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The Journey

The Journey

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The Journey

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  1. The Journey By : Rasid Adam

  2. About Me • Rasid Adam Disclaimer !

  3. Here are the 3 basic tenet that I put together as my backbone to my plan • The mindset you keep • The foods you eat • The workouts and lifestyle you lead

  4. The Mindsetyou Keep

  5. Motivation

  6. Motivation Set Small Realistic Goals & Honor your Experiences

  7. The Food You Eat

  8. Nutrition • Tip • Control Carbohydrate intake. • Reduce or eliminate processed foods. • Simple rule • Eat food that has low Glycemic index ( control or cut down carb intake would be a start) to control Insulin • Portion control (Hand method) • Eat at appropriate timing • Keep in mind calorie intake and eat within your Basal Metabolic Rate – BMR ( end of day its about Caloric Deficit) => White processed food = Avoid

  9. Nutrition Understand this 3 simple concept based on studies done of food utilisation 1) The cell in your body uses 2 most viable source of fuel -> Sugars (from carbohydrates, simple sugars and such ) and Fats (FFA) 2) Sugars are most preferred by the body as the body can utilize this form of fuel faster as an energy source. Fats on the other hand takes longer to burn and as such would only be utilized by the body when the sugars are depleted 3) When you are putting your body through physical situation -> Exercise, working , running etc, whatever your body uses as fuel during this time of workout – the opposite would be used for the next day or two ( studies have shown up till 36 – 48 hours)

  10. The Workouts

  11. Training • Cardiovascular • Weight Resistance

  12. Workout Cardiovascular (Cardio) Long Cardio vs Short Cardio Long Cardio => Cardiovascular training that are done at steady state heart rate for a duration of 45mins or longer. Does doing long cardio and staying in “Fat Burning Zone” burn fat ? ..the short answer is YES Fats would be utilised as a source of fuel but studies shows for the next 36 to 48 hours your body would start burning sugars and when that is depleted - it would go on to breakdown your muscle tissue to further get its stored sugars. That is the reason some long distance runners just look like their bodies have no muscle definition. The result

  13. Workout Cardiovascular (Cardio) Long Cardio vs Short Cardio Short Cardio => Intense, burst type workouts using a higher heart rate at a shorter duration lasting between 8 to 35 min During the burst training , your body has no time to burn fat so it goes straight for the sugars and carb that you had consumed and once you are done, the body would then in turn start to look for Fat to burn for the next 36 – 48 hours.  In time you would convert your body to constantly be in Fat burning mode instead of a sugar burning mode So based on the concept above – what then would be a better way to lose body fat the opposite, so instead of a long steady cardio -you do burst training . This could be in the form of Tabata training or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or what ever types of exercises that elevate your hear rate quickly. The result This in turn would cut down on your workout time significantly.

  14. Workout Weight Resistance • 1) Lateral Pushing exercise -> eg of exercises – Flat Bench Press, Incline Bench Press , Machine Bench Press, Smith Machine Bench press, Push Up. Etc • 2) Lateral Pulling exercise -> eg of exercises -Seated Row, Bent over Dumbbell /Barbell Row, One Arm Row, Reverse Pull up etc • 3) Vertical Pushing exercise • -> eg of exercises – Military Press , Overhead Press, Smith Machine Shoulder Press, Resistance Band Overhead Press, etc • 4) Vertical Pulling exercise • -> eg of exercises – LatsPulldown , One arm LatsPulldown, Pull Up etc • 5) Front Lower Body exercise • -> eg of exercises – Squats , Lunges, Deadlifts, Air Squats • 6) Rear Lower Body exercise • -> eg of exercises – Squats , Lunges, Deadlifts, Air Squats

  15. Workout For beginners

  16. The Lifestyle you lead

  17. Lifestyle • Don’t turn fat loss into a traditional DIET, it’s a Lifestyle adjustment. • Make yourself accountable – tell family and friends of your fat loss plan and get them involved. • Set small achievable goals – FOCUS. • Don’t be fixated by one philosophy or methods – Explore. Honor Your Experiences!

  18. Lifestyle • Most important tool for your journey • Manual or Electronic • All progress need to be quantified – look and feel don’t count. • Be honest with yourself. • Check progress at fixed timings.

  19. Best of Luck on YOUR Journey

  20. Thank You Q & A

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