B i s t b u b e i m i r j s b a c h
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http:// www.josephabrahammusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/tour_dates_2011_sebastian-bach_130288035815.png.jpeg. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6a/Johann_Sebastian_Bach.jpg/220px-Johann_Sebastian_Bach.jpg. B i s t b u b e i m i r j . s . b a c h.

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B i s t b u b e i m i r j s b a c h





Basic song background
Basic song background

  • Many people think it is composed by J.S. Bach because it’s part of his Anna Magdalena Notebook

  • More likely composed by Gottfried Stölzel

  • Anonymous text

  • The melody was first performed in 1719 opera

  • Baroque style

Composer background
Composer background

  • Bach lived 1685-1750

  • 4Stölzel lived 1690-179

  • Bach from a musical German family

  • composed many pieces for organ, harpsichord, orchestra, chamber music and for Lutheran church services.

  • He composed in the baroque style

B i s t b u b e i m i r j s b a c h

  • Bist du beimir, geh’ ichmitfreudenzumsterbenundzumeinerRuh’, zumSterben und zumeinerRuh’. Bist du beimir, get’ ichmitFredenzumSterber und ZumeinerRuh’, zumSterberundzumeinerRuh’. Ach, wievergügtwär’ so meinendeesdrücktendeineschönenHändemir…….

  • “If you are with me, than I will go gladly unto my death and to my rest. Ah, what a pleasant end for me, if your dear hands be the last I see, closing shut my faithful eyes to rest!”

  • Rest and death are important words

Musical analysis
Musical analysis

  • for medium voice in a major key

  • Occasional accidentals

  • It’s a not a sad part of melody even though it is dying with the Peron you love

Why i like this piece
Why I like this piece

  • I like a moving 8th note passages

  • It song at many weddings

  • I like it because it is in a happy key