Payroll reps meeting payroll topics presentation
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Payroll Reps Meeting Payroll Topics Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Payroll Reps Meeting Payroll Topics Presentation. February 15, 2008 School of Nursing- Small Auditorium. Payroll Topics Presenters. Candace Chow- Payroll Manager- Financial Services Stephen Eddy- Enterprise Application Specialist- CITS Pat Holmes- Manager- Cost Analysis & Studies

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Payroll reps meeting payroll topics presentation l.jpg

Payroll Reps MeetingPayroll Topics Presentation

February 15, 2008

School of Nursing-

Small Auditorium

Payroll topics presenters l.jpg
Payroll Topics Presenters

  • Candace Chow-

    • Payroll Manager- Financial Services

  • Stephen Eddy-

    • Enterprise Application Specialist- CITS

  • Pat Holmes-

    • Manager- Cost Analysis & Studies

  • Susan Beckerman-

    • Enterprise Application Specialist- Financial Systems

Payroll topics agenda l.jpg
Payroll Topics Agenda

  • FSPR Personnel

  • New T&L procedures

  • Account code vs. account

  • EFP Inquire page

  • New user procedures (access & training)

  • PA form service date changes

  • Direct Deposit advice suppression

  • Check register report changes

  • T&L archiving

Fspr personnel5 l.jpg
FSPR Personnel

  • Lisa Hartman- Payroll Supervisor

  • Rita Marable- Payroll Accountant

  • Sonia McCain- Payroll Associate

  • Still recruiting- Sr. Payroll Accountant

New t l procedures7 l.jpg
New T&L procedures

  • Currently allowed to enter Regular, Shift & OVT on Mondays- no leave should be entered

  • Starting Monday, February 18th no T&L data entry should begin until the e-mail is received from FSPR (generally on Tuesday)

Account code vs account9 l.jpg
Account code vs. account

  • Reminder that “account” and “account code” are 2 very different numbers

  • People have been entering the ACCOUNT in the Account CODE box on the PA form

  • The projects associated with account codes 0000001012, 0000002073, etc have been charged incorrectly

Pa form account code l.jpg
PA Form Account Code

This field is NOT for the 4 digit account such as 1012 or 2072. It is for the 10 digit HRMS account code that is not found in the Financials system.

How to find the account code l.jpg
How to Find the Account Code

All CA roles have access to this menu item

Note that a project can have more than one account code if there is more than one fund, program or department. Be sure to choose the correct one.

Enter Project ID

Efp inquire page13 l.jpg
EFP Inquire page

  • Problem occurs when an employee is RETROACTIVELY moved from one department to another

    • Ex. In December an Employee Action form is submitted that moves employee from Dept A to Dept B effective July 1st

Efp inquire page14 l.jpg
EFP Inquire page

  • After the effective date of the transfer, the EFP Inquire page displays only the new department EFPs

    • Ex: Employee has EFPs in Dept A with effective dates between 7/1 and 11/15. When employee is transferred in December effective 7/1 to Dept B the EFPs dated 7/1 through 11/15 in Dept A will no longer be seen

  • All EFPs can be found in the Dept Budget Earnings under the Department Budget Table (Include History must be clicked)

New user procedures access training l.jpg

New User ProceduresAccess & Training

New user access l.jpg
New User Access

  • Complete User Access form found at:

  • User needs to know which roles s/he will be assigned in order to get the correct training

  • Access form must be sent to the CITS ASC Help desk

Transferred user access l.jpg
Transferred User Access

  • A new user access form overrides old access

    • If user is helping out old department then 2 new access forms must be completed

  • Old department should submit access form to remove access- don’t wait for new department

New user training l.jpg
New User Training


  • Send e-mail to FSPR to request training for T&L and/or CA training (both will include the Intro to HRMS)

  • FSPR staff will contact requester with options- generally one-on-one but sometimes small groups


Transferred user training l.jpg
Transferred User Training

  • If “roles” have not changed then no additional training is required

  • If new role has been assigned then training is required for that role

Pa forms l.jpg
PA Forms

  • New form for Prior Pay Period adjustments

  • Revised Payroll Adjustment form for all other transactions

  • No longer use earnings code PAJ- the functionality is replaced with earnings code RRR (amounts only)

  • Include Paygroup on both forms

Dda suppression l.jpg
DDA Suppression

  • CPB allows employees with Direct Deposit to access the DDA via their webtool- POSC (Payroll Online Service Center)

  • UMB employees can only enroll in the DD “Web Only Access” via the eUMB system

Dda suppression27 l.jpg
DDA Suppression

  • There are two ways for an employee to suppress the printing:

    • PR Reps enter the selection in eUMB via Manager Self-service

      • We suggest departments have employees sign form to indicate a choice to stop receiving DDA (see sample)

    • Employees enter the selection in eUMB via Employee Self-service

Dda suppression28 l.jpg
DDA Suppression

  • In a normal payroll processing period, selection must be entered by COB on Monday after a payday to be in effect for next payday

  • Employees can flip back and forth each pay period although this should not be encouraged

Dda suppression29 l.jpg
DDA Suppression

  • There will be no mass communication of this new feature from central administration to employees

  • It is up to each department/school to communicate to their own employees

Enter via employee self service l.jpg
Enter via Employee Self-service

The default is “NO”

Employees can change to “YES”

Enter via manager self service l.jpg
Enter via Manager Self-service

Payroll Rep can change the selection in eUMB for an employee

View in administer workforce l.jpg
View in Administer Workforce

Defaults to “unchecked” so employee receives DD advice.

Cpb s posc l.jpg

Relatively new functionality for employees to make changes directly at CPB without doing any paperwork through UMB

This is where an employee will find the DD advices

Link tells USM employees to contact the HR dept to enroll

Check register changes36 l.jpg
Check Register Changes

  • Check Register report has been updated to include a column to indicate whether DDA has been suppressed

  • Parameter to exclude suppressed DDAs

  • Removed columns not used

  • Employees with concurrent jobs appear in department where they have the “Primary” job

Check register changes37 l.jpg
Check Register Changes

Current Dept is the Dept of Primary Job at the time the check register is run

Paycheck Dept is the Dept of Primary Job at the time the Gross Pay was sent.

A *YES* will appear in this column for those employees who are NOT receiving a printed DD advice from CPB

T l archiving l.jpg
T&L Archiving

  • Over 5 years of T&L data is stored in “live” tables

  • Slows down Time Admin processing and is rarely accessed

  • Need to remove data from “live” tables and store in an “archive” table

T l archiving40 l.jpg
T&L Archiving

  • We will archive the “Reported” and “Payable” time data once a year around the end of the fiscal year for the prior calendar year

  • Ex.- In June 2008 we will archive all T&L data through 12/22/07

  • If data is needed for periods already archived, send request to FSPR and they will retrieve your data

Questions l.jpg

  • Please contact FS-Payroll if you have questions regarding this presentation