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Independent Projects

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Independent Projects. Applied Communications IV Fall 2009 Mrs. Paist. Here’s the plan:. On Thursdays, you will have the period to pursue a project of your choice. You and I will agree on an outline and goals for your project, and after that, it’s YOUR SHOW. Ideas.

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independent projects

Independent Projects

Applied Communications IV

Fall 2009

Mrs. Paist

here s the plan
Here’s the plan:
  • On Thursdays, you will have the period to pursue a project of your choice.
  • You and I will agree on an outline and goals for your project, and after that, it’s YOUR SHOW.
  • The following are ideas to get you started. You may use one of these suggestions or come up with your own.
  • You must get my approval of your idea before you begin work on your project.
idea one
Idea One
  • Once a week, you will go to Northwestern Elementary School to read aloud to a class. You will work with the elementary school librarian and the classroom teacher to select grade-appropriate books. You will keep a journal of your experience, with photos, and present a final version of your journal to me for a grade.
idea one1
Idea One
  • This option will only be available to students who are approved by me and by the elementary teacher with whom you will be working. Permission from your parents is necessary. You will be closely monitored.
  • If you don’t like little kids, this option is NOT for you!
idea two
Idea Two
  • Write and create a short film about a topic of your choosing. Perhaps you are planning to join the armed services after high school - you may want to make a film that describes how and why you chose that career. You could interview your recruiter, friends or family members who are soldiers, investigate the differences between the different branches of the armed services.
idea two1
Idea Two
  • Perhaps you want to encourage others to enroll in your program at LCTI. You could do some research on the job prospects of technical school students versus traditional high school graduates, to promote technical school education for those who don’t want to go to college.
  • This film could be used at the middle and high school counseling offices to educate students about the value of a technical school education. YOU could be instrumental in changing the common misconceptions about “techers” here at NWLHS!
idea two2
Idea Two
  • This option would involve using a video camera and film editing applications. DO NOT assume you can use the broadcasting equipment and facilities here at NWLHS until we speak with Mrs. Flueso. You may have to use your own equipment.
idea three
Idea Three
  • If you are a movie buff, you may want to incorporate that interest into a project.
  • Many movies are based on books or short stories. For this project, you will watch a few movies and read the books/short stories/graphic novels on which they are based, and then write a compare/contrast “review” for each.
idea three1
Idea Three
  • For example, did you know that the movie, Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage, is based on a series of novels by the same name? Or that Total Recall, a sci-fi movie starring Arnold Schwartzenegger, is based on a short story titled “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”?
  • Likewise, many of Stephen King’s books have been made into movies, as have those by John Grisham, Michael Crichton, and Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond).
idea three2
Idea Three
  • This option is only for those students who are interested in reading, NOT just watching movies.
  • There is a great website that lists hundreds of films that have been made from novels and short stories. You are sure to find something of interest here! Check it out before you decide whether to pursue this project:
idea four
Idea Four
  • If you are obsessed with the music of a particular band, you can create a project in which you study the band’s music and lyrics, and analyze their work for its literary, cultural, and artistic significance.
idea four1
Idea Four
  • For instance, did you know that Jim Morrison of the Doors was very interested in the poetry and philosophy of William Blake, an English poet and painter from the late 1700’s?
  • Did you know that Iron Maiden’s song lyrics are often based on Greek and Egyptian mythology and religion?
idea four2
Idea Four
  • For this project, you will create a multimedia presentation which includes music, lyrics, and an analysis of literary elements such as metaphors, similes, allusions to other works, etc.
  • Perhaps you will even perform some of the music yourself!
your ideas welcome
Your Ideas Welcome!
  • If you have an idea for a project, put together a short proposal and discuss it with me. After you have my approval, you are free to fly!
  • Specifics such as due dates, number of points and a rubric will follow.