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Irish cuisine

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Irish cuisine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Irish cuisine. NORA fabianová and denisa hladová 3.c. fresh ingredients ( lamb , pork , beef , fish and seafood ) excellent salmon and trout Irish cuisine is about MEAT and POTATOES f ast food meals such as fish and chips (fried fish with fries) are also popular. FOOD.

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Irish cuisine

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    1. Irishcuisine NORA fabianová and denisa hladová 3.c

    2. freshingredients (lamb, pork, beef, fish and seafood) excellentsalmon and trout IrishcuisineisaboutMEAT andPOTATOES fast food meals such as fish and chips (fried fish with fries) are also popular

    3. FOOD Irishbreakfast-similar to theEnglishbreakfast (usuallyincludessausages, friedeggs, sometimesfriedtomato or mushrooms) withpotatobread or toast washeddownwith TEA  theequivalentof „Irishbreakfast“ isthe ULSTER FRY

    4. IRISH STEW stewed meat (lamb or mutton meat) and vegetables, potatoes, onions, carrots and parsley nationaldish

    5. COLCANNON consistingprimarlyofmashedpotatoes and kale or cabbage (otheringredients: leeks, onion, chives, bacon, ham)

    6. SHEPHARD’s PIE a meat piewithmincedmeatcoveredwithpotato- cheeselayer

    7. SEAFOOD CHOWDER a thicksoupwithseafood containsmilk or cream

    8. BLACK PUDDING puddingmadeofporkblood, grains and spices sausagecutintoslices and fried blackpuddingisoneofthebasiccomponentsoftheIrishdiet

    9. POTATO BREAD thinpotatobread potatoes are replacedwithwheatflour

    10. BLAA soft bunsprinkledwithflour mostlyconsumed in themorningwithbutter containsvariousfillings

    11. BARMBRACK sourdoughbreadwithraisins toasted with butter and washed down with a cup of tea

    12. IRISH CHEESES produced on farms in Ireland for centuries nowadays many of them have excellent quality Ardrahan, Gubbeen, CashelBlue

    13. DRINKING Irishcoffee a drink with hot coffee, Irishwhiskey, sugar and cream

    14. BEER like a national symbol and part of the Irish society Guinness is an Irish classic – bitter dark beer

    15. POTCHEEN Irish spirits distilled from malted barley or potatoes produced for centuries illegally athome the distillate had a high percentage of alcohol (60-95%) production was officially banned until 1997 now two officially licensed distilleries nowadays "only" 40-45% ofalcohol

    16. BAILEYS Irish liqueur consists primarily of Irish whiskey and cream Baileys is drunk with orwithout ice, added to cocktails or coffee

    17. IRISH WHISKEY one of the most famous Irish products and export products the best-known brands of Irish whiskey are Jameson and Bushmills