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Writing Accomplishment Reports Training

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Writing Accomplishment Reports Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Writing Accomplishment Reports Training. Revised August 2008. What is the Purpose of an Accomplishment Report?. Serves as a reminder to both the employee and supervisor of individual achievements, contributions, and accomplishments within a rating cycle.

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what is the purpose of an accomplishment report
What is the Purpose of an Accomplishment Report?
  • Serves as a reminder to both the employee and supervisor of individual achievements, contributions, and accomplishments within a rating cycle.
is there a special format our suggestions always ask your supervisor what format they want
Is There a Special Format?(Our Suggestions – ALWAYS ask your supervisor what format they want)
  • 1-2 pages
  • Arrange by performance element
  • Describe accomplishments
  • Explain the impact of each accomplishment
example of arranging by performance element
Example of Arranging by Performance Element…

Element 1: Administrative Support (Critical)



how do i describe my accomplishments
How Do I Describe My Accomplishments?
  • Use “I” statements
  • Use action verbs
  • Fully describe accomplishments
  • Refer to activity/status reports, calendars, previous accomplishment reports, etc.
  • Describe current year accomplishments
  • Avoid laundry lists or bullets
how do i describe impact
How Do I Describe Impact?
  • Explain results and outcomes – “Why is the accomplishment important?”
  • Describe how accomplishments:
    • affected or enhanced a work process
    • had impact on a client or customer
    • helped your unit/Lab achieve its goals
    • USDA Strategic Plan –


sample accomplishments
Sample Accomplishments
  • Element 1 – Preparation of Reports (Critical)

I prepared all quality control reports for my supervisor prior to established deadlines. By providing these reports prior to deadlines, branch employees had extra time to analyze the reports for erroneous data. Our Branch received an award from the Director for having such low error rates.

  • Element 1 - Communications/Customer Service (Critical)

I provided excellent customer service during the rating cycle. This accomplishment is supported by more than 20 letters of appreciation and awards from satisfied customers. My excellent customer service reflected favorably on the Branch and enhanced the image of the Division.

  • Element 1 – Planning and Organizing Work (Critical)

In addition to my own assignments, I prepared and processed more than 40 travel authorizations and vouchers for Mary’s organization while she was on extended leave. As a result of my efforts, the travel function in Mary’s organization remained operational.

sample accomplishments cont d
Sample Accomplishments cont’d
  • Element 1 – Special Projects (Non-Critical)

Outside of the scope of my responsibilities, I created a web-based program that allows our clients access to program information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The development of this program prevents our customers from having to call in for necessary information and saves them money on long distance phone calls. It is also a time/cost savings for our organization in that the resources allocated to respond to callers may be redirected to perform other necessary work.

  • Element 1 – Planning and Organizing Work (Critical)

In accordance with Section objectives, I submitted FY-01 work plans two months ahead of schedule. Plans included all anticipated projects, professional meetings, training, travel, and resource requirements. I adjusted plans as needed. All projects and other activities were completed ahead of schedule and within resources requested. Early submission and adherence to plans allowed for better project management, budget control, and scheduling of contractor personnel.

Bold = Impact

remember the basics
Remember the Basics…
  • Proofread for:
    • typos
    • spelling errors
    • proper grammar
employee responsibilities
Employee Responsibilities…
  • Participate in the establishment of performance elements and standards
  • Ask questions - ensure an understanding of what is expected
  • Cooperate with management in the rating process
  • Provide feedback on accomplishments
  • Prepare for performance reviews
for assistance please call the performance and awards staff
For Assistance Please Call The Performance and Awards Staff!!
  • Casandra Butler, Section Head, 301-504-1470
  • Theresa Bailey, HR Specialist (Performance) 301-504-1452
  • Charlene Brown, HR Assistant, 301-504-1523
  • Chevon Gibson, HR Specialist (Awards), 301-504-1552
  • Mary Oxner, HR Specialist (Awards), 301-504-1368
  • Suzanne Suchecki, HR Assistant, 301-504-1465
  • Address: GWCC, 5601 Sunnyside Ave.,

Room 3-1290, Beltsville, MD 20705-5107