re3030 spelling assignment spring 2012 n.
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RE3030 Spelling Assignment Spring 2012

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RE3030 Spelling Assignment Spring 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RE3030 Spelling Assignment Spring 2012. Group Members: Kim Brown and Shae Howe. Part 1: Classroom Assessment (QIWK)—Background. Classroom: Grade 2 Number of students: 17 QIWK Lists: G1, G2, G3

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re3030 spelling assignment spring 2012

RE3030 Spelling AssignmentSpring 2012

Group Members:

Kim Brown and Shae Howe

part 1 classroom assessment qiwk background
Part 1: Classroom Assessment (QIWK)—Background
  • Classroom: Grade 2
  • Number of students: 17
  • QIWK Lists: G1, G2, G3
  • How is spelling taught in class: Spelling and vocabulary are both primarily taught through the use of worksheet packets. Students work with their worksheet packets during center time in the mornings. Other than this interaction with spelling, students are expected to study their words at home as homework. There is a great review game for spelling words the students practice with at school called “Sparkle”
  • “Sparkle”- Students line up in a straight line and one by one the spelling words are said. When a new spelling word is given, the students each say one letter of the word in the order that it comes to them. When the last letter is said the next person has to say “Sparkle” signifying that they know the word is finished and they’re ready to move on to a new word. If someone says the wrong thing, they have to sit down. The game continues until there is one standing.
part 2 individual assessment background
Part 2: Individual Assessment –Background
  • Kid’s name: Joanne (Pseudonym)
  • Grade: 2
  • Sex: Female
  • Other info: Joanne seems to be concerned that both of her parents are being remarried this summer. Her mother is concerned about her education because she feels Joanne is lazy and things will become harder next year. She is loved and take care of at home and has a good family support system. Student is consistently present to class. Student also seems to be more mature than many other classmates.
part 2 individual assessment observations
Part 2: Individual Assessment –Observations
  • Student was very eager to assist and help us on this project but also seemed nervous
  • She was very aware of proximity to the teacher
  • It was obvious she “felt” she was above the reading levels that we were giving her
  • She was quick to catch and correct her own mistakes
  • Student has some issues with self-esteem
  • Her reading ability is much higher than her spelling ability.
  • She is only motivated to do well and complete work in a timely manner when teacher is giving her direct attention
  • She reads like she talks, very slowly. This may be a result of family characteristics.