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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II. Aqura Bennett and Namrata Marjit Class 8-2. Queen Elizabeth’s early background?.

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Queen Elizabeth II

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  1. Queen Elizabeth II Aqura Bennett and Namrata Marjit Class 8-2

  2. Queen Elizabeth’s early background? Queen Elizabeth was born April 21,1926, in Mayflower, London, England. She also has a younger sister, who was Princess Margaret. Queen Elizabeth’s grand father was King George the fifth. Unfortunately, when Queen Elizabeth was nine years old her grand father had died. After, her grandfather passed away; her parents wanted her to an education about the royal standards, which was the British constitution, and political matters. While she was learning about these she was home schooled by a governess. Then, when Queen Elizabeth was Queen already her younger sister Princess Margaret had Passed.

  3. What makes Queen Elizabeth a good leader? Queen Elizabeth’s career is to be the second Queen Elizabeth of England and sit on the throne. Apparently, she had accomplished her goal to become the Queen of England. Also, when she was young her father was the Duke of York. She was married to her long distance cousin who was the prince of Greek ( prince Philip), together they had three children. Their names were Charles prince of whales, Princess Andrew Duke of York, and prince Edward.

  4. Why should people admire her? Although queen Elizabeth is just the Queen of England, she should be admired for many reasons. We think that she should be admired because she was the Queen of England. She is an thoughtful person. She went to the hospitals in Africa to visit the people with A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. She also felt bad for them. Lastly, she is just an wonderful person overall.

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