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Roots and Affixes

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Roots and Affixes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roots and Affixes. How words are created. What will we do today?. Objective and Essential Questions Review Expectations Watch a short video Create a root/affix chart. Objective:. I can use roots and affixes to determine the meaning of unknown words. Essential Questions:.

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roots and affixes

Roots and Affixes

How words are created

what will we do today
What will we do today?
  • Objective and Essential Questions
  • Review Expectations
  • Watch a short video
  • Create a root/affix chart
  • I can use roots and affixes to determine the meaning of unknown words.
essential questions
Essential Questions:
  • What is a root word?
  • What is a prefix?
  • What is a suffix?
  • Follow the classroom rules.
  • Stay on task.
  • Keep your hands out of your backpacks.
  • Listen in learning position.
  • Be respectful to me and to your classmates.
  • English vocabulary include short words like the article a as well as longer word such as inextricably and denunciation.
  • Short word such as speak and solve are called base words
  • Base words cannot be reduced to smaller parts.
  • Other words can be added to them to produce longer words with various meanings.
word parts
Word Parts
  • There are two kinds of word parts: roots and affixes.
  • A root is a word part that comes from another language, such as Greek or Latin.
  • An affix is a word part that can be attached to either a root or a base word to create a new word.
  • Affixes can be divided into two categories: prefixes (appear at the beginning of words) and suffixes (appear at the end of words).
  • The meaning of a word is related to the meaning of its word parts.
  • To unlock the meaning of an unfamiliar word, break the word down into its component parts; then think about the meaning of the word’s affixes and root.
  • For example one could analyze the word intangible, using the chart shown previously.
  • First break the word into its parts:


In- + tang + -ible = intangible

Tang is a latin roots meaning “touch”

In- is a prefix meaning “not”

-ible is a suffix meaning “able to”

word families
Word Families
  • A group of English words may be derived from the same word part of root. Such a group is called a word family.
  • You can use this knowledge to help you determine the meaning of unknown words.
  • Try this out:

Shared roots: solo, solitary, solitude

Root: sol= ?

answer alone can you think of other words in the family
Answer: Alone, can you think of other words in the family?
  • Solitare
  • Soloist
  • Based on your knowledge of the root and the meaning of other words in the same family, try to define the meaning of the above words.
  • Solitare- a card game played by one person
  • Soloist- one who performs alone
try one
Try one:


  • Diminish
  • Diminutive
  • Minimum
  • What do these words have in common?
  • Which words do you know?
  • What do you think the meaning of the root is?
word family practice questions
Word Family Practice Questions:
  • Word family: ethnicity, ethnic, ethnographer Root: ethn Meaning:
    • Ocean
    • Nation
    • Hesitation
word family practice questions1
Word Family Practice Questions:
  • Word family: maniac, maniacal Root: mania Meaning:
    • Education
    • Sanitation
    • Madness
word family practice questions2
Word Family Practice Questions:
  • Word family: epidermis, dermatology Root: derm Meaning:
    • Skin
    • Body
    • Mind
word family practice questions3
Word Family Practice Questions:
  • Word Family: laboratory, labor Root: lab Meaning:
    • Work
    • Good
    • Weak
let s see what you know
Let’s see what you know:
  • Divide and indivisible are members of the same word family. Which root so they share?

A. –vis- B. -visible- C. -div-

  • What is the meaning of this root?

A. separate B. shrink C. junk

  • What is another member of the same word family?

A. December B. dividend C. invisible

  • Turn to your partner and explain the definitions of a root word, prefix, and suffix.
  • Be prepared to share your answer with the class!