innovation academy presents odyssey ware n.
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Innovation Academy Presents…. Odyssey Ware PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovation Academy Presents…. Odyssey Ware

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Innovation Academy Presents…. Odyssey Ware - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovation Academy Presents…. Odyssey Ware. Tutorial for Parents. Odyssey Ware is a tool that we will be using this year to ensure your child is getting the level of instruction that is needed.

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Innovation Academy Presents…. Odyssey Ware

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Odyssey Ware is a tool that we will be using this year to ensure your child is getting the level of instruction that is needed.

There are several aspects of this tool that will be very helpful for teachers, parents, and students.

how to login
How to Login
  • Username= jdoe (all lower case)
  • Password= Jdoe@2012 (First two Capital)
  • Website link:
yearly progress
Yearly Progress
  • Each student is given access to all grade levels and all subjects
  • This is so they can move through the program at their own pace.
  • Your child should start where they feel comfortable and work at moving through the information available.

The generic courses are set up with the following names depending on the subjects. This gives your student the opportunity to move ahead or back depending on what help they may need.

  • Math 300
  • Math 400
  • Math 500
  • Math 600
teacher custom courses
Teacher Custom Courses
  • Not only does this program benefit students, it allows teachers to create courses to ensure the “flipped classroom model”
  • Each teacher can create a course for their subject and assign lessons to complete. ( This will be found on the teacher’s website)
  • A custom course can be found in the list of courses but will look a little different than the generic courses.
teacher custom course
Teacher Custom Course
  • Each custom course will have the subject, PBL, and grade level or teacher.
the main difference between course t ypes
The main difference between course types
  • The generic course allows your child to start at the beginning and work their way through each level. It allows for assessment and must be mastered with a 90 or above to move forward.
  • The custom courses go hand in hand with what is being taught in the current PBL. This is very important that the student master and understand what they are doing when they come to class.
  • Each lesson provides a list of vocabulary, justification of the lesson, usually a fun activity, and then test the students understanding with a quiz.
  • It is very important to teach students to read the information carefully and then take the quiz. Your student may retake the quiz up to three times if needed.
  • Test can only be attempted once.
  • Parents can log on to their child’s account and view each grade they have made on all lessons, quizzes, and test.

I hope this tutorial helps both you as a parent and your student.

  • Our goal is for each student to be successful during at home enrichment!

Good Luck,

Mrs. Martin