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WSU Assistantship & Fellowship

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WSU Assistantship & Fellowship . Joe Merrill: Office Manager, 5-6412 or Rita Whitcomb: Fiscal Specialist, 5-5165 or Objectives. Eligibility requirements Waiver Options Exceptions to Policy PERMS processing reminders & tips Waivers & student's account

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wsu assistantship fellowship

WSU Assistantship & Fellowship

Joe Merrill: Office Manager, 5-6412 or

Rita Whitcomb: Fiscal Specialist, 5-5165 or



Eligibility requirements

Waiver Options

Exceptions to Policy

PERMS processing reminders & tips

Waivers & student's account


China Scholars

eligibility requirements graduate school processing memo

Eligibility RequirementsGraduate School Processing Memo

Class Code 6  Graduate

RCR training

Include date in PERMS waiver section RCR Date

3.0 GPA

Full time enrollment

ITA exam

Include date in PERMS wavier section Engl Ex Dt or enter Scheduled date in PERMS Conditions


May not carry an “incomplete” for more than 1 semester

Must reside in the state of Washington

waiver options

Waiver Options

Driven by position funding & FTE

Appointment for the entire semester (8/16-12/31, 1/1-5/15 or 8/16-5/15)

FTE at least 25% to 50%

Enrolled as a full time student 10-18 credits

Operating Fee Waiver (OFW)

State or F & A funded (001-01, 148-02, 148-05)

Non-academic department may need to request approval

All But Dissertation Waiver (ABD)

Competitive extramural grant funded

Meets all the eligibility requirements for an assistantship

Completed all formal course work on their program of study

Prior to semester seeking the ABD waiver

Successfully passed the preliminary exam

ABD waiver available for only up to 5 academic semesters


Waiver Options Continued

Non-Resident Waiver (NR)

Is not charged to any departmental account or grant

NR waiver guaranteed for ONE year only for domestic students

Encourage students to apply for WA residency – takes 1 year

Qualified Tuition Reduction (QTR)

Grant funded positions should receive QTR unless job class 9904 or approved for the ABD waiver

TNA & BNA grants: can provide an override account in the PERMS waiver section under QTR OvrAcct

Any override account provided pays for the QTR for the entire semester. Please contact Payroll Services w/questions.

QTR is a fringe benefit of employment

EAA does not change the QTR funding when it is on Override status

Any EAA or PA submitted after the PERMS action is approved may have waiver implications. Please contact the Graduate School if you have questions.


Exceptions to Policy

When do you need to submit a memo to the Graduate School?

FTE > 50%

Split funded appointments

Additional appointment: Time-slip working more than 5hrs/week

GPA less than 3.0 – need to reinstate student

perms processing tips

PERMS Processing & Tips

POSN = Job Class in DEPPS

Two waiver lines for academic year appointments

If no funding in DEPPS for position enter a comment in “conditions”

If English exam is need: enter comment in “conditions”

When submitting a “change” action, it does not allow you to add waiver- enter waiver information in “conditions”

If the actions has been approved by GS but not yet in DEPPS and you need to change or update a waiver- discard pending action and re-submit

waivers student account

Waivers & Student Account

Waiver downloads do not happen when Payroll is open

Have students pay their portion of tuition or sign up for payroll deduction prior late fees being applied

Students cannot sign up for payroll deduction if their appointment is not in DEPPS

Correct waivers cannot be applied if the student is not enrolled full time

Late fees cannot be removed if students don’t pay their portion of tuition

Department should contact the Graduate School if waivers have not posted by the 3rd week of classes



Fellowships and traineeships vary considerably, each with its own set of guidelines and restrictions, usually set by the funding agency


Stipend of at least $800/month

Engaged in research activity

Enrolled full time: 10-18 credits or

In their final semester and previously funded on assistantship or

On internship


Sponsored Student Tuition & Waiver form

Non-Service Payment Form

Ph.DFellowship Tuition Support Program

Supplement the fellowship cost of education allowance up to 50% of current resident tuition rate

parental leave

The Short-term Parental Leave plan provides up to four consecutive weeks of leave for the period directly before or after the birth or adoption of a child. During this time, the student continues to be enrolled and, if on an assistantship appointment, the student will continue to receive graduate assistant benefits (i.e., tuition waivers will remain in place), health benefits, and his/her salary.

  • A full-time graduate student on an assistantship appointment is eligible for four consecutive weeks of paid Parental Leave from his/her graduate program. In the event that both parents are full-time graduate students at WSU, only one may take Parental Leave or the four consecutive weeks may be shared between them.
  • Full-time graduate students who are not on an assistantship may request Parental Leave without tuition or salary support.

Short-Term Parental Leave Form

    • EAA to add Graduate School Funding to the position
    • Request a JV transfer of funds from Paul Weed
    • No action needed- PI/Supervisor and student have made arrangements to make up the work/hrs

Parental Leave



Graduate School

Payroll Services

Health & Wellness

RCR training


commonly asked questions

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the different assistantship classifications?

When is tuition due?

When are tuition waivers applied to a students account?

How are waivers determined?

What should a student do if they have already received one (1) year of NR waiver, but has not yet applied for WA residency?

If the student is All But Dissertation and on an assistantship do they need to be enrolled in 10-18 credits?

commonly asked questions continued

Commonly Asked Questions Continued

What should you do if the position funding changes after you submitted the PERMS action?

How can a student enroll in payroll deduction?

Our student is supposed to receive a tuition waiver, but has not posted to their student account. What can I do?

How many years can someone with an assistantship receive a NR waiver?

How do students receive their Health Insurance?

How will a student’s assistantship be affected if the student cancels enrollment in the middle of the semester?