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Y. O. L. O. Party

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Y. O. L. O. Party

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Y. O. L. O. Party

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  1. Y. O. L. O. Party Presidential Candidate: Karen Johnson

  2. Taxes . Taxes are reasonable and necessary to have in this country. By paying taxes, it supports an individual in the United States who is unemployed by giving them benefits for stability. . The money that is being put into taxes also provide protection to citizens by using the police, fire department, and medical assistance to help those in need. . Also, taxes are necessary because of the entrepreneurship that is being provided to individuals. Small business owners need tax money to keep the economy flourishing. . The constant complaining about paying taxes or trying to cheat the government is a downfall to the economy and developing a better country; without taxes what would the government use to pay for all these issues taxes are used for?

  3. The Economy . We trust in the power and opportunity of America’s free-market. We believe in small business opportunities. . As a strong party we plan to develop an organize an economy that will fulfill every person’s budget. . As a country we strive to perfect and detail the strengths and weakness of the economy. . Gas is a major point in our economic world. We will push to lower prices and other prices of high minimum items.

  4. Education . In America, education is a main point in society. Many leave their country to come here for better options on education and experience. . As this party enters the presidential status, we will then begin to form not only a better education level but improvements to schools such as better lunch, and easier access through specific areas. . All people between the age of toddler to teenager need to have some sort or form of education in their background. . We will do our best to make education available to everyone.

  5. Environment . The environment and the sources of improving this problem has declined. Not much attention is paid to the environment. . Groups and associations will be created to make a better stand ground for the environment. . We strive to set laws and regulation that if anyone mistreats these laws there will be some form of consequences. . Our environment is important not only to us as Americans but to our wildlife. We are slowly killing nature. . Certain associations will be given different task to support the wildlife and our environment from extra pollution, littering, and many more aspects of that notion.

  6. Foreign Affairs . We want to provide new strategies to assist the poor nations. We want to provide some resources through the Millennium Challenge Account to aid countries that are in the midst of reform. We want to improve the effectiveness of the world Band and other development banks to raise living standards and the lives’ of the world’s poor. . We also want to strength our diplomatic ties with many Asian countries and promote democracy there. We will promote open markets and human rights for the betterment of the people of Asia and the Untied States. We also want to reform the Untied Nations to end abuse and unfairness. American troops must never serve under the U.N.’s command. The U.S. will pay fair and not disproportionate dues as the other nations. We will also engage China to secure its adherence to international trade and human rights standards, as well as protect the best interest of the Taiwanese. We will support the Taiwanese, as promised, in the case that China should attack.

  7. Gun Control . We should be allowed to carry legal and non-military grade weapons. . Even though we support the law of carrying certain weapons for protection, there should be a legislation of having specific identification in order to carry or have the weapon on the premises. . If the consumed weapon is used on the wrong form than all rights of having that weapon shall be taken away. .The constitution clearly gives us that right within some limits. We believe that we should maintain these rights.

  8. Immigration . We want to take a stronger position on matters of immigration. We want the immigration process to be more controlled and organized in order to ensure the safety of American citizens. .We will not impose laws forcing immigrants to verify their citizenship online that would only further discriminate against them, but we will require all immigrants to verify their citizenship in order to apply for jobs and government issued documents. . These restrictions will allow legal immigrants to enjoy the right of their citizenship without the violation of those rights to determine the legality of their citizenship.

  9. Abortion . We believe that the unborn child has the right to life as any other human being. Only in extreme circumstances would abortion be an option and only then if suggested by the physician. . Women with troubled pregnancies would be provided with medical assistance and care during their pregnancies. . We will not support nor fund institutions that advocate abortions, but we will not punitive actions against them for their beliefs.

  10. Affirmative Action . The laws and regulation throughout this country showed the effects of discrimination in different forms of culture. Affirmative Action is necessary to show the forgiving nature of our government to provide acknowledgment of the mistakes that we have made as American people. . Affirmative Action is to promote equal opportunity. . Overall we generally leading over to the positive effects by using affirmative action. The effects are less diversity between different races and genders of the country and the fellowship of a stronger bond that can be made with are American.

  11. Social Security . Social Security within this nation has had its ups and downs. We strive to support the cause of social security in ever way. .It is a cause that will and can help to seek the cause of misfortunate families. . It is any government system that supports families with no income and benefits to people such as retired, unemployed, and disabled. . We do not plan to take away social security but we do plan to stricken the rules and regulation for social security. Many think they can fool the system but numerous procedures and background checks will be made to be absolutely sure that it’s a possibility for a chance for social security.

  12. Medicare . Medicare is a federal system of health for people over the age of 65 and certain people who are young and disabled. . We support Medicare but not all the rules that come into place with it. We believe that the age limit of Medicare should be lowered starting within 55-60. . In doing so it does not eliminate that majority of people considered themselves old. It should have a program that once someone receives Medicare they should abide by the rules that set and if violated then no longer will they have Medicare.

  13. Health Care . As Americans we should maintain allowing all U.S. citizens have health care. We shouldn’t discriminate in any form: color, race ,sex, or religion. . As a nation we should keep in mind all people are created equal. This country is all about being equal in politics and political gestures. . Health Care is a huge contribution to the Untied States. More than half of the nation depend upon health care and benefits for health.

  14. Presidential Candidate . The presidential candidate for the Y. O. L. O Party is our own Karen Johnson. . You should vote her for president because of her honest, driven enthusiasm towards this presidential election and her country. As a candidate, she strives for the rights of the people, to strengthen the major weakness of the economy and the lack of education progress. . When she does become president, the nation will eventually see a change in the deformed portions of the government and advancement on the weakness of major points.

  15. Y. O. L. O. Platform