don t be sheepish showing what you know with presentation software
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Don’t Be Sheepish: Showing What You Know with Presentation Software

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Don’t Be Sheepish: Showing What You Know with Presentation Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Don’t Be Sheepish: Showing What You Know with Presentation Software. Jen O’Halloran & Daria Taylor Montgomery County Public Schools. Who Are We? . Jen O’Halloran Strawberry Knoll ES 6 years experience MLS from University of Maryland Briefly taught 2 nd grade.

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don t be sheepish showing what you know with presentation software

Don’t Be Sheepish: Showing What You Know with Presentation Software

Jen O’Halloran & Daria Taylor

Montgomery County Public Schools

who are we
Who Are We?
  • Jen O’Halloran
    • Strawberry Knoll ES
    • 6 years experience
    • MLS from University of Maryland
    • Briefly taught 2nd grade

Terry Martorana, SKES Media Assistant, and I on Halloween, 2006.

who are we1
Who Are We?
  • Daria Taylor
    • Clarksburg Elementary School
    • 8 years experience
    • MLS from University of Maryland
    • 3rd and 5th grade teacher in former life
session overview
Session Overview
  • Intro to three types of software: Pixie, PowerPoint and Photostory
  • Examples of projects for K, 2, 3, 4 and Staff
  • Planning for each project
  • Questions & Resource CDs
our goals
Our Goals
  • Provide multiple examples of how to incorporate effective use of presentation software into instruction of students and staff
  • Provide files for you to take back and apply to your instruction (located on the Wiki!)
  • Creativity software program that allows students to use pre-created templates, OR create original art and writing.
  • Slideshow feature
  • What can we say that you don’t already know?
photo story
Photo Story
  • Free downloadable software from Microsoft
  • Allows you to upload digital pictures and create slideshows with transitions, special effects, background music, and narration
beginning with the end in mind
Beginning With the End in Mind
  • Examples of final products
  • Most examples were collaborations between LMS and classroom teacher
  • Will share vision of adapted projects when presenting planning process
  • Margaret Wise Brown author study
  • Living Things Research Project
  • Both projects incorporated writing and drawing using the Pixie Software
  • Project started with Literature connection in Media Center and then some kind of writing activity
  • Each student created one Pixie slide and class books/slideshows were then created (used templates created by LMS)
second grade biography
Second Grade Biography
  • Pixie slideshows created by individual students
  • Reading/Language Arts and Social Studies connections
  • 4-5 lab sessions, including one for Gallery Walk
  • Prior work in classrooms to complete storyboards
  • Slides created from templates
third grade
Third Grade
  • Writing project based on informative paragraphs the students wrote in class
  • Four 45-minute sessions in the computer lab (could definitely have benefited from adding 2 more sessions)
  • No templates were used – students used Pixie tools described in introductory lesson
  • Students created one slide for each sentence in paragraph and then created slideshow
fourth grade native americans
Fourth Grade Native Americans
  • Group project meeting Social Studies and Writing outcomes
  • Bi-weekly sessions for 6 weeks
  • Collaboration with 2 classes and their social studies teacher
  • Students used template created in PowerPoint
  • Slides are examples from final product
staff presentation
Staff Presentation
  • Had the misfortune of being absent on our pre-service day
  • Wanted to share information about new resources and technology available to staff
  • Created short, 12-minute, narrated video using PhotoStory with the information I would have shared at the meeting
kindergarten margaret wise brown author study
Kindergarten: Margaret Wise Brown Author Study
  • Read The Important Book together in the Media Center
  • Completed writing assignment (with help from LMS and MA)
  • Scheduled two 30-45 minute sessions in the computer lab – teacher was present at both sessions
  • First session focused on introducing Pixie and typing the words (using template)
  • Second session focused on drawing tools and drawing the illustration
kindergarten living things research project
Kindergarten: Living Things Research Project
  • Total number of lessons – 5 (including final) presentation
  • Read a book about gardens/planting in the Media Center
  • Together we brainstormed a list of living things that live in a garden – the class picked one living thing they wanted to research
  • Collaborated with classroom teachers for the rest of the project
lesson breakdown one 30 minute research session in media center
Lesson Breakdown – One 30 minute research session in Media Center
  • Divided students into 3 groups.
  • Each group was assigned one question on a piece of chart paper (Where Does it Live, What Does it Look Like, What Does it Eat, How Does it Move) and given a set of books about the chosen living thing
  • LMS, MA, and teacher each worked with a different group to read the books and take notes on the chart paper in order to answer the question
lesson breakdown writing done in the classroom
Lesson Breakdown – Writing done in the Classroom
  • Classroom teacher took the chart paper with questions/notes back to the classroom
  • Each student picked a different fact from the chart paper and turned it into a sentence
  • The students then illustrated the sentences
lesson breakdown two 30 minute lessons in the computer lab
Lesson Breakdown – Two 30 minute lessons in the Computer Lab
  • Teacher stayed for these lessons – students brought sentence/illustration rough drafts with them to the lab
  • First session - students used a Pixie template to write their sentence
  • Second session - students used the Pixie tools to illustrate their sentences
  • If necessary, we signed up for an extra 30-minute slot in the computer lab (or teachers had students finish slides in the classroom)
presentation of final product
Presentation of Final Product
  • Saved all the students slides into one folder, added Cover Page and Table of Contents slides, and watched as a slideshow
  • Printed and laminated each slide and used book binding machine to create a class book available to students for check-out
possible adaptations
Possible Adaptations
  • Students could work in pairs if there is limited computer access
  • If teacher is unable to stay with class, mature 5th graders or parent volunteers could work with research groups, help take notes, and help in computer lab
  • Same project could be done in Powerpoint if Pixie is unavailable (use clip art for pictures, or a hand-drawn illustration could be scanned and imported)
second grade biography1
Second Grade Biography
  • Students read and researched famous person in class
  • Students created storyboards for their slides in class
  • Collaboration with classroom teacher in computer lab to create 4 slides
  • Final slideshow graded by LMS with rubric at conclusion of Gallery Walk
possible adaptations1
Possible Adaptations
  • Each student creates just one slide on a person they’ve researched, compiling into one class presentation instead of many
  • On fixed schedule, complete over 3 sessions, limiting number of slides of information and/or using text written by students in classroom
  • Have students narrate text to turn into E-book to share with others
third grade informative paragraph presentation using pixie
Third Grade: Informative Paragraph Presentation Using Pixie
  • Collaborative project between LMS and 3rd grade team
  • Writing and research was done in the classroom – students each picked a topic of interest, used online resources, and wrote informative paragraph
  • Students, teacher, and LMS spent four 45-minute sessions together in the computer lab creating the Pixie presentations
  • Each student created a Pixie presentation/slideshow for their paragraph
lesson breakdown
Lesson Breakdown
  • First lesson – set up the paragraph folder in their My Documents and demonstrated the basics of Pixie
  • Together we created the title page and the first slide using the pre-created checklist (demonstrated each feature and students followed along) and saved them
remaining lessons
Remaining Lessons
  • Students worked at their own pace to create each slide (one slide for each sentence)
  • Followed the steps on their checklist
  • 4 sessions was not enough – most classes needed 1-2 more sessions to actually finish the slideshows
  • Teachers graded the slideshows using a checklist that was created collaboratively
possible adaptations2
Possible Adaptations
  • Students could work in pairs or small groups to research and write their paragraphs and create their presentations (cuts down on time in a fixed schedule situation)
  • Powerpoint could be utilized if Pixie was not available, drawings could be imported
fourth grade native americans1
Fourth Grade Native Americans
  • Research on tribes selected by teacher to represent different geographic regions
  • Each group answered same set of research questions
  • One PowerPoint was created for each tribe
possible adaptations3
Possible Adaptations
  • Limit research questions to shorten length of project
  • With fixed schedule, focus research on ONE question and have students complete 1 or 2 slides in pairs
  • Change writing point of view from third person to first person
staff presentation1
Staff Presentation
  • Created an outline of topics I wanted to cover in the presentation
  • Took digital pictures of all the new equipment (books on CD, digital cameras, ELMOs, etc.)
  • Captured screenshots of online resources and used IrfanView to save as jpg’s
  • Used Pixie to create agenda and title slides
creation of presentation
Creation of Presentation
  • Imported picture files into PhotoStory and created transitions
  • Added background music and narration to each slide
possible adaptations4
Possible Adaptations
  • Actually use a digital camcorder to create a video of you demonstrating the new technology and how to use it in the classroom
  • Create a narrated podcast of the online resources