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Welcome! PAYROLL REPRESENTATIVES. October 10, 2006. Agenda. Introduction Juliet Dickerson Service Center Vicky Kelly International Affairs Renee Mason Employee Relations Al Fick AA/EEO Tammy Flowers Benefits Michelle Mahan Payroll Candace Chow

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  • Introduction Juliet Dickerson

  • Service Center Vicky Kelly

  • International Affairs Renee Mason

  • Employee Relations Al Fick

  • AA/EEO Tammy Flowers

  • Benefits Michelle Mahan

  • Payroll Candace Chow

  • Compensation Nancy Grimshaw

  • CITS Paul Petroski /Fran Dominquez

  • CITS Kent Buckingham/Kathy Bordenski

Service center
Service Center

  • Employee Data Verification Forms

  • Short Work Break (SWB)

  • Completing I-9 Forms

  • Service Center Processing Cycle

Service center processing cycle
Service Center Processing Cycle

  • When processing paperwork please be mindful of the Service Center processing cycle, which is available on-line and in your hand outs.

  • Please check the on-line schedule periodically, although the dates are projected to the end of the year they are subject to change.

  • The Service Center does guarantee completed paperwork received in by the deadline will be processed during the designated processing cycle which is normally 5 to 6 business days from the date on the paperwork is due.

Advise students, exchange visitors, and temporary workers on visa concerns

Assist academic departments in obtaining appropriate visas for students, visiting scholars and faculty members and with continuing visa status concerns. 

Assist UMB administrative departments such as Human Resources and Financial Services in compliance with employment rules for non-immigrants.

Act as liaison with government agencies, sponsoring organizations, and embassies to facilitate visa documentation and employment authorization for internationals.

Provide training on visa and non-immigrant employment issues to UMB departments.

Advise the UMB departments concerning recruitment of non-immigrant personnel, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) rules concerning the employment of non-immigrant personnel, and cost and time issues associated with employment of non-immigrant personnel.

Make appropriate referrals in regard to non-immigrant issues, or immigration concerns, that are beyond the scope of the office's mission or resources.

Office of International Services

General Services

Social security cards
Social Security Cards visa concerns


  • F-1 Students

    • I-20

    • Passport with Visa/I-94 Card

    • Stamped Letter from Hiring Department

    • Letter from OIS

  • 1 Students

    • DS-2019

    • Passport with Visa/I-94 Card

    • Letter from Hiring Department

    • Letter from OIS

10 Day Wait is Recommended:

  • J-1 Scholars

    • DS-2019

    • Passport with Visa/I-94 Card

    • Employment Offer Letter

    • H-1 Visa Holders

      • Passport with Visa/I-94 Card

General responsibilities


General Responsibilities

  • Department:

    • Participate in fair recruitment

    • Direct internationals to the OIS and payroll representative

    • Inform OIS and HR of changes in personal (address, etc.), study, or job circumstances

  • OIS:

    • Inform internationals of the rules/requirements of their visa status

    • Maintain accurate records in SEVIS

    • Provide information to departments and HR regarding the rules/requirements of the individual’s visa status

  • HR:

    • Provide new hire orientation

    • Provide information to departments/payroll representatives regarding changes in internal policies related to employees

  • Students/Scholars/Employees:

    • Follow the rules/requirements of their visa status

    • Alert appropriate offices when depart or experience personal, study, or job related changes

Who Do I Need to See? visa concerns


Office of International Services (OIS)?

Human Resources (HR)?


Are You a New International Student/Scholar?

Are You an H Visa Holder With Changes in Program or Personal Information?

Are You a New Staff Member with an H Visa?

Are You a Continuing Student/Scholar With Changes in Program, Personal Information, or Request to Travel?





Do you have an on-campus job or GRA?



Check in with Dept. Contact/Payroll Representative

Check in with OIS

OIS will direct you to HR

HR will assist you in completing your NRA/I-9 documents

Do you have an on-campus job or GRA?




Check in with Department contact

Check in with OIS


Alert Department Payroll Representative

Alert OIS

OIS will direct you regarding notice to Dept. of Homeland Security

Alert Department Payroll Representative

Alert OIS

OIS will direct you regarding notice to Dept. of Homeland Security

Check in with Dept. Contact/Payroll Representative

Check in with OIS

OIS will direct you to HR

HR will assist you in completing your NRA/I-9 documents

Alert Department Contact

Alert OIS

OIS will direct you regarding notice to Dept. of Homeland Security

Employee relations
Employee Relations visa concerns

  • DLLR – Unemployment Reporting

    Contact: Nicole Webb or Sheila Greenwood at 6-7302

  • Family Medical Leave


    Contact: James Abrams at 6-7302

  • 2006/2007 Campus Recognition and Community Service Awards

    Contact: Sheila Greenwood at 6-7302

  • Military Leave



Eeo aap diversity
EEO/AAP/Diversity visa concerns

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    • Training Seminars available for Campus Leadership that Manage UMB employees

      • Dates available on line

      • http://www.hr.umaryland.edu/main/hrscourses/register.cfm?courseName=SEXUAL%20HARRASSMENT%20SEMINAR

    • On-line Training Available in the next quarter

      • For employees

Benefits team
Benefits Team visa concerns

Tamathia Flowers, Manager

Michelle Mahan, Specialist

Joanne Rainey, Associate

Vernell Cooper, Associate

Phone: 706-2616

Fax: 706-0765


Benefits agenda
Benefits’ Agenda visa concerns

  • Website Enhancements

    2. Forms Reminders

    3. Retirement

Benefits website enhancements
Benefits - Website Enhancements visa concerns

Employee Orientation Online Registration

  • Registration required due to limited seating.

  • Starts promptly at 9:00 a.m.


Benefits website enhancements1
Benefits - Website Enhancements visa concerns

  • Expanded Forms Section

    • Over 30 forms online with instructions and links

    • Healthcare Applications, Dental Applications, Life Insurance Forms, MSRA Retirement Enrollment Forms…

      *All forms online except ORP and SRA enrollment kits


Benefits forms
Benefits - Forms visa concerns

UNUM Provident Life/LTD Enrollment Reminder

  • Employee should mail directly to UNUM

    Address on form: 2211 Congress Street

    Portland, ME 04122

  • Salary and date of hire must be completed to avoid processing delays

  • Unum Provident will mail medical history statement directly to employee’s home if applicable

Benefits processing forms
Benefits- Processing Forms visa concerns

Required Documents for Dependents:

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Birth Certificates (showing lineage)

  • *Dependent “Tax Affidavit”

  • Step Child Affidavit

  • Legal Ward/Grandchild/Other Dependent Affidavit

    * For Stepchildren and Legal Ward forms, a Dependent Tax Affidavit must also be completed.

Benefits forms1
Benefits Forms visa concerns

  • Retirement Forms requiring Notarization are “legal documents” (ex: Beneficiary Form 4 & Election Not to Participate Form 60)

  • Notary date and employee’s signature date must match

  • No mistakes, cross outs, written over letters

  • Submit & attach 2 copies proof of birth with retirement forms (I-9 documentation is separated from retirement documentation once in HRS)

  • Must be submitted with Employee Action Form (not separately)

Benefits retirement
Benefits Retirement visa concerns

  • Please follow-up with employees to ensure beneficiary (ies) is/are listed on retirement forms

  • Ensure that employees review their beneficiary designation when there is a change in family status event

Benefits retirement procedures
Benefits - Retirement Procedures visa concerns

Rehiring a Retiree:

IRS Regulations require retirees must be off State payroll for 45 days per Form 127 - Reemployment After Retirement

  • “There must be a bona fide separation from service between you and your employer”

  • Applicable to pension and ORP plans

Benefits retirement procedures1
Benefits - Retirement Procedures visa concerns

Earnings limitation (EL) - n/a to ORP

  • EL=Average Final Salary – Annualized Basic Allowance

  • MSRA sends retiree a letter 30-60 days after retiring. EL never changes.

  • If exceeds - pension reduced $2.00 for every earned $1.00 over limit.

Benefits retirement procedures2
Benefits Retirement Procedures visa concerns

What should you ask a new hire?

Are you a State Retiree?

If yes, what is your earnings limitation?

The employee can call MSRA 410-625-5555 and ask for their earnings limitation if they don’t remember it.

Benefits reminder
Benefits - Reminder visa concerns

Financial Planning & Retirement Seminars 10/17, 10/19, 10/24, 10/25, 10/26

  • 3rd Floor 110 S. Paca Street

  • Online Registration

  • 25 person limit

  • Bring your Lunch Light Refreshments Served

Payroll visa concerns

  • Details will be sent via email on 10/18

  • Deadline for completing and submitting to FSPR is November 10, 2006

  • New W-4 for NRA for tax purposed (W-4/MW507 for NRAFTP’s) in Payroll website:

  • http://www.fincsvc.umaryland.edu/payroll/images/206w4-NRAFTP.pdf

  • New W-4 changes include:

    • Additional $15.30 withholding is no longer required

    • “NRA” must be written near line 5 & 6

Annual Renewal of non-US Citizen Paperwork

Compensation general associates
Compensation visa concerns General Associates

  • Employees with Exempt duties, but do not work enough hours to earn $445/week or $23,660/year.

  • CI (If and When or Temp) employees only

Background visa concerns

  • Exempt employees must be paid on a salary, not by the hour

  • 2004 FLSA regulations require minimum salary of $23,660 to be exempted from overtime.

  • Minimum salary exists with no pro-rating allowed, regardless of FTE

  • Result: the lower the hours worked, the more likely the salary will fall below $23,660.

Exempt c 1 employees
Exempt C-1 Employees visa concerns

Cannot be “docked” for the quality or quantity of

their work

They can be:

  • Paid for completed “deliverables”

  • Paid a salary based on regularly occurring percent of time

  • If that salary is below $23,660, use the General Associate

General associate
General Associate visa concerns

  • Is a title for temporary jobs

  • Has no min qualifications of its own; employees must meet min quals of a standard Exempt job

  • Has a pay range that’s the hourly equivalent of any salary in the Exempt structure

  • Is an expansion of the General Assistant which is for temporary NEX jobs

  • Note: in some cases, an existing NEX title could solve the issue

Examples: visa concerns

  • A 50% Research Nurse will earn $20,000 per year (actual earnings). By law, they cannot be hired as an Exempt employee

    • Solution: NEX Nurse Research I will work in this case, and the person should be hired in this title.

  • A 25% Nurse Practitioner will earn $20,000 annually (actual earnings)

    • Solution: General Associate at $40/hour ($20,000 annualized to $80,000 and then reduced to hourly of $40/hour)

What are the documents needed at time of hire
What are the documents needed at time of hire? visa concerns

  • Hire packet

  • CI agreement

  • Employee Action Form

IMPORTANT: visa concerns

  • In EAF “Comments” section, indicate the Exempt title a person would be in, if they were to work enough hours to qualify under FLSA.

  • The new hire must meet minimum qualifications for that Exempt title

Next steps
Next Steps visa concerns

  • Review all your CI employees; terminate inactive employees

  • Review current General Assistants to see if General Associate is a better fit

  • At the 1 year renewal time, change Exempt “Assistants” to “Associates”

Questions comments
Questions/Comments visa concerns



at 6-6338

CITS visa concerns

Affiliate System

Fran May DominguezKent BuckinghamPaul Petroski

Kathy Bordenski

Affiliates? visa concerns

  • Affiliates are people who:

    • have an affiliation with UMB

    • not “paid” faculty, staff

    • students that are not in SIMS

    • people who will not be getting an empl ID

Examples of affiliates
Examples of Affiliates visa concerns

  • Dental School Volunteer Faculty, Corporation Employees

  • UMMS, VA or UPI staff

  • Pharmacy Preceptors

  • Emeritus Faculty

Affiliate information
Affiliate information … visa concerns

  • Where?

    • Stored in eUMB HRMS system

  • What?

    • Name and campus contact information

    • Date of birth

    • UMB Sponsor

Current process for entering affiliates
Current Process for Entering Affiliates visa concerns

  • Online form …

    • Required fields are filled out

    • Eliminates data entry errors

    • Saves time

    • Increases productivity

    • List of sponsors to choose from

Process for entering affiliates
Process for Entering Affiliates visa concerns

  • Affiliate enters information online

  • Affiliate prints out form for sponsor(s) signature

  • Affiliate submits form to Help Desk

  • Help Desk submits approved affiliates into eUMB

  • eUMB creates affiliate ID (A01500)

Affiliate online application form1
Affiliate Online Application Form visa concerns

Affiliate Application Printout

Umb affiliate
UMB Affiliate visa concerns

  • Has Self-Service Capability to update contact information

  • May be an authorized user of eUMB applications

  • Listed in UMB Web Directory

Procedure for validating affiliates
Procedure for Validating Affiliates visa concerns

  • Pick up the stack for people in your department

  • Return to Help Desk all affiliate verification forms that have changes or missing a sponsor

  • Use the sponsor listing to get appropriate sponsor signature

  • Affiliates not validated by sponsors will be de-activated or affiliates who do not submit a form will also be de-activated

Self service for employee and affiliates
Self Service for Employee and Affiliates visa concerns


Questions? visa concerns

Umb one card what s new
UMB ONE CARD visa concerns What’s New

  • New ID System

    • On-Line

    • Feeds From CITS Directory

      • Source Directory

      • Data From HR & SIMS

        • Must Be In One Of These Systems For Your Data To Appear In The One Card System

New employee
New Employee visa concerns

  • Paid by the University of Maryland, Baltimore

  • Type Can Be Faculty or Staff

  • If New Hire Is A Student - Majority Of Data Comes From SIMS

Process add a new employee
Process – Add A New Employee visa concerns

  • Follow Instructions www.umb-one.umaryland.edu

    • Create Temporary Stub Record

      • Waiting for Permanent Payroll Record

      • Send email to [email protected]

      • Updates every 30 minutes

      • On the Half-Hour

        • Name- First & Last

        • Birth date

        • Last 4 digits of SS Number

        • School

        • Faculty/Staff

One card office
One Card Office visa concerns

  • Call 6-6943- 6-MyID

  • Several Folks Are Available To Create Temporary Record

  • Expect Same Day Service

  • Check Campus Directory Before Your New Employee Walks Over To The One Card Office

    Location: 222 N. Pine Street, Student Center,

    2nd Floor, Suite 207,

    Open – 8:30- 4:30, Monday - Friday