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Central Decatur

Central Decatur. 1:1 Program Information. MacBook Air Usage Agreement Highlights. A look at digital citizenship. MacBook Air Usage Agreement. The MacBook is the property of Central Decatur CSD. It is intended for educational use Usage is a privilege Supports the learning environment.

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Central Decatur

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  1. Central Decatur • 1:1 Program Information

  2. MacBook Air Usage Agreement Highlights • A look at digital citizenship...

  3. MacBook Air Usage Agreement • The MacBook is the property of Central Decatur CSD. • It is intended for educational use • Usage is a privilege • Supports the learning environment

  4. MacBook Air Policies • Bring your charged Macbook to schoolevery day • Don’t share it • Keep it in the bag when not in use • Treat it as if it were your own

  5. MacBook Air Policies • Student code of conduct applies in the digital world • Do not deface the MacBook Air or the bag • MacBook Air is subject to inspection at any time

  6. MacBook Air Policies (Parents) • Monitor students at home • Read and follow the guidelines in the Laptop Computer Use Agreement • Know your student’s password • Have them show you what they are doing in class

  7. Theft Protection • Keep your MacBook Air under your control atall times • Don’t leave it in a car or on top of your locker • You could be liable for loss

  8. Loss & Theft • Insurance and deductible • $100 1st occurrence • $250 2nd occurrence • Full replacement cost further occurrences or gross negligence • Loss of Equipment • Report to Mr. Evertsen or Mr. Huppert • File a police report if happens off campus

  9. Do the right thing • Misuse of equipment or network can result in • 1st offense: Three week suspension of network/internet privileges • 2nd offense: Nine week suspension of network/internet privileges • Third Offense: Suspension of privileges for remainder of year.

  10. 21st Century Skills • Managing your personal mobile environment...safely

  11. Personal Data Management • Back up your data • It is YOUR responsibility • If a computer is serviced, you may lose all data • Save all documents to the Documents folder

  12. Stay Safe Online • Be careful about what you share • Once something is posted, it may be permanently available to the world • Safeguard your passwords • Use a strong password • Beware of strangers

  13. Identity Protection • Safeguard your identity • Never share your vital numbers • Be cautious when sharing data with web sites • Establish “house rules” with your student

  14. Social Media: Personal Branding • Others are watching from around the world • Impacts college applications and more • Companies, recruiters and colleges may review your presence on social media • FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest posts are forever

  15. Social Media • Most popular online activity • US has 155 million users • 46% of teens admitted they shared personal information with strangers Source: McAfee-Harris Online Youth Behavior, 2009

  16. Social Media • 62% of adults world-wide use social media • Facebook has over 910 million users • Minimum age is 13 • Average U.S. user has 130 “friends” • 70% of users OUTSIDE of USA

  17. Web Site Resources • http://netsmartz.org • http://www.netsmartz411.org/ • http://iaicac.org • http://cybersmart.org/ • http://www.getnetwise.org/

  18. Sites for parents • Learn more! • http://www.fbi.gov/publications/pguide/pguidee.htm • http://www.cyberangels.org/homefront.html • http://www.safekids.com/kidsrules.htm • http://www.isafe.org/

  19. Care and Handling • Keeping your MacBook Air safe and running normally

  20. Keeping your MacBook Airs safe • Don’t leave your MacBook Air unattended • Don’t leave it where the temperature will be very hot or very cold • Don’t leave it in a car • Don’t feed it • Don’t water it • Don’t put place pencils, pens or other objects on keyboard, it couldseverely damage your MacBook Air if the lid closes

  21. Cleaning your MacBook Air • Use only microfiber cloths to clean screens • If your computer needs extensive cleaning, take it to Mr. Huppert • Do not use solvents or any household cleaners • for more information, go to:http://www.apple.com/support/MacBook Air/care/

  22. 21st Century Skills: Power • Charge overnight • Up to 7 hours of battery life • Mobile computing practice • Reduce the number of open applications and features • Dim the screen • Use only what you need at a given time • Best operates in temperatures between 50° and 95°f

  23. 21st Century Skills: Power • Make sure your MacBook Air goes to sleep before placing it in your bag • Go to  menu, choose “Sleep” or • Close lid, wait for Apple () to dim

  24. 21st Century Skills: Care @ Home the safe at home work zone Safeguard charger in non-trip area No food “Public Place” in your house flat, dry area No Drinks away from edge of table or desk

  25. 21st Century Skills: Care @ School • Stem to the belly or in your bag Lid Closed Use both hands stem of Apple logo towards you

  26. 21st Century Skills: Care @ School • Messenger Carry (in Bag) Keep from bouncing Protect from bumping

  27. Thank You!

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