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Title: UBO Helpdesk Session: W-1-0800 PowerPoint Presentation
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Title: UBO Helpdesk Session: W-1-0800

Title: UBO Helpdesk Session: W-1-0800

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Title: UBO Helpdesk Session: W-1-0800

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  1. Title: UBO HelpdeskSession: W-1-0800

  2. Objectives Discuss the various helpdesk resources available Review scope of support provided by each helpdesk resource Provide contact information Identify available information resources

  3. Support Resources • Helpdesk resources • Service UBO managers • UBO Helpdesk • UBO Helpdesk Phone Line • MHS Helpdesk • VPOC Helpdesk • Information resources • UBO Website • Pharmacy Price Estimator • Cosmetic Surgery Estimator

  4. MHS Helpdesk – Support Provided • Questions concerning MHS systems and applications • Report not running • Fields not populating • TPOCS • CHCS • DEERS • Communications • Other standard MHS Systems

  5. UBO Helpdesk – Scope • UBO-Sponsored Estimators • Cosmetic Surgery Estimator • Pharmacy Pricing Estimator • Rate Questions • Is there a rate for this procedure? • Is there a rate for this provider class? • Which rate table has the rate for this procedure? • TPCP Metrics Reporting System (DD 2570) • Standard Insurance Table and Other Health Insurance • Policy and Compliance • MHS Tier 3 Helpdesk Tickets

  6. MHS Helpdesk – Contact Information 800-600-9332 (CONUS) 866-637-8725 (OCONUS)

  7. UBO Service Managers – Contact Information • Army • redacted • Navy • redacted • Air Force • redacted

  8. MHS Routing of Trouble Tickets MHS_TPOCS_T1 Any reported TPOCS system problem Trouble Tickets are logged in and a “Problem Number” is assigned for tracking MHS_TPOCS_T2 Any reported TPOCS system problem not resolved by MHS_TPOCS_T1 • MHS_BOC_T3 • DB warning/error messages displayed to the user • Nightly data feeds from CHCS/ADM not being received and/or loaded into the system • Hardware warning messages/failure • Security/IAVA issues • Server not loaded with the current code and/or rate table release • Server not loaded with the current release of the client application • Server not loaded with the current database upgrades • Server backup • Printing/Print Server • MHS_TPOCS_T3 • Application screens • Data contained in application reports • Application warning messages displayed to the user • eBilling • Load error report • MHS_UBO_T3 • Content of code & rate tables • Mapping of codes to the rate tables • Billing policy • SIT/OHI repointing issues

  9. TMA UBO Helpdesk User Contacts the UBO Helpdesk directly through e-mail ( or through the UBO Helpdesk Phone Number (703) 575-5385 UBO Contract Support Team Member responds directly to the User (most responses w/in 48 hours) Call/e-mail is routed to appropriate UBO Contract Support Team Member for research and response Response is documented in the “Altarum UBO Trouble Ticket Response Folder” and if issue is resolved, the ticket is considered “closed” If necessary, the issue is elevated to the TMA UBO Program Office for review and response

  10. The OCFO UBO Web Site • Serve as the key, corporate-level source for the sharing of policy, business process, and other functional information needed to support DoD UBO business operations • Policy Documents • Business Rules • Rate Tables • Training Presentations • Newsletters • Reference Documents • System Information • Relevant Links

  11. UBO Web Site • UBO Web site is available to all UBO staff with Internet access • Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) site •

  12. Major Areas of the OCFO UBO Web Site • National Provider Identifier (NPI) • Newsletters • Patient Categories/PATCAT Tables • Standard Insurance Table/Other Health Insurance • Systems • Annual Conferences • Learning Center UBO Homepage About the UBO Billing HIPAA Performance Measurements Policy Guidance MHS Rates

  13. UBO Homepage Upcoming teleconferences Upcoming conferences Latest newsletter Frequently Asked Questions Selected reference documents Important links

  14. Key Links on the UBO Site UBU TPOCS CHCS MHS Helpdesk MEPRS Portal CHCS Field Services Data Quality DoD Forms

  15. About the UBO • Mission • Definitions for the three UBO Programs • Third Party Collections Program • Medical Services Account • Medical Affirmative Claims

  16. Billing Billing documents and guidance MSA MAC TPCP E-billing Links to billing forms

  17. HIPAA • HIPAA information resources • Training presentations • Guidance documents • Reference documents • Links to related resource sites

  18. Performance Measurements • Key Performance Indicators • Metrics • Performance Measurement FY 2010 TPC Collections

  19. Policy Guidance Policy letters User Guide (formerly, Functional Business Rules for Itemized Billing) UBO Manual

  20. MHS Rates Ambulance Anesthesia UBO CHAMPUS Maximum Allowable Charge (CMAC) Cosmetic Surgery Dental Durable Medical Equipment International Military Education and Training (IMET)/Inter-Agency Rate (IAR) Immunization Inpatient Adjusted Standardized Amount (ASA) MAC Overseas Billing Pharmacy

  21. Access to UBO CMAC Zipped Files • OCFO limits the file formats that can be posted on the OCFO UBO Web site • CMAC files are available in a zipped format from our alternate UBO site. CMAC files can be found in the Shared Documents folder on the alternate site. All users may access the site by entering the username/password/domain information below when prompted • Backup site for large files, MS Access files, etc. • (Continued)

  22. Access to UBO CMAC Zipped Files • For Users Running Windows XP: • username: mi-sharepoint\ubo user • password: ubo_2008 • To access the alternate site click here! The CMAC files are available under the Shared Documents folder • Please note: These files are very large and will take a few minutes to download

  23. Standard Insurance Table/Other Health Insurance SIT/OHI table clean-up update Entering and updating SIT/OHI information Placeholder SCR Update Contact VPOC information –

  24. Systems CHCS notes TPOCS documents Future systems System change request form

  25. Annual Conference • OCFO regulations prohibit the posting of documents that could be used to build a list of names for any UBO function • Therefore, we have removed the names on all the annual conference presentations from the OCFO Web site

  26. Learning Center Available Presentations Billing for APV Institutional Fees under the Medical Services Account Program 2009 ASA’s for Direct Care Inpatient Billing MAC Enhancement SIT/OHI Clean-up Activities 2009 Outpatient Itemized Billing Update Cosmetic Surgery Estimator TPC Metrics Reporting System Introduction Provider Specialty Code Table Update ICD-9 and CPT Updates Pharmacy January 2010 Rate Update VA/DoD Resource Sharing Inpatient Services Billing Rates

  27. Submitting System Change Requests Make sure you define the problem Prepare the MHS SCR form Discuss your recommended SCR with your Service Manager first

  28. Summary Various helpdesk resources available Scope of support provided by each helpdesk resource Contact information Available information resources

  29. UBO Web Site TMA UBO Web site

  30. Helpdesk TMA/UBO Helpdesk Functional Support 703-575-5385