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Oracle Flex Office. Joseph Gumina Vice President, International Real Estate January 25, 2010. Flex Office – What is it?. Flex office – Consists of various work styles Dedicated - assigned workspaces Desk Sharing/Hoteling – unassigned workspaces Telecommuting/Work from Home – work remotely.

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Oracle flex office l.jpg

Oracle Flex Office

Joseph Gumina

Vice President, International Real Estate

January 25, 2010

Flex office what is it l.jpg
Flex Office – What is it?

  • Flex office – Consists of various work styles

    • Dedicated - assigned workspaces

    • Desk Sharing/Hoteling – unassigned workspaces

    • Telecommuting/Work from Home – work remotely

Flex office why l.jpg
Flex Office – Why?

  • Mobile workforce, frequently out of office

  • Insufficient space to accommodate growth

  • Shortage of suitable expansion space

  • Increasing rents and opex for office space

  • Downsizing underutilized, costly facilities

  • Derive more utility from space and workstations

  • Increase agility to accommodate growth

  • Delay expansion/construction

  • Reduce parking requirements

  • Technology makes it possible

    Workspace no longer 4 walls and access point – now includes laptops, PDAs, Smartphones, iPhones, Blackberries, MFDs, homes, customer sites, hotels, planes, trains, cars, Starbucks, etc.

    Objective: Use facilities more efficiently/cost effectively, reduce idle time, leverage technology, streamline workspaces to job functions.

Flex office who l.jpg
Flex Office – Who?

  • Some employees in only few hours daily

  • Some employees in and out constantly

  • Some employees away for long periods of time

  • Some employees never in office or no need to be

  • Reasons for employees out of office:

    • Customer sites

    • Business trips

    • Conferences/seminars

    • Off-site training

    • Vacations

    • Sick days

Meanwhile, rent/opex continues 24/7, occupied or not

Objective: Minimize space requirement & costs, maximize utilization

Flex office who cannot l.jpg
Flex Office – Who Cannot?

  • Desk-bound jobs, tied to desks

  • Little or no travel, seldom out

  • Have confidential, proprietary, or sensitive information

  • Senior executives

Flex office telecommuting work from home l.jpg
Flex Office – Telecommuting/Work from Home

  • No assigned space or office phone number

  • Work partially or solely from home or non-office locations

  • Based on distance

  • Based on job function

    • High level of autonomy, quiet concentration desired

    • Minimal supervision required

    • Minimal client/customer/peer interaction

    • Minimal use of office based files/applications/resources

    • High volume of international concalls outside normal hours

  • Need Manager approval

  • Need established work schedule

  • Need identifiable/measurable performance objectives

Flex office telecommuting work from home7 l.jpg
Flex Office – Telecommuting/Work from Home

  • Furniture & equipment standard or allowance

  • Supplies provision

  • Must be proven performer and strongly committed to work

  • Improves space utilization/efficiency, reduces costs

  • Reduces parking requirements/shortfalls

  • Improves work/life balance

    Issues: Management acceptance, work distractions, lost teamwork/synergy/camaraderie, sense of disconnection, change in work habits, small homes/apartments, lack of adequate workspace, no broadband access, legal liabilities/risk management, furniture & equipment provision and cost, etc.)

Flex office desk sharing hoteling l.jpg
Flex Office – Desk Sharing/Hoteling

  • Based on job function or title

  • Based on time in/out of office

  • Pre-established sharing ratio (flexible)

  • Base minimum provisions required

  • Improves space utilization/efficiency, reduces costs

  • Reduces parking requirements/shortfalls

  • Issues: Change in work habits, learn new work style, loss of status, de-motivating, demoralizing in the face of increased workloads, shortages of workstations in peak periods, non-supportive managers, etc.

Flex office does it work l.jpg
Flex Office – Does it work?

Yes – Employees always coming and going

Everyday examples follow same concept:

Restaurants – Limited tables. Diners come in, diners leave. Tables turned continuously.

Rental Cars – Limited cars. Someone picks up, someone drops off. Cars used continuously.

Hotels – Limited rooms. Someone checks in, someone checks out. Rooms turned up to 30 times per month.

Why not offices? – Employees coming and going constantly, just like hotels - limited “rooms” (i.e. workstations) accommodate many “guests (i.e. employees) - hence the name “hoteling”. Why dedicate costly space/workstations to employees frequently out?

Flex office does it work10 l.jpg
Flex Office – Does it work?

  • Even in traditional offices - conference/meeting rooms are based on “sharing/hoteling” concept:

    • Employees don’t have dedicated meeting rooms.

    • Employees don’t have continuous meetings. Even during peaks, meetings always ending and beginning.

    • Few meeting rooms accommodate all employees.

    • Sharing/hoteling plays the odds.

    • Important to sell management on concept, and “before/after” facility cost allocations.

Flex office essentials guidelines policies l.jpg
Flex Office – Essentials,Guidelines, Policies

  • Can be as simple or complex as desired, but basic requirements:

    • Reservation system or grab any available seat from Flex Office pool

    • Convenient, specific location in office – general or LOB specific, near copiers, meeting rooms, kitchens, key LOBs)

    • Promotional/directional signage

    • Adequate sized, properly configured workspace – offices, cubes, carrels/bench seats

    • Increased “huddle” rooms

Flex office essentials guidelines policies12 l.jpg
Flex Office – Essentials,Guidelines, Policies

  • Laptops

  • VOIP or cell phones

  • Electrical/network connections or wireless

  • Personal storage lockers

  • Individual mail slots

  • Essential office supplies

  • Daily inspection/cleaning of workstations

  • Ergonomic chairs

  • Executive support/buy-in

  • Communications

  • Ongoing monitoring/refinement

Flex office metrics l.jpg
Flex Office - Metrics

Criteria for desk-sharing

  • Job function specific

  • Days per month in office (from security system reports)

    12 -15 - assigned space

    3 -11 - desk sharing/hoteling

    0 - 3 - remote/work from home

  • % per month of space utilization (from “bed checks”)

    61 - 100% - assigned space

    0 - 60% - desk sharing/hotels

  • Ratios of employees to workstations variable, depends on employee acceptance, job type, frequency/length of time in office

    Start low, increase ratios as appropriate

    2:1 to 3:1 - sales

    4:1 to unlimited – consulting

  • Management mandate

Slide14 l.jpg

Streamlined workstation:

Analyst, support services

Front office, sales,


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