Videolab design philosophy
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Videolab Design philosophy. Online video management. Videolab: technical outline. PC teacher/ student (uploader). Auditoria. Mobile Units. FTP server for user uploads FTP server for weblecture uploads Webserver for storage and distribution Flash Media streaming server (RTMP)

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Videolab design philosophy

VideolabDesign philosophy

Videolab technical outline
Videolab: technical outline

PC teacher/ student (uploader)


Mobile Units

FTP server for user uploads

FTP server for weblecture uploads

Webserver for storage and distribution

Flash Media streaming server (RTMP)

(6) XSAN Storage controllers

PC (client)


  • Time

    • Teachers don’t have a lot of time

      • for teaching

      • for new ways of teaching

  • Knowledge

    • Teachers have limited ICT-knowledge

      • using online video required HTML, PHP knowledge

      • available tools not user-friendly, steep learning curve

  • Incentive

    • Teachers see no (short-term) added value

      • change resistance

      • time investment without high returns

Challenges and objectives
Challenges and objectives

  • Resources

    • Media & Learning has limited resources at its disposal

      • Create sustainable support within the university for online video

      • Combine available technologies, knowledge and tools efficiently

  • Technology

    • Use industry standards (Adobe Flash for online video)

    • Future proofing (H264 encoding, MP4 container)

    • Use available libraries (JQuery)

  • User friendly

    • Identify user requirements

    • Identify user profiles

      • Assess ICT-knowledge of teachers

      • Use workflows, interfaces people know

Make teachers creators
Make teachers creators

  • Give teachers authorship over their content

    • to change,

    • to edit,

    • to add chapters

    • to update,

    • to add interactivity,

    • to share their work

  • Make all of this as easy as typing in Word


  • Create:

    • Upload videos from your desktop or laptop

    • Record weblectures in an auditorium or with a mobile recording unit

  • Enrich

    • Combine video’s, screencasts and weblectures in albums

    • Add attachments, interactive features to your video

  • Share

    • Distribute video’s through interactive playlists

    • Share video’s with a simple link: no HTML knowledge required

Workflow create
Workflow: Create

  • Push content as fast as possible to the server

    • Quick-select the format

    • Batch upload files

    • Save videos in existing or new albums during the upload process

    • User feedback of upload status


  • Add features and edit your video

    • Add chapters and edit out parts of a video

    • Add multiple choice, webcam response,…


  • User-friendly interface

    • Recognizable interface

      • Windows Explorer / iTunes inspired interface

        • Folders, windows, context menus

      • Drag & drop interface: drag video’s to folders, drop features onto a video

    • Maximum two level depth

      • Features are not more than one window away


  • Share single video’s or entire interactive playlists

    • With a single link

      • Add video’s and playlists to the learning platform by simply copy pasting the link.

      • iFrame code is available for more advanced users


Weblectures for students, embedded in a wiki (Junior College)

Live stream sessions with interactive features (Faculty of Law)

General remarks and user feedback
General remarks and user feedback

  • Avoid feature creep:

    • Focus on the most important tasks and options

    • People want every feature in a product but use only .01% of it

    • Focus on activities and actions in the tool. Make the tool itself as invisible as possible

  • User feedback

    • Very positive

    • User base has grown enormously

      • Old version: +/- 3000 uploads over 3 years

      • New version: 2010: 6095 videos uploaded

        2011: 17492 videos uploaded

      • Over 450.000 videos were watched by students in the past 12 months

      • Over 2.400.000 video streams (including live sessions) were sent out