portfolio commmitee on social development annual performance plans 2014 15 n.
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PORTFOLIO COMMMITEE ON SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Annual Performance Plans 2014/15 PowerPoint Presentation
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PORTFOLIO COMMMITEE ON SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Annual Performance Plans 2014/15 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PORTFOLIO COMMMITEE ON SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Annual Performance Plans 2014/15. 07 July 2014. Purpose Background Strategic Overview Annual Performance Plan 2014/15 Programme Performance Performance and expenditure trends Conclusion. PRESENTATION STRUCTURE.

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Presentation Transcript
presentation structure


Strategic Overview

Annual Performance Plan 2014/15

Programme Performance

Performance and expenditure trends



To present to the Portfolio Committee the Department’s strategic overview that encompasses;

    • the vision, mission;
    • mandate and strategic priorities;
    • strategic objectives;
    • annual targets and
    • budget over the MTEF


  • The Minister of Social Development has been appointed as a leader coordinator for Outcome 13: Social Protection – “An inclusive and responsive social protection system”
  • A number of engagement have been taking place in preparation for the Medium Term Strategic Framework chapter.
  • Various sector departments have been consulted leading to the draft Medium Term Strategic Framework.
  • This includes workshops with provincial counterparts and leadership within the South African Social Security Agency [SASSA] and the National Development Agency.
  • In addition, the Department is gearing for re-alignment following the administrative changes in government which resulted in functional shift of the disability and children functions which are now with DSD.
vision mission


A Caring and Self-reliant Society


To transform our society by building conscious and capable citizens through the provision of comprehensive, integrated and sustainable social development services

strategic overview
  • The conclusion and adoption of the National Development Plan [NDP] 2030 Vision has created a clear development path for the Department of Social Development.
  • It is a thorough reflection of the grinding and persistent poverty, inequality and unemployment which confront a number of people in South Africa, especially youth.
  • The document primarily locates Social Development within the broader scope of social protection with a key focus on creating a system that ensures that no household lives below a pre-determined social floor and that all areas of vulnerability taking into consideration the needs, realities, conditions and livelihoods of those at risk are addressed.
strategic overview1
  • The NDP 2030 conceptualises social protection as much broader and more inclusive than social security. It incorporates non-statutory or private measures for providing social security without excluding traditional social security measures.
    • Social security which draws on section 27 of the constitution to address income dimensions of poverty and contribute to ensuring a standard of living below which no-one falls;
    • Measures to addresscapability poverty: support to early childhood development and investments in children; labour market activation policies and measures that foster productive inclusion of the under-and unemployed;
    • Protective measures for nutritional and food security.
    • Developmental social service interventions to address (i) economic and social exclusion and strengthen social cohesion; (ii) ensure that families and individuals are able to access services.

The overarching goals of the plan are the elimination of poverty and the eradication of inequality through:

  • Uniting South Africans of all races through social dialogue [on the social protection floor].
  • Active engagement of citizens in their own development – strengthening democracy and holding government accountable.
  • Expansion of the economy & making growth inclusive and more labour absorbing.
  • Building of key capabilities of both people and the country – skills, infrastructure, institutions and partnerships.
  • Building a capable and developmental state.
  • Strong leadership throughout society to work together to solve our problems.

Six pillars of the National Development Plan

strategic priorities

The key sector priorities over the Medium Term Strategic Period are:

  • Reforming the social welfare sector and services to deliverbetterresults.
  • Improve the provision of Early Childhood Development. All children should enjoy services and benefits aimed at facilitating access to nutrition, health care, education, social care and safety.
  • Deepening social assistance and extending the scope for social security.
  • Strengthening community development interventions.
  • Establish social protection systems to strengthen coordination, integration, planning, monitoring and evaluation of services.
  • Improving household food and nutrition.
strategic objectives
  • Intergovernmental Relations and Executive Support
performance expenditure trends
  • The bulk of this programme’s spending over the medium term goes towards compensation of employees, which constitutes on average 5.5 per cent of the budget, and operating leases for office accommodation, which constitutes on average 8.8 per cent of the goods and services allocation.
  • Spending on this programme increases steadily over the seven-year period, mainly due to the building of capacity in the oversight function of the department in the Internal Audit sub-programme.
  • In addition to corporate services responsibilities, the Administration programme coordinates the department’s strategic vision and provides overall monitoring support through the Department Management sub-programme.
part b



Financial outlook

27 November 2014


  • The Department of Social Development has welcomed the Children’s and People with Disability Functions from the Department of Women, Children and People with Disabilities
  • We are currently in the process of ensuring that this transition is handled with care and speed to ensure stability and continuity in the work of the Department
  • This coming together of the two departments also warrants a re-look into our work so as to ensure that functions from DWCPD are integrated into the Department’s work