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PENN Community Project SUG Presentation. July 9, 2001. PENN Community Project Agenda. Introduction Objectives Benefits Assumptions Existing PENNcard Architecture New PENN Community Architecture Wrap-Up. PENN Community Project Introduction What is it?.

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Penn community project sug presentation

PENN Community ProjectSUG Presentation

July 9, 2001

Penn community project agenda
PENN Community Project Agenda

  • Introduction

  • Objectives

  • Benefits

  • Assumptions

  • Existing PENNcard Architecture

  • New PENN Community Architecture

  • Wrap-Up

Penn community project introduction what is it
PENN Community ProjectIntroductionWhat is it?

  • Biographic - Data needed to establish unique identity and assignment of a PENN ID to members.

  • Demographic - Various forms of contact information for members. (i.e. Postal address, phone and e-mail)

  • Affiliation - To understand the relationship(s) a member has with the University. (Student, Faculty and Staff)

An effort sponsored jointly by Business Services and ISC to improve the depth and quality of biographic, demographic, and affiliation (BDA) data about members of the PENN Community.

Penn community project objectives
PENN Community ProjectObjectives

  • De-couple biographic, demographic and affiliation data(BDA) from the PENNcard System and enable decentralized data entry. Manage BDA data as a separate entity.

  • Provide a database architecture to support communication, authentication and authorization services. (i.e., Online/hardcopy directories, network authentication, and building access.)

  • Promote usage of PENN ID in place of Social Security Number.

  • Enable handling of additional affiliate groups.

  • Provide proactive stewardship to ensure day-to-day integrity and evolution with changing requirements.

  • Provide information distribution and consulting services to System Administrators and End-users.

Penn community project benefits
PENN Community ProjectBenefits

  • Improved customer service to University Affiliates.

  • Reduced risk of identity theft and related privacy intrusions by actively promoting use of PENN ID as an alternative to SSN.

  • Reduced risk to University assets by enabling improved authentication processes (Kerberos) for network access.

  • PENNcard Center operations will benefit from enabling decentralized data management.

  • Time spent identifying and resolving data integrity issues can be redirected to other activities.

  • Ability to accommodate new services and changes to existing services.

Penn community project assumptions
PENN Community ProjectAssumptions

  • Active Data Stewardship is essential to success.

  • Offices other than PENNcard will be able and willing to perform data entry tasks.

  • Methods can be developed to distribute PINs in an efficient and timely manner. PINs are needed to establish Kerberos principals.

  • Interface feeds provided by external entities (i.e., UPHS) will arrive on a reliable schedule and have problem solving support available.

  • Some affiliations are more important (Student, Faculty, Staff ) than others (Conference Attendee). Concentrate on establishing uniqueness and integrity within the important ones.

  • Some affiliations will not provide information enough data to establish uniqueness, so don’t try. For these, establish expiration dates and purge when appropriate.

Penn community project deliverables phase i timeline completed by march 2002
PENN Community ProjectDeliverables - Phase I Timeline - Completed by March 2002

  • Develop Oracle database architecture for storing biographic, demographic and affiliation (BDA)data.

  • Develop batch interface processes for managing data supplied by multiple systems of record. Allow for new affiliations.

  • Develop Web-based mechanism to allow data entry for people not provided via batch interfaces. Roll out to PENNcard Center and a limited set of high volume sources.

  • Develop database architecture, processes and procedures for identifying and resolving data errors.

  • Modify PENNcard application system to use PENN Community data structures.

  • Generate PIN numbers (used in network authentication processes)for all affiliates. Manage PIN distribution process.

  • Provide Query mechanism to support self-serve usage.

Penn community project deliverables phase ii timeline started by march 2002
PENN Community ProjectDeliverables - Phase II Timeline - Started by March 2002

  • Convert outgoing interfaces to use PENN Community in place of PENNcard.

  • Develop web-based data entry mechanism to allow affiliates to manage their own directory information.

  • Develop software to support PIN distribution process.

  • Develop database architecture and process to support production of hard copy phone directory.

  • Rollout biographic, demographic and affiliation data entry mechanism to other offices as needed.

Penn community project existing penncard architecture
PENN Community ProjectExisting PENNcard Architecture




Batch Programs

Penncard Center

Data Entry


Generate Penn ids

Generate Penn ids

Penncard System

Physical Card



Public Safety



Penn community project new architecture after phase i solid red and ii dotted brown are complete
PENN Community ProjectNew ArchitectureAfter Phase I (solid red) and II (dotted brown) are complete






Batch Programs

New Error

Management Process


Generate Penn ids

Generate Penn ids

Penn Community

Generate Penn ids



Penncard Center

and Others

Data Entry



Public Safety



Penn community project wrap up
PENN Community ProjectWRAP-UP

  • Questions/Concerns?

Penn community project
PENN Community Project

For Further information contact Jim Johnson

[email protected]