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ODYSSEY WARE Online Learning

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ODYSSEY WARE Online Learning. Dublin Unified School District Bryce Custodio Director of Student Services. Overview of Online Options. Current Board Policy and DUSD practice.

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ODYSSEY WARE Online Learning

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odyssey ware online learning

ODYSSEYWAREOnline Learning

Dublin Unified School District

Bryce Custodio

Director of Student Services

overview of online options
Overview of Online Options
  • Current Board Policy and DUSD practice.
  • Online programs outside of the district are completely independent of us. We have no control or say in curriculum. Grades are sent to us.
  • Sample districts we looked at and training for online programs utilizes independent study guidelines.
odyssey ware components
Odysseyware components
  • Courses/Curriculum grades 3-12
  • 24/7 access
  • Placement tests and diagnostics
  • Full course mode or Credit-recovery modes available.
  • Customization of courses
  • Real-time curriculum updates
odyssey ware components1
Odysseyware Components
  • Automatic grading of 85% of the work
  • Data management and reporting tools
  • Message Center
  • Teacher and Student settings to create ease
  • Text translation into 8 different languages
  • Text to Speech; students can have passages read to them.
odyssey ware components2
Odysseyware Components
  • Designed to work with third-party assistive technologies for special needs students.
  • Technical support by phone, email or live chat.
  • Online tutorials for staff and students
pilot review
  • 4 ELL teachers; 4 QUEST/DHS teachers; SED teacher at DHS; 1 RSP teacher; 3 administrators; 1 counselor.
  • Training of all staff involved in the pilot.
  • Teachers involved in the pilot were encouraged to bring others on board.
  • Four meetings to review progress and discuss findings.
pilot review cont
Pilot Review (cont.)
  • Communicated with all department heads and invited many of them to review the program.
  • Set up passwords for approximately 45 staff members to review the program.
  • Held discussions with DHS Curriculum Council; all principals and assistant principals; special ed administrators; and cabinet.
student cases
Student Cases
  • 2 ELL elementary students attempted some remediation work. Result: Found that students needed trained adult supervision when using this program.
  • 2 Long-distance students on an independent study contract for 3 months. One student did well (older), the second student only completed 1/3rd of the work(middle school).
student cases cont
Student Cases (cont.)
  • Full group instruction(6 students).
  • High School ELL students. 2 successfully completed courses and 2 did not.
  • QUEST students(7 students): Course subjects other than math did well. Math was difficult and students were not successful. 4 students completed courses. Electives were very successful.
  • One GED prep student; passed and graduated.
  • Teachers felt that the curriculum is very challenging. Students must be motivated to do online instruction.
  • Teachers themselves had success with their students when they supported and understood the program. Training is important.
  • Younger students must have an adult to work along side them.
  • Students need support when doing these courses.
student feedback
Student Feedback
  • Students felt more successful when they maintained a notebook along the way.
  • Students like the help links such as the glossary for word definitions.
  • Students felt if they did well on the quizzes, they would do well on the final exams. No tricks.
  • Alg. 2 really required a strong memory for Alg. 1 skills. Review was necessary.
student feedback cont
Student feedback (cont.)
  • Students felt that the amount of work was equivalent to what they have in a regular class.
  • Maneuvering the online program was a new experience and took time for some.
  • Some concern that math required more help and support.
  • Committee members met 4 times throughout the semester to review current Board Policy and discuss how this program could help increase student access. Significant support for this.
  • Maintain Current Board Policy and practice at DHS.
  • Allow for some exceptions as we continue to learn the program and give students access to meet their needs.
  • Outside online programs often do not provide a final grade in a timely manner.
  • Opens access to ALL students.
  • We can review the curriculum and make adjustments to align with our courses.
  • Significant amount of fraud with online diplomas/courses. Unable to validate.
  • We add to our menu of options for students.
advantages cont
Advantages (cont.)
  • Diagnostics and placement tests for alternative programs and students who transfer to us.
  • Potential implications for parents who desire home schooling.
  • Components of the program are available to all teaching staff.
next steps
Next Steps
  • This is a work in progress.
  • Continue to learn all aspects of the program and train more teachers.
  • Explore other ways of utilizing Odysseyware
  • Consider inviting home schooled families back to DUSD.