editor s note well known architect and product designer of mozaic l.
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Editor's Note-Well Known Architect and Product Designer PowerPoint Presentation
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Editor's Note-Well Known Architect and Product Designer

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Editor's Note-Well Known Architect and Product Designer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mozaic is Human Experience through Architecture and Design. It is one of India’s leading Architecture and Product Design houses, based in Goa.

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I had been following Dean D'Cruz's work for some time before I met and was totally charmed by him some years ago. During one of our meetings, he had expressed in passing, the desire to be able to connect with different design professionals.

Later, I got an email from him informing me about his partnering with Reboni Saha, a product designer, for a new venture – Mozaic design combine.

Architect – product designer, an interesting partnership, I had thought then. Still, I didn't realize how exciting the possibility really was, until I visited Goa a few months ago for a holiday and met with Reboni.


The soft-spoken designer I had interacted with over the phone turned out to pack quite a punch! To say that I had an enriching interaction is an understatement. The need to understand how their synergies work together and share all of that and more with all of you led to the Cover Story. The bonus was the information about Design Valley, their dream, of alliances across design streams.


Alliances mean opening yourself to newer perspectives and ideas. It is, in my opinion, a sure way of enriching knowledge and erasing blind spots. Design also needs to be socially and environmentally relevant and things/events (both positive and negative) happening in the world around you tend to spark creativity. It was this discovery that conceived the idea of Design Matrix and in the past one year, we have shared the experience with you through all our issues. As we prepare for our anniversary, it's your encouragement that keeps us going. Do keep those communication portals open.