The persian empire
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The persian empire. Chapter 2, section 4. What is this????. Who are the persians ?. Is it these guys??? Awwwww …… Of course not!!!!. It’s these guys!. So how did they get there? Let’s find out!!!!!. Persia under the medes. Both Persians and Medes :

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The persian empire

The persian empire

Chapter 2, section 4

Who are the persians
Who are the persians?

  • Is it these guys???

  • Awwwww……

  • Of course not!!!!

It s these guys
It’s these guys!

  • So how did they get there? Let’s find out!!!!!

Persia under the medes
Persia under the medes

  • Both Persians and Medes:

  • Indo-European tribes from Central Asia

  • Settled in today’s Iran

  • Medes conquered the Persians

  • Then enters Cyrus the Great…..

Cyrus the great
Cyrus the great

  • 559 BCE

  • AKA Cyrus II

  • As Persian king, led a revolt against Medes.

  • Won. United Medes & Persians under his rule.

Cyprus conquering lands
Cyprus, conquering lands

  • Conquered a lot more land!

  • Mesopotamia (Chaldeans & Babylon)

  • Greek cities

Cyrus s way
Cyrus’s way

  • The conquered kept their own:

  • customs

  • religions

  • He freed the Jews from Babylon

  • He allowed them to return to Jerusalem & rebuild their temple

  • He was a hero to the Jews

To get us started
To get us started…..

  • Engineering an Empire - The Persians - Part 1of5 - YouTube

From cyrus the great to darius i
From cyrus the great to Darius I

  • Cyrus died: 530 BCE in

  • battle

  • Son Cambyses took over

  • but died.

  • Enters Darius I

Darius i
Darius i

  • After restoring order, he created a permanent army

  • Ten Thousand Immortals-highly trained soldiers who often acted as the emperor’s bodyguards.

  • Tried, but failed, to conquer Greece

Darius i changes to govt
Darius i-changes to govt

  • Added ceremonies & rituals

  • Wore robes w/ jewelry of gold & gems

  • People had to bow in his presence, never looking directly at him.

  • Chose governors-called satraps-to help him rule his HUGE kingdom

  • Minted the 1st Persian coins, trade increased, empire grew richer

Persia in decline
Persia in decline

  • Xerxes-Darius’s son-last strong ruler of ancient Persia-519-465 BCE

  • Invaded Greece

  • Failed & returned home

  • Rebellions became common

  • Alexander the Great conquered Persia in 330 BCE


  • New religion in Persia

  • Based on the teachings

  • of Zoroaster-628-551

  • BCE


  • World created by a god-Ahura Mazda-the source of everything good, true, & pure so the ONLY god they should worship

  • Opposing Mazda was an evil spirit named Ahriman

  • The forces were always at odds

Teachings continued
Teachings continued

  • 1 of the 1st to teach dualism-the belief that the world is controlled by two opposing forces, good & evil

  • Said people had free will & could choose

  • Avesta-sacred text of Zoroastrianism

The avesta
The avesta

  • Says you will be rewarded for living a good life by entering a heaven filled with pleasures

  • Those who are wicked will be punished

  • But then Mazda will defeat Ahriman & all the evil will be driven from the world

  • Zoroastrianism spread declined considerably after the defeat by Greece, who converted most Persians

Persian achievements
Persian achievements

  • Not much infighting

  • Communication:

  • possible b/c of high quality roads

  • The Royal Road-longest-world’s 1st long highway

Art and architecture

  • Persepolis-ceremonial city for Darius I