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Penn. ELP. U NIVERSITY of P ENNSYLVANIA. Online Courses. explore,. experience,. apply. EXPLORE. “I really enjoyed my online course. The materials were well organized and easy to follow, and the feedback from my instructor was excellent!”. Masayuki Koda LLM candidate

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  2. explore, experience, apply

  3. EXPLORE “I really enjoyed my online course. The materials were well organized and easy to follow, and the feedback from my instructor was excellent!” Masayuki Koda LLM candidate University of Pennsylvania

  4. OVERVIEW • 7- and 14-week online courses • Flexible and realistic study environment • Daily interactive practice activities • Daily individual feedback from your instructor • Highly experienced instructors • Certificate from Penn

  5. TARGET AUDIENCE • Busy professionals and students who would like to improve their language skills, but do not have time in their schedules to attend class. • Intermediate or advanced level in English. • English proficiency and course placement determined through an online writing test. • For more information on application and placement, see the Course Info section of our website.

  6. EXPERIENCE “I really liked working with my peers on class assignments. As a writer, I learned a lot from these activities. I found many of my classmates tend to make the same mistakes I do, and this really helped me to understand these mistakes and look for them in my own work”. Jin-Woo Ha Researcher Federal Aviation Administration

  7. COURSE FEATURES Each of our online courses is hosted on easy-to-use, eCollege course software. All you need is an e-mail account and access to the Internet. We provide technical support 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. The courses allow you to study anytime from anywhere with daily feedback from your instructor. They also guide you through the vast learning resources available on the Web, taking you beyond the course materials to help you achieve your communication goals. VIEW SAMPLE

  8. COURSE FEATURES • Bla bla bla

  9. COURSE READINGS All of the readings in our online courses are carefully selected for each learning experience. The readings are: • Easily downloaded and printed • Designed to interact with complementary resources on the internet • Linked to further readings and automated feedback practice activities on key topics and skill areas VIEW SAMPLE


  11. INTERACTIVE PRACTICE ACTIVITIES Interactive practice activities offer ample opportunity for students to: • Test their understanding of topics and skills covered in each course unit • Receive highly individualized feedback from their instructor • Ask questions that allow them to relate the material to their own unique set of needs VIEW SAMPLE


  13. INTERACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS The purpose of these assignments is: • to assess student work toward goals of the course • to show students where they have made progress • to show students where they need to improve Teacher feedback includes: • extensive instructional comments • directed links to extra practice activities GO TO SAMPLE

  14. COMMUNITY • Discussion boards • Team assignments • Chat rooms Each online course promotes community through activities that encourage students to share their knowledge and experience. These activities include: VIEW SAMPLE


  16. TARGETED SELF STUDY In each of our courses, students are encouraged to extend their learning through individualized targeted self-study resources and activities. These include: • Self-study assignments • Customized extra practice resources • Course webliographies

  17. APPLY “My online instructor was tremendously helpful, patient, flexible and friendly. Thanks to her diligence, I learned a great deal from this course and I can see that my professional writing skills have improved. I would certainly recommend an ELP online course to prospective students, especially my colleagues who have not yet taken this course. They have missed a lot!” Hang Nguyen IT Specialist Siemens Medical Solutions

  18. COURSE LIST Our current list of courses includes: • Writing for Professional Purposes • Writing That Works • Grammar for Writers • The TOEFL Essay • The University Application Essay • Writing the GMAT/GRE Analytical Essay • Writing for Biomedical Professionals • Grammar for Biomedical Professionals

  19. PRICING 7-week courses: $675 per courseBiomedical courses: $800 per course Includes : • Course tuition • Registration and technical fees • 24-hour/7-day-per-week technical support (on-line and telephone Help Desk assistance)

  20. SUMMARY All the benefits of one-on-one instruction: • Content and activities customized to your needs • Individual feedback on all assignments • Flexible scheduling Combined with the advantages of traditional ELP courses: • Experienced instructors • Lively interaction with other students • Effective, practical course design • Penn certificate

  21. HOW TO REGISTER Register online at: http://www.upenn.edu/elponline Payment options: • Online with Master Card, Visa, Discover or American Express • Bank transfer or check (contact ELP for invoice and details)

  22. TESTIMONIALS Milena Langer Germany Mandana Sheybani Wharton MBA ’04 USA Ola Folarin Wharton MBA ’02 Nigeria Dmitry Solodov SIEMENS USA Russia Sara Guzman Spain Zhoufu SIEMENS USA China

  23. TESTIMONIAL “Writing for Professional Purposes was an extremely useful experience for me because of the exposure to new ideas on writing such as vividness and the excellent feedback I received every day from the professor. The professor in fact was wonderful. She gave very helpful feedback and responded to my questions and requests promptly. My only complaint is that I would have liked a longer course!” Ola Folarin Wharton MBA ‘02 Nigeria GO BACK TO TESTIMONIALS

  24. TESTIMONIAL “I really improved my writing skills by taking Writing for Professional Purposes. The class topics, together with my serious efforts, helped me learn some very important basics of writing. I especially benefited from the units on “vividness” and “assertiveness”, as well as “peer editing activities”. Mandana Sheybani Wharton MBA ‘04 USA GO BACK TO TESTIMONIALS

  25. TESTIMONIAL “All aspects that you taught in your course entered my brain. I recognized my efforts while I was writing at work. I use the Wordsmyth.net webpage nearly every day. I found the readings extremely helpful because they concentrated on the key facts and they mixed both stylistic and format issues. You taught me to write effectively and your organized units were also effectively arranged within five weeks. Thank you!” Milena Langer Germany GO BACK TO TESTIMONIALS

  26. TESTIMONIAL “I was a bit skeptical about an online course. I thought: How am I going to learn English on line?!! To my surprise, I have not only learned English but won a lot of confidence in using the Internet for more interesting things than checking my e-mail and buying plane tickets”. “Also, I am amazed with the organization, the feedback from the instructor, the study materials....I only have good words!   I wish I had more free time to spend doing my homework, reading the unit readings several times,participating in the  chats ... What I learned has been (and continues to be) incredibly  useful for my job, especially letters. Now, when I have to write a letter I have a procedure in my head, which saves me lots of time, and I get much more to the point than I used to”. Sara Guzman Spain GO BACK TO TESTIMONIALS

  27. TESTIMONIAL “I enjoyed the course and the way you approached it; the amount of material and exercises was not overwhelming given the flexible schedule provided. I've absorbed a large amount of new knowledge about the usage of English for the creation of diverse documents. Please let me thank you for the useful, productive course”. Dmitry SolodovSiemens USA Russia GO BACK TO TESTIMONIALS

  28. TESTIMONIAL “I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work in helping me improve my English writing skills. Overall, I have learned orreinforced a lot of skills in regard to my English writing, such as strong verbs, descriptive adjectives, no wordiness, and much more. Furthermore, I like that the class is delivered via the Internet, and the flexibility you gave me helped me stay in this class”. Zhoufu Siemens USAChina GO BACK TO TESTIMONIALS

  29. CONTACT ELP Online Courses Coordinator: Phone: 215.898.8084Fax: 215.898.2684email: elponline@sas.upenn.edu Mailing Address: ELP Online CoursesEnglish Language ProgramsUniversity of Pennsylvania110 Fisher-Bennett Hall, 3340 Walnut St.Philadelphia, PA 19104-6274 USA

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