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Restore Normal Body Function after Injury or Illness PowerPoint Presentation
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Restore Normal Body Function after Injury or Illness

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Restore Normal Body Function after Injury or Illness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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XL Physical Therapy (XLPT) features two new clinics which are a family practice. XL Physical Therapists are highly skilled in the areas of orthopedic manual therapy and skilled strength training. XLPT’s focus on treating surgical and non-surgical orthopedic injuries as well as injury prevention and physical training.

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b y x l p h y s i c a l t h e r a p y



xl physical therapy xlpt features two new clinics

XLPhysicalTherapy(XLPT)featurestwonew clinicswhichareafamily practice.XLPhysicalTherapists

arehighlyskilledinthe areasoforthopedic manualtherapyandskilledstrengthtraining.XLPT’sfocuson

treatingsurgicalandnon-surgicalorthopedic injuriesaswellas injuryprevention andphysicaltraining.

XLPTcan provideahighlytrained PhysicalTherapistandrecommendahighlyrated orthopedic surgeon

thatcanfit yourtherapyororthopedic surgery needs.

XLPTmayofferaFREE evaluation(depending upon insurance)withoutthe prescriptionfromadoctor.

The state ofFloridaoffersdirectaccessfor30 daysandyoudoNOTneedaprescription andmaygo

through insurance.

XLPhysicalTherapyhelps allagegroupsofmen,womenand children whohavemedicalconditionsand

illnesses thatlimittheircapabilityto moveandfunction.Primarycare doctors often send theirpatientsto

physicaltherapy serviceproviders atfirst sign ofthe problem.

xl physical therapy sports rehabilitation

XLPhysicalTherapy&Sports Rehabilitationisoneofthe leadingphysicaltherapy clinicswheremostof

the doctors refertheirpatients.

Dr.GeorgeCaldwell,Dr.Sheldon Warman,Dr.ErolYoldas ,Dr.DanielKanell,Dr.JamesRoss,DrWilliam

Burke ,Dr.EduardoHidalgo ,Dr.GayanPoovandranandDr.FernandoManalac arethe namesofsomeof

the highlyskilledDoctorsandSurgeonswhosend theirPatientstothe physicaltherapy specialistsatXL


xl physical therapy sports rehabilitation 1

XLPhysicalTherapy&Sports Rehabilitationare

twoofthe leading andpopularphysicaltherapy



Therapist,formerUSAweightliftingclub coach


the ownerofXLPhysicalTherapyclinics.

people of all age groups are now offered world

People ofallagegroupsare now offered world class

therapyhere inordertoliveahighqualityaswellas

optimal,independentlife.Ourphysicaltherapists are

inthe fieldforacombinedpast170 yearsandhave

treated thousandsofpatientsfacingdifferent



xl physical therapy sports rehab clinics have

XLPhysicalTherapy&SportsRehab clinicshave highlyskillfulphysicaltherapists whotreatorthopedic,

sports,workandautomobile relevantinjuries.XLPTtreatsallorthopedic surgicalandnon-surgicalinjuries.

XLPT’sknowledgeaboutbio-mechanicsandanatomycanhelp anyathlete,orweekendwarrior,todesign

aprogramthatoptimizes theirperformanceandpreventpossibleinjuries.Here,XLPTdevelopsdifferent

treatmentplansaccording toindividual’s strength,flexibility,andabilitytofunction.

Furthermore,ourtreatmentmethodshavebeenproven effectiveinmanyconditionslikeneckpain,



the specialists at these xlpt clinics stay

The specialistsatthese XLPTclinics stay knowledgeable

on up todate research inthe therapeutic arena.Moreover,

theyuse allthe latesttechniques likeKinesiotaping,

Graston technique andthe Maitland Australianapproach

toOsteopathic mobilization.

along with our up to date treatment methods xlpt

Along withourup todate treatmentmethods,XLPTacceptmostinsurances withthe prescriptionfrom

patient’smedicaldoctor.Also,XLPToffersself-paypricefacilitytouninsured people orwhoseinsurance

hasbeenfadedandstill desires the bestphysicaltherapycare.

b y x l p h y s i c a l t h e r a p y 1