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Steve Rooney and Marta Ulanicka

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Steve Rooney and Marta Ulanicka - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When you say, ‘in the curriculum’, you actually mean ‘on the time-table’, don’t you ? Opportunities and limitations when supporting transition in the mainstream curriculum. Steve Rooney and Marta Ulanicka. A (very) brief introduction. Our work consists of…. s upporting departments.

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steve rooney and marta ulanicka

When you say, ‘in the curriculum’, you actually mean ‘on the time-table’, don’t you?Opportunities and limitations when supporting transition in the mainstream curriculum.

Steve Rooney and Marta Ulanicka


Our work consists of…

supporting departments

study consultations (incl. Maths Help)

resource development

central workshops

peer-assisted learning (PAL)


Balance of teaching activities

Central Provision

Departmental Provision

2000 - 2004

2004 - 2008

2008 - 2012


Drivers, Fuel and Co-travellers

  • Drivers
  • Demand from students for contextualised academic support
  • Demand from academic departments to support them in supporting their students
  • Team’s commitment to supporting the development of learning across the institution
  • Fuel
  • 3 x full-time Learning Developers (1 post currently vacant)
  • 1 x 0.3 Learning Developer
  • 1 x 0.7 Information Specialist
  • Co-travellers
  • Academic colleagues in departments
  • Course Designers and Developers
  • Librarians
  • Educational Developers
  • Learning Technologists

Soon to be more formally aligned








Some (inconsistent) observations

Interactive and timely workshop or consultation

Module with strong links to formative and summative assessment and feedback

Generic, untimely content-heavy, workshop

Themed transitional skills module (e.g. year 1, semester 1)


Lecturer A asks for an essay writing workshop in the first week of the autumn term. The deadline for the submission of the students’ first essay is in January


You’ve been assigned 50 mins. to ‘teach’ presentation skills to a group of 80 students. The venue is a tiered lecture theatre


The assessment for module X (on writing development) consists of one summative assignment


In year 1, department B asks you to run two workshops. In year 2 this rises to 4 and in year 3 requests for 8 sessions are made (meanwhile demand from other departments is growing, too)


Over to you (1)

How have you sought, or how might you seek to address and overcome these, and other, challenges in your own interactions with academic departments?


Over to you (2)

Have a look at the examples we’ve brought along and:

raise any questions you have

comment on any experiences you have had of trying similar approaches

discuss any concerns, risks, limitations you perceive


Steve RooneyLearning Development Manager, University of Leicester

Marta UlanickaLearning Development Adviser, University of Leicester