (about it)


Talk it Out

Be ready to share the ideas of SOMEONE ELSE in your pair or group.


Getting to know YOU…

Individual Survey…

Complete the survey honestly, knowing the information you provide will guide the contents of this course

what to expect
What to expect

Wiki fun! The basics of a wiki

Where to find information

Where and how to post weekly reflections

What’s in the syllabus


So much more than textbooks…

“Parallel texts” include:

The Element • The World is Flat • A Whole New Mind • Drive • The Tipping Point • Mindset • How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci • Creating Innovators

Your ideas?????


What does it look like?

What is it?


WHY does it matter?

  • EDUC- 503 Session I

Learning Together…starts individually

  • Read chapter (distributed)
  • Design (draft) a one-page visual sharing the most salient points from the article and bring 10 copies or upload to wiki (resources tab) to next class.
  • Purchase required text: Differentiated Instructional Strategies - One Size Doesn’t Fit All and read chapter one.