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Note Well.

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Note Well

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note well
Note Well
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network virtualization overlays nvo3

Network Virtualization Overlays (NVO3)

IETF 84, Vancouver, Canada

Benson Schliesser (

Matthew Bocci (

  • Blue Sheets
  • Note takers + Jabber Scribe
  • Mailing List:

General Discussion:

To Subscribe:

In Body: subscribe your_email_address


meeting objectives
Meeting Objectives
  • Progress the problem statement and framework drafts so that they can be adopted by the working group
agenda 1
Agenda - 1

Opening Intro ----------- 5 min

  • 5 mins - Blue sheets, Agenda bash, Status update – Chairs

Problem Statement and Framework Discussion ----------- 80 min

  • 10 mins - VPN for Data Centers Problem Statement - draft-fang-vpn4dc-problem-statement-01 - Maria Napierala
  • 10 mins - Problem Statement - draft-narten-nvo3-overlay-problems-statement-03 - Thomas Narten
  • 25 mins - Progressing the problem statement discussion - Chairs
  • 10 mins - Framework - draft-lasserre-nvo3-framework-03 - Marc Lasserre
  • 25 mins - Progressing the framework - Chairs
agenda 2
Agenda - 2

Other Milestone-related Drafts ----------- 45 min

  • 10 mins - Data Plane Requirements - draft-bl-nvo3-dataplane-requirements - Marc Lasserre
  • 5 mins - Issues of Mobility in DC Overlay network - draft-dunbar-nvo3-overlay-mobility-issues-00 - Linda Dunbar
  • 10 mins - Using Signaling to Simplify Network Virtualization Provisioning - draft-kompella-nvo3-server2nve – Thomas Morin
  • 10 mins - Requirements on TES-NVE interface and Additional requirements on control plane - Yingjie Gu



  • 10 mins - nvo3 operational requirements - draft-ashwood-nvo3-operational-requirement - Peter Ashwood Smith or Ali Sajassi
agenda 3 if time allows
Agenda – 3 (If time allows)

Other Drafts ----------- 20 min

  • 5mins - Use Cases for DC Network Virtualization Overlays - draft-mity-nvo3-use-case-01 - Mehmet Toy
  • 5 mins - Analysis of Security Threats, Security Requirements for nvo3 draft-wei-nvo3-security-framework-00 - YinxingWei
  • 5 mins - Layer 3 address considerations for Network Virtualization Overlays

draft-carpenter-nvo3-addressing-00 - Sheng Jiang

  • 5 mins - Accessing Cloud Services - draft-stein-cloud-access-01 - Yaakov Stein

Dec 2012 - Problem Statement submitted for IESG review

Dec 2012 - Framework document submitted for IESG review

Dec 2012 - Data plane requirements submitted for IESG review

Dec 2012 - Operational Requirements submitted for IESG review

Mar 2013 - Control plane requirements submitted for IESG review

Mar 2013 - Gap Analysis submitted for IESG review

Apr 2013 - Recharter or close Working Group

document status
Document Status
  • This is our first meeting as a working group after a successful BoF in Paris
    • Thanks to everyone involved!
  • No RFCs or WG drafts, yet
  • Call for adoption prior to this IETF:
    • draft-narten-nvo3-overlay-problems-statement-03
    • draft-lasserre-nvo3-framework-03
    • Too many comments to adopt before this IETF
    • Will try to make progress towards consensus on adoption in Vancouver
a note on wg adoption
A Note on WG Adoption
  • Is this document a reasonable base to start work on achieving a milestone?
  • If not, what specific text changes are needed?
  • Note: This is not a WG last call and the authors/editors must reflect WG consensus once the document is adopted
virtualization and ethernet addressing
Virtualization and Ethernet Addressing
  • IEEE RAC chair gave the following presentation to the IESG on impact of virtualization on Ethernet OUI/EUI space

  • Will also be presented in RTG area open meeting on Thursday at 9am
problem statement draft s
Problem Statement Draft(s)
  • Who has read both drafts?
  • Which draft is a better start?
  • What are the specific open issues?
framework draft
Framework Draft
  • Who has read the draft?
  • Is the revised draft ready for adoption?
  • If not, what are the specific issues?