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Rebel Renovations

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Rebel Renovations

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  1. Rebel Renovations Raymond Braselman Collin Durrett Sammy Qasem Emily Weaner Brien Weydert

  2. Maintain, Browse, Pop-Ups, & UPDATE

  3. Executive Summary • Rebel Innovations desires to create an application that would effectively aid an LSU student in time management. We envision students having the ability to prioritize their schedules in order to become more efficient. Our answer for this is Super Scheduler. Super Scheduler would be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and would update schedules from Moodle and Google Calendars daily. This would significantly help the student keep track of everything they have to do throughout the day. • The target audience for the Super Scheduler application is LSU students. We are exclusively looking for students that find difficulty in prioritizing their activities for the day. The students who would most likely find this application useful are those who have many different obligations with extracurricular activities, a challenging course load, a busy work schedule, and a drive to succeed. Our application will be available on the iOS platform. This application will be very intuitive and easy to use, especially for your typical LSU student. • An average LSU student will have no problem telling you that their schedule is full, and that they have very little time between work, class, being part of organizations, and of course having a few hours to go out to Tigerland. Many students become stressed when they have a week with multiple exams and other responsibilities, and Super Scheduler would enable them to conquer their anxiety. When the user opens the application for the first time, they will be asked to log in to their Google Calendar and Moodle accounts. Syncing will happen almost instantaneously and the student would not have a great deal of information to enter into the application. Once the information syncs, the student will be brought to the Calendar screen. Here, they will be able to browse all of their events for that month. The user also has the option to see their daily and weekly schedule on the Calendar screen and can use the tabs beneath the Calendar to do this. The user may also modify or delete any event listed on the Calendar screen. At the top of the screen, the user will also find an Events tab that allows the user to manually add an event to their Calendar. The Events tab is where the user will be able to set their preference to receive a pop-up notification for each event. • Rebel Innovations wishes to empower LSU students with the ability to navigate their busy schedules. Our unique algorithm will prioritize a user’s schedule and allow them to go through their agenda with ease. The pop-up notification feature will remind users of the things that would have slipped their mind. Super Scheduler will make managing a busy college schedule seem like a walk in the park.