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Mrs. Mays Bio

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Mrs. Mays Bio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Mays Bio
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  1. Mrs. Mays Bio 24th year of teaching Diploma from Upper Moreland HS -1985 Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Towson University Master in Elementary Education from Wilkes University Three children: Trevor(20), Jarrett(17), & Tara(16) Interests: family, cooking, reading, outdoor activities, sports, and living every day to the fullest. Philosophy: I believe ALL students are capable of becoming successful lifetime learners by participating within a safe classroom community that promotes taking academic risks.

  2. Reading/Language Arts (RELA) Rigby Program: 8 comprehension strategies, grammar, phonics, word study, vocabulary, spelling Guided Reading: small flexible groups Independent Reading: In class and at home DAILY! Writer’s Notebook: Seed and Watermelon stories. Spelling Program: Assessed in daily writing across the curriculum.

  3. Mathematics Everyday Math: EM ( Math Journal: (MJ) Classwork Study Links: (SL) Homework Home Links: Family letter explaining the upcoming unit and answers. It is given out at the start of each unit. Timed Tests: 4 minutes for each operation.

  4. Social Studies Block Scheduling: Social Studies slated for 1st and 4th marking periods Units of Study: * Social Sciences *General Map Skills * Five U.S. Regions: 4 themes for each region: geography, history, economy, and politics. *Continent of Australia *Continent of Africa

  5. Science Block Scheduling: Science slated for 2nd and 3rd marking periods to prepare for PSSA tests. Foss Units of Study *Electricity & Magnetism *Earth Materials: rocks & minerals * No textbook: Concepts learned through hands-on experiments, activities, and observations.

  6. Miscellaneous Homework Policy: Three missed, lose recess and note home. Birthday Celebrations: Please keep it simple. Invitations for all (boys or girls) or mail from home. Non-food items promoted for celebration due to food allergies PSSA: Reading, Math, and Science PSSA testing- April Communication: Email most efficient. Wednesday Express Folder: Assessments sent in green folder. Monthly newsletter will be sent electronically. 6 Day Rotation: Think 6 days NOT Monday through Friday, check Davis website. Home and School Association- please support this wonderful group with your $10 donation. Proceeds go towards field trips, holiday parties, recess equipment, etc.

  7. Miscellaneous Con’t November Conference sign up is TONIGHT in the gym. Indoor recess games NEEDED! Please consider donating old complete board games and items for indoor recess. PLEASE ASK! I won’t believe everything they say happens in your home, if you won’t believe everything they say happens in school. 