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Presentations Presentation software is a computer software package used to give presentations, normally in the form of a "slide show". typically include three major functions: the slide show system to display content in a linear fashion,

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Presentation software l.jpg
Presentation software

  • is a computer software package used to give presentations, normally in the form of a "slide show".

  • typically include three major functions:

    • the slide show system to display content in a linear fashion,

    • an editor that allows text to be moved around en-mass from slide to slide, and

    • a graphics system for quickly drawing "business graphics" (charts and graphs).

  • It is a fairly pure example of persuasion technology, since, that is all it is intended to do.

Nov 14 2005

Presentation software3 l.jpg
Presentation Software

  • Software applications used to create

  • Slide shows or

  • Multimedia presentations.

Nov 14 2005

Multimedia l.jpg

  • Systems that support the interactive use of text, audio, still images, video, and graphics.

  • Conversion required from analog form to digital form for computer application.

  • Distinction - convergence of previously diverse systems.

Nov 14 2005

Ms powerpoint l.jpg
MS PowerPoint

What is PowerPoint?

  • Software that you can use to present text, graphics, audio, video, and web links in an integrated format.

    Why use PowerPoint?

  • You can use several media types in one streamlined presentation, instead of switching between using the chalkboard, VCR, overhead, CD player, etc.

  • Helps you organize your lecture and identify places where visuals, audio, or other resources may enhance learning.

  • Presentations can easily be updated and displayed on a web site.

  • Handouts can facilitate note-taking and reviewing/previewing of content.

Nov 14 2005

Slide6 l.jpg

Nov 14 2005

Activating drawing toolbar l.jpg
Activating Drawing toolbar

  • View Menu

  • Select Toolbars

  • Select Drawing

Nov 14 2005

Adding autoshapes l.jpg
Adding autoshapes

  • Drawing toolbar (below slide)

  • Autoshapes Menu

Nov 14 2005

Slide12 l.jpg


Nov 14 2005

Making it a 3 d object l.jpg
Making it a 3-D object

Format autoshape

Nov 14 2005

Adding text to autoshapes l.jpg
Adding text to autoshapes


insert your comments


Nov 14 2005

Word wrapping text l.jpg
Word wrapping text

There is an inevitable consequence resulting from the use of WMD

Nov 14 2005

Word wrapping text18 l.jpg
Word wrapping text

You must consider the possibility of going to the seminar next year.

Nov 14 2005

Adjusting shape and size to text l.jpg
Adjusting shape and size to text

There is not adequate recognition given to the representatives

Nov 14 2005

Clip art and clip organizer l.jpg
Clip Art and Clip Organizer

  • Insert Picture

  • Clip Art

  • From File

Nov 14 2005

Courtyard faculty of humanities and education l.jpg
Courtyard Faculty of Humanities and Education

Courtyard Faculty of Humanities and Education

Nov 14 2005

Inserting word art l.jpg
Inserting Word Art

LS65A is a good class

Nov 14 2005

Organization charts l.jpg
Organization Charts

Nov 14 2005

Graphics interchange format gif l.jpg
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)

  • a highly compressed format that minimizes file

    transfer time over phone lines.

  • the aim of GIF files ..

  • to create the smallest possible image file for uploading and downloading

Nov 14 2005

Joint photographic experts group jpeg l.jpg
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

  • The JPEG compression economizes on storage

  • identifies and discards data, that is, information beyond what the human eye can see.

  • JPEG algorithm is referred to as "lossy".

  • once an image has been compressed and then decompressed, it will not be identical to the original image.

  • compressed JPEG images have compression ratios of between 5:1 and 15:1.

  • trade-off between the image quality and the amount of compression.

  • no need to decompress images saved in the JPEG format.

Nov 14 2005

Tagged image file format tiff l.jpg
Tagged-Image File Format (TIFF)

  • used mainly for exchanging documents between different applications and different computer platforms.

  • primarily designed to become the standard format, to handle just about any possibility. provides the flexibility of an infinite number of possibilities of how a TIFF image can be saved.

  • no single application can claim to support all TIFF variations.

Nov 14 2005

Bit map bmp l.jpg
Bit-Map (BMP)

BMP is the standard MS-Windows™ raster format.

  • BMP files can be created with Windows' Paintbrush and used as "wallpaper" for the background when running Windows.

  • Windows uses a fixed color palette for BMP files which cannot be changed, as doing so would make the screen and border colors change too.

  • This means that transferring an image to the BMP format may result in some color shifts when BMP files are imported into Windows applications.

Nov 14 2005

Raster l.jpg

  • Also referred to as bitmap images, these are images that are represented by a sequence of pixels (picture elements) or points, which when taken together, describe the display of an image on an output device.

  • raster image formats include,

  • GIF, JPEG, and

Nov 14 2005

Wav audio format files l.jpg
.wav Audio format files

.wav, short for WAVE form , is a standard for storing audio on PCs

uses an uncompressed, lossless storage method which keeps all the samples of an audio track,

professional users may use the WAV format for maximum audio quality.

Nov 14 2005

Wav and mpeg l.jpg
.wav and MPEG

  • With file sharing, the WAV format has declined in popularity, primarily because uncompressed WAV files are quite large.

  • More frequently, compressed but lossy formats such as MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Advanced Audio Coding are used,

  • their smaller file sizes allow for faster transfers

Nov 14 2005

Bird s nest l.jpg
Bird’s nest

84(w) 70(h) pixels, 21KB .GIF

Nov 14 2005

Slide46 l.jpg

We are Statistics Canada

Video outlining the services offered by Statistics Canada

Nov 14 2005

Ch 7 using masters l.jpg
Ch 7 Using Masters

  • View Menu Select Master

  • Select Slide Master

  • Formatting the master shows on all slides

Nov 14 2005

Ch 8 setting up a slide show l.jpg
Ch 8 Setting up a Slide Show

  • View show click on F5

  • View show click on small screen

Nov 14 2005

Ch 9 printing a presentation l.jpg
Ch 9 Printing a Presentation

  • Page Setup and Print Preview

  • Printing slides, Notes, Handouts and Outlines

  • Viewing slides in Greyscale

Nov 14 2005

Ch 10 using help l.jpg
Ch 10 Using Help

  • Starting Help and Contents Help

  • Index Help

  • Answer Wizard Help

  • Help and Office Assistant

  • Ask a Question

Nov 14 2005

Warpct com l.jpg

  • Powerpoint 2002 Workbook

Nov 14 2005

Presentation software57 l.jpg
Presentation software


  • Compares presentation software packages including PowerPoint

Nov 14 2005

Powerpoint l.jpg

  • Tad Simmons

  • Does PowerPoint make you stupid?


Nov 14 2005