the spelman journey
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The Spelman Journey

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The Spelman Journey. Liberal Education develops: Intellectual skills Critical thinking skills Verbal and written skills Quantitative skills An awareness of the human condition and of your talents for improving it. The Spelman Journey. Liberal education prepares you:

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the spelman journey

The SpelmanJourney

Liberal Education develops:

Intellectual skills

Critical thinking skills

Verbal and written skills

Quantitative skills

An awareness of the human condition and of your talents for improving it

the spelman journey1

The SpelmanJourney

Liberal education prepares you:

to seek and connect knowledge.

to think and be intellectually flexible;

to understand the world locally and globally;

to be creative and innovative; and

to collaborate through teamwork.

the spelman mile

The SpelmanMILE

The Spelman MILE: My Integrated Learning Experience


Major Courses

Minor Courses

Scaffolded Core Requirements

transforming the student and faculty experience the spelman mile my integrated learning experience
Transforming the Student and Faculty Experience: The Spelman MILE(My Integrated Learning Experience)


Global engagement


Opportunities for research and/or internships




Alumnae connections


Majors & Minors


Leadership development


Courses and Modules



Service learning

FTW Seminars



Throughout the Four Years



Six Routes to Excellence










the spelman mile1

The SpelmanMILE

How do I take full advantage of my Spelman liberal education, the Spelman MILE? What overarching goal should I set?

Work to become a Free Thinking Woman!

the spelman free thinking woman

The Spelman Free Thinking Woman

1. The Free Thinking woman is not restricted by artificial and socially constructed boundaries and barriers that separate knowledge from experience.

the spelman free thinking woman1

The Spelman Free Thinking Woman

2. A FTW looks for connections and the integration of, or the relationships between, knowledge and experience (what you are learning and what you are experiencing, what the world is like).

the spelman free thinking woman2

The Spelman Free Thinking Woman

3. A FTW is intellectually curious and recognizes the freedom and empowerment that comes from engaging ideas from various perspectives.

the spelman free thinking woman3

The Spelman Free Thinking Woman

4. The FTW enjoys the art of questioning and is not afraid of asking big questions.

the spelman ftw

The SpelmanFTW

5. The FTW is not intimidated by what others consider to be “fact” and is willing to even question what is defined as fact.

the spelman ftw1

The SpelmanFTW

6. The Free Thinking Woman will step out of her comfort zones and “test the water”.

the spelman ftw2

The SpelmanFTW

7. The Free Thinking woman embraces and learns from different ways of seeing and knowing the world.

the spelman ftw3

The SpelmanFTW

8. The Free Thinking Woman feels comfortable with discomfort.

the spelman mile2

The SpelmanMILE

When and Where I Enter: Becoming a Global Citizen means:

Recognizing that you are a member of a large, diverse social fabric that is local, national and global

Considering local and global social problems to be at least partly your own

Seeking the knowledge and experience to make informed judgments, engage difference, and seek the common good

Taking informed action when appropriate, for the common good

the spelman qep

The SpelmanQEP


The Spelman College Quality Enhancement Plan, Spelman Going Global!, provides opportunities for students to connect directly all international travel experiences with their Spelman academic experience, the Spelman MILE, and provides a cohesive infrastructure for all international initiatives.

the spelman qep1

The SpelmanQEP


International travel experiences organized in ways to help you understand and act on:

How your international travel is part of your Spelman liberal education, the Spelman MILE

How your international travel helps you develop the qualities of the Spelman Free Thinking Woman

How your international travel experience leads you on the road to life-long awareness of and even participation in global experiences.

the spelman mile3

The SpelmanMILE

Running the Spelman MILE, don’t be delayed by the golden apples on the ground!! Organize you life so you are always focused on your goal of graduating with the knowledge, ,and skills you will need to negotiate the challenging and constantly changing life you will encounter in the global realities of the world.