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Volcanoes. Forces that build and destroy the earth By: Jacob. Underworld unleashed.

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Forces that build and destroythe earth

By: Jacob

underworld unleashed
Underworld unleashed

You are probably wondering why I put such a menacing title as my heading. Well it is ovouse to me I did that because when a volcano is being made it is like the underworld's power is upon us. Also it is like the end of the whole planet is near but it is not. Volcanoes is just one of Earth's forces like the mount ST. Helens eruptions.

Volcanoes are a opening in the Earth's surface. Volcanoes are just multiple layers of rock with a crater in the middle. Most volcanoes are mountains. Volcanoes are full of magma. Magma is stored in the magma chamber.

Some volcanoes are deadly and some are not deadly. There are tree ways volcanoes are classified by their eruption actions. The ones that are deadly blow highly explosive explosions. A active volcano is one that is erupting now. Dormant is one that is quiet expected to erupt in the future, And later on in time. Dead means well just that DEAD and not expected to erupt ever.

Their is evidenced of volcanoes in space. Space is a strange place for Volcanoes to be erupting isn't it? Volcanoes are on every continent exept for Australia. I know this is insane but there are volcanoes in Antarctica. Well penguins will have a hard time surviving.

BOOOOM!!! AAAAA!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! Not yet you still have to learn about what happens when a volcano erupts. Hot lava, deadly gases, and rock fragments.

melted rock
Melted rock

Lava can be in many forms. Lava is very hot melted rock when it comes out of a erupting volcano. It can spray hundreds of feet.

WOW!!!!! It can ooze. It can flow smoothly down the side of a volcano. When it comes out of a volcano the lumps cool in to solid rock chunks or have sharp corners. Sometimes the lava hardens into solid layers witch build up to form volcanic mountains. Lava which cools very quickly is called obsidian.

Well we should better run before we get caught by the lava.


You are probably wondering if dynomountain is even a real word. Well Its not but came up with it. I created the word dynomountain because as you know dynomite is very explosive. I combined mountain with dynamite and got dynomountain.

When a volcano erupts parts of the melted mantle breaks through the surface. most eruptions happen at the plate boundaries.

When a volcano erupts it is highly and I mean HIGHLY! dangerous. Hot gases, and rocks fly through the air. Highly dangerous temperatures is part of when a volcano erupts. I'm going to be honest with you but I had no clue about that.

Did you know that volcanoes have very violent. Eruptions. The mount Saint Helens eruptions were one of the most dangerous in the United States. Volcanic eruptions are violent and highly explosive. Most eruptions are near plate tectonics. Volcanic steam is very VERY! violent

finally the eruption is over oh no I see a mountain forming.

land regenerated
Land regenerated

volcanoes are used for power plants and heaters. The rock from lava are used for roads and to produce benefits. The ash improves soil fertility.

The heat from explosions heats up water for helpful uses. Volcanoes can destroy forests in minutes I already knew that but I wanted you to know.

Tiny pieces of lava help plant matter and make rich soil which helps plants grow. Also lava creates new life for plants.

helpful or harmful
Helpful or harmful?

There really is no right or wrong answer to the question”, are volcanoes helpful or not”. Volcanoes can build and destroy the earth.

One way they build the earth happens when the lava builds up layers and debris builds more layers to rich soil for plant life. Volcanoes can be used as power plants to produce heat. Rocks from lava can be used for roads and the ash made by a volcano can destroy a forest in minutes. When lava flows down the mountain it can destroy everything in its path, cars, houses and everything else. Now you know why I think volcanoes are helpful as well as destructive.


plate tectonics-where plates connect

Obsidian-black hardened rock like glass that hardens quickly after a eruption happens

Magma chamber-where magma is stored in a volcano

Magma-molten rock that is in a volcano

Lava-volcanic melted rock that erupts from a active volcano