i c t information and communication technology n.
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I C T ( Information and Communication Technology) PowerPoint Presentation
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I C T ( Information and Communication Technology)

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I C T ( Information and Communication Technology) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I C T ( Information and Communication Technology). BY CELLIA PUTRIAMA 01711. Definition of I C T.

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I C T ( Information and Communication Technology)

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    1. I C T (Information and Communication Technology) BYCELLIA PUTRIAMA01711

    2. Definition of I C T ICT is refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. It is similar to information technology (IT), but focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums.

    3. It is a term used (by most businessmen and educational institutions worldwide) to describe new technologies.


    5. It motivates students and teachers. • It offers multimedia resources (text, images, audio, video) to be used in the class. • It gives opportunities for intensive one-to-one learning in a multimedia computer lab. • It offers access resources of authentic materials on the Internet.

    6. It offers access to authentic materials on CD-ROM and DVD. • It makes worldwide communication possible (via email and via audio and video conferencing with native speakers). • It can open up self-access and distance learning opportunities , especially for students who live in remote areas, have special needs, etc.


    8. It cannot guarantee that all materials you get from Internet are reliable and authentic. • It might not be able encourage students to read a lot of text, since most people find it frustrating to read from screen

    9. Use of ict in language teaching, learning, and evaluation

    10. Use of ICT in Language Teaching and Learning Teachers and students can use Web a resource to find information (online interactive quizzes, dictionaries, etc.) • Teachers and students can create teaching/learning materials using generic software applications (Word and PowerPoint). • Students can download audio and video recording that can help their learning from the Web.

    11. Teachers and students can create audio and video recording by using audio and video editing tools (windows movie maker, format factory, etc.) • Teachers and students can use social networking sites (Face book, twitter, discussion forum) to discuss, share, and get feedback about their learning

    12. Use of ICT in Language Evaluation • There are many software that can help teachers (Word, etc.) to check students’ grammar and spelling mistakes in writing. • Students who publish their work online can get feedback from other language learners, or even native speakers.

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