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Unit 3

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Unit 3. Salvation. Teaching objectives:. 1 To acquaint the students with the basic writing techniques---the parallel construction: a balanced or coordinated arrangement of grammatical structures. 2 To let the students master the usage of several key words and key expressions.

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unit 3

Unit 3


teaching objectives
Teaching objectives:
  • 1 To acquaint the students with the basic writing techniques---the parallel construction: a balanced or coordinated arrangement of grammatical structures.
  • 2 To let the students master the usage of several key words and key expressions.
  • 3 To improve the students’ quality of narrative writing
definitions of words as used in the christian religion
Definitions of words as used in the Christian religion:
  • salvation—the state of having one’s soul saved from sin and its consequences 灵魂的拯救
  • save—set free from the power of or from the eternal punishment for sin
  • sin—breaking of God’s laws, disobedience to God’s commandments
  • revival—series of meetings intended to produce an increase in interest in religion, or to stir up the religious faith among those who have been indifferent, usually by preaching and confession of sins(鼓动性的)福音布道会
  • lamb—young members of church flock or Christian congregation
  • fold—body of believers in the Christian religion
langston hughes
Langston Hughes
  • 藍斯頓休斯(Langston Hughes)是1920年代的非裔美人藝術運動:哈林文藝復興運動(Harlem Renaissance)中,最重要的作家及思想家之一。哈林文藝復興運動是一項用來頌揚黑人的生活及文化的活動。休斯的創作深受他在紐約市哈林區的生活影響,哈林區是最主要的非裔美人居住地區。他的文學作品有助塑造美國文學及政治。就像其他活躍於哈林文藝復興運動中的藝術家,休斯也擁有強烈的種族自尊;藉由他所創作的詩詞、小說、劇本、散文及童書,他提倡平等、詛咒種族歧視及不公,並讚美非裔美人的文化、幽默感及靈性。
about the author langston hughes
About the author: Langston Hughes
  • 20050411151052281.mp3
  • Listen to the mp3 to know who Langston Hughes is.
language points
Language Points
  • I was saved from sin when I was going on thirteen.
  • -----I was set free from the eternal punishment for my wrong doing and disobedience to God when I was approaching thirteen.
  • “I’m seventeen, going on eighteen”. (“Sound of Music”)
language points1
Language Points
  • preach:
  • 1> preached the gospel 传福音

to deliver (a sermon)讲(道)布道

  • 2> preached tolerance and peaceful coexistence

宣扬容忍及和平共处 (to advocate)

Practice what you preach.

  • to preach at (to) sb.对某人谆谆告诫,唠叨,教训
  • He does nothing but preaching at his children.
  • preach up赞扬; 吹捧,推崇
  • He is always preaching (up)the value of cold bath.
  • preach against 极力反对
  • Do all the churchmen preach against drug taking?
language points2
Language Points
  • ….and some very hardened sinners had been brought to Christ.
  • ------ and some sinners who had never showed signs of shame or repentance were saved from sin.
  • harden:
  • to make hard or harder

The earth hardens under the hot sun.

(figuratively) to become unfeeling, unsympathetic

I hardened my heart against him. 我硬下心肠对待他。

be hardened to (be used to)对…变得不在乎

He is becoming hardened to failure.

be quite hardened to the cold weather here

language points3
Language Points
  • ….the membership of the church had grown by leaps and bounds
  • --------the number of the members of the church increased rapidly.
  • membership:
  • 1> My membership has just been renewed.

(the state of being a member 成员资格)

  • 2> The trade union has a large membership.

(The total number of members in a group全体成员)

  • by leaps and bounds adv.= Very quickly 飞跃地

growing by leaps and bounds 长得飞快

language points4
Language Points
  • to bring the young lambs to the fold
  • ---lamb: 迷途的羔羊
  • ---- to bring those young innocent children to Jesus Christ. (to save their soul and free them from sin)
language points5
Language Points
  • escort:
  • v. to accompany as an escort

a group of soldiers escorted the President 一队士兵护卫着总统。

  • n. a person who goes with someone as a guard or as an honor

a escort of soldiers一队卫兵

  • n. a person who accompanies some for courtesy’s sake

Kate's escort arrived to take her out for the evening.

language points6
Language Points
  • accompany, conduct, escort


  • Accompany suggests going with another on an equal basis:

She went to Europe accompanied by her colleague.

  • Conduct implies guidance of others:

The usher conducted us to our seats.

  • Escort stresses protective guidance:

A group of soldiers escorted the President.

language points7
Language Points
  • dire pictures
  • dire: direr, direst
  • 1> Warning of or having dreadful or terrible consequences

a dire economic forecast

  • 2> Urgent; desperate

in dire need

dire poverty

language points8
Language Points
  • braided辫成辫子形的, 辫成麻花状的

wear one's hair in braids

  • braid fact with fiction


language points9
Language Points
  • work-gnarled
  • gnarled: Having gnarls; knotty or misshapen:


  • gnarled branches多节瘤的枝干
  • (figuratively) Rugged and roughened, as from old age or work:饱经风霜的

the gnarled hands of a carpenter.