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U.S. GSP for Vietnam

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U.S. GSP for Vietnam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. GSP for Vietnam. Viet Tran Vietnam Trade Office Business Community Meeting, Washington DC, May 2008. U.S. GSP Program. Temporary duty free access to the U.S. market for certain products from qualified developing countries – enacted in 1974.

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u s gsp for vietnam

U.S. GSP for Vietnam

Viet Tran

Vietnam Trade Office

Business Community Meeting, Washington DC, May 2008

u s gsp program
U.S. GSP Program
  • Temporary duty free access to the U.S. market for certain products from qualified developing countries – enacted in 1974.
  • 140 beneficiary developing countries/territories (BDCs).
  • Administered by USTR.
  • Designation proclaimed, withdrawn, suspended or limited by the President.
  • Expires on 12/31/2008, yet likely to be extended.
why gsp
  • Benefits for Vietnam:
    • Duty free access for eligible products.
    • Strengthen business and investment environment.
  • U.S. businesses can benefit too:
    • GSP-eligible products include most dutiable manufactures and semi-manufactures, and selected agricultural, fishery, and primary industrial products => sourcing from Vietnam more easily, plus providing related services.
    • Cumulation among ASEAN BDCs to meet the 35% rule-of-origin requirement.
    • Strengthen your ties with Vietnam and enhance your current position in Vietnam.
    • Another channel of dialogue on bilateral trade and economic relations; further promoting reforms in the business and investment environment in Vietnam.
how to get gsp
How to get GSP
  • The criteria:
    • Mandatory.
    • Discretionary.
  • The process:
    • The timing: BTA, WTO, TIFA, and now GSP.
    • Have formally presented the request to USTR.
    • To focus on getting support of the U.S. business community, Congress, and GSP Subcommittee members.
    • Federal Register notice seeking public comment on the request.
the criteria the case for vietnam
The criteria: the case for Vietnam
  • Vietnam receives U.S. PNTR, and is a member of both WTO and IMF.
  • Vietnam does not and would not take any actions to withhold or disrupt commodity trade.
  • Vietnam does not give preferential treatment to products of any developed country.
  • U.S. investors are fully protected in Vietnam.
  • As a member of New York Convention and soon to be member of ICSID, Vietnam respects arbitral awards.
  • Vietnam has been a strong supporter of U.S. – and global – efforts to eliminate terrorism.
  • Vietnam has been taking significant steps to afford internationally recognized worker rights, ratifying and implementing fundamental conventions of the ILO, particularly ILO Convention No. 182 on the worst forms of child labor.
  • Vietnam has a record of continuing progress to achieve effective IPR protection.
  • Finally, all of the other major developed countries extend GSP to products of Vietnam. This includes the EU, Canada, Japan, Australia and others.
your support and guidance
Your support and guidance
  • Support and provide guidance to us in assuring that the U.S. Administration acts positively and promptly on our request.
  • Respond in support of Vietnam to the Federal Register notice seeking public comment on our request.
  • Let your Members of Congress know that it is a good thing to add Vietnam to the GSP Program.
  • Let us know if you have any concerns or advice related to this issue.
Q & A

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