7 customer measurement n.
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7. Customer Measurement

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7. Customer Measurement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clear focus on target customers Measure loyalty not just satisfaction Rapid feedback to the front-line Focus on those factors that drive profit, not just the bottom line. 7. Customer Measurement.

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7 customer measurement
Clear focus on target customers

Measure loyalty not just satisfaction

Rapid feedback to the front-line

Focus on those factors that drive profit, not just the bottom line.

7. Customer Measurement

“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”

– John Russell, President, Harley Davidson Europe

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leadership uncommon practices
Common Practice

Focus on sales and profits

Brand = image, positioning, name, logo

Managing against results

Uncommon Practice

Courage of convictions; delivering the value proposition drives profits and growth

The customer experience is the brand

Coach the behaviors, not the results

Leadership: Uncommon Practices

“Great companies measure and coach employee’s behaviors. They expect to make their numbers. Leaders are people who help people figure out how to make the results.” Scott Kisting, Merrill Lynch

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people uncommon practices
Common Practice

Focus on productivity

Customer satisfaction vs employee satisfaction

Rigid hierarchy and a “command and control” culture

Uncommon Practice

Focus on customer value

Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are inseparable

“All hands” culture where everyone does what is necessary to deliver the Value Proposition

People: Uncommon Practices

“It’s the job of every person in this company to reinforce the culture .. . As we focus more and more on operating efficiency, there is no trade-off on the customer experience.” Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com

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business practices uncommon practices
Common Practice

Making business decisions based on intuition or operating factors only

Compensation based on economic results with bonuses focused on top leaders

Managing processes for efficiency

Uncommon Practice

Making business decisions based on a factual understanding of customer needs and expectations

Compensation based on both economic and customer results with bonuses shared among employees

Managing processes for customer value and continuous improvement

Business Practices: Uncommon Practices

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lost at sea a leadership story
Lost At Sea . . . A Leadership Story



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“Leadership is the capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose, and the character that inspires confidence.”

Lord Montgomery

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at the heart of leadership
At the Heart of Leadership . . .

A leader’s character is built by:

  • Consistency: Doing what you say you will do over time
  • Competence: Continually learning and demonstrating relevant knowledge and expertise
  • Concern: Genuinely demonstrating sensitivity to the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of others
  • Commitment: Persevering to achieve goals despite obstacles and setbacks
  • Conviction: Knowing what is right and then doing it


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“Truly effective leaders channel their ego needs away from themselves and into the larger goal of building a great company. They look out the window and give credit to factors outside themselves when things go well. They look in the mirror and take responsibility, never blaming bad luck when things go poorly”Jim Collins – Good to Great

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