The prom of the oldies
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” The prom of the oldies”. Wanhojentanssit. The prom of the oldies is a traditional celebration of the highschool´s new seniors. On this big night 2nd graders become 3rd graders, which means they will become the oldest class in highschool

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The prom of the oldies

The prom of the oldies”


The prom of the oldies

The preparation
The preparation highschool´s new seniors.

  • The prom night isn’t of course just a one-day thing,it needs a lot of preparation, the dance practise starts about 2 months before the big night

  • BUT the girls start their own preparation many,many months earlier. They set up the date for the make-up and hairdo and start looking for the perfect dress.

  • Usually the boys don’t have to see so much trouble, they only have to get a fine suit and shoes.

The prom night
The prom night highschool´s new seniors.

  • Dancers get to eat a fancy supper at school

  • The prom includes about 7 different dances, from old classics like a walz to an Argentin tango. ( Plus a separate dance with the students’ own choreography,which isn’t so serious ;)

  • Some of the dance names are Cicapo, The Rose Of Texas, The Viennese Walz,,,,

The prom of the oldies

  • The prom lasts a few hours. highschool´s new seniors.

  • After the prom the dancers leave for some after-prom party. Usually they’ve rented some cottage,etc place for celebration.

  • The evening is very tiring, because they have to dance in many places. Here in Juankoski they dance twice at school ( for the secondary school students and in the evening for their family members and friends), once in Kaavi and once at the old people’s home.