Andrea Teslia


Xtreme Labs works with the world’s leading companies to plan and execute their mobile strategy. We have a proven track record of success in delivering innovative solutions across hundreds of global products. As experts in mobile agile development, the best and most successful companies trust Xtreme Labs with critical pieces of their mobile strategy. More: Since being founded in 2007, Xtreme Labs has been recognized by many publications, newscasts, web videos and conferences across the globe for their innovation and achievement in the mobile industry. CBC, Advantage, TechCrunch, The Globe and Mail, City TV and many more news sources have turned to Xtreme Labs for our leadership in mobile strategy and product development as well as our opinion and commentary on the mobile landscape. All aspects of our projects are handled in-house with our award winning business, design, development and QA teams - from discovery to delivery, submission and support. Further, teams of our staff are always working on innovation projects, and we develop our own tools to be used in house such as XL Magic, a mobile web platform that allows mobile web content to be delivered and available across all platforms and mobile web browsers. Our clients are some of the most trusted and high-profile in the world. Clients include The Globe and Mail, Air Miles, Groupon, CIBC, Metro News, MTV Mobile, Reuters, Urbanspoon and over 200 more. Our partners range from Apple, Google, Android, Microsoft, RIM, Pivotal Labs, Urban Airship and many more.