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Package and Procedure.

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Package and Procedure. Introduction to ctcbritain. ctcbritain is a private organisation based in the UK. It has been able to transform the lives of many by providing well respected training certification and training diplomas.

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introduction to ctcbritain
Introduction to ctcbritain
  • ctcbritain is a private organisation based in the UK.
  • It has been able to transform the lives of many by providing well respected training certification and training diplomas.
  • ctcbritain awards have become increasingly relevant in the Middle East.
  • As a result many employers in the region acknowledge ctcbritain awards.
  • ctcbritain name and logo are registered trademark in Britain, therefore any training center in the Middle East that wishes to use the ctcbritain name and logo must sign an affiliation contract to be legally allowed to use ctcbritain name and logo in their publications, website or any advertisement.
quality service standards
Quality Service Standards
  • ctcbritain works closely with organizations (vocational and educational bodies) to ensure the continuous improvements of its services its assessment service and ultimately the learning experience of students.
  • We work with our centers in many different ways in order to meet their individual needs and we always require a high quality standards for our centers.
what can ctcbritain offer affiliates
What can ctcbritain offer affiliates?
  • ctcbritain has a large pool of international affiliates.
  • It has been able to offer them valuable awards in the form of training certificates and diplomas.
  • Through ctcbritain`s affiliation, many organization have seen its profits rise exponentially thereafter.
  • As a result many centers have been able to start new franchises and become Educational leaders in their locality.
  • In addition to this, ctcbritain monitors the quality of the new centers and the delivery of programs in the following ways
  • 1. a quality auditor will be assigned to you once you become a licensed center.
  • 2. the quality auditor will use the information you have provided when applying for a license to monitor your quality systems.
  • 3. a satisfactory annual ctcbritain audit report and regular registration of candidates for either award are conditions that must be met for a center to retain a ctcbritain center license.
ctcbritain center license
ctcbritain center license
  • Having a center license signifies that the center has been approved to be able to provide ctcbritain programs.
  • These include quality standards for staffing, resources and assessment.
  • Applications for ctcbritain center licensing can be completed on ctcbritain website.
  • If granted a center license, ctcbritain will provide an account manager who will maintain communication links between ctcbritain and the new affiliated center .
ctcbritain ceritification and awards
ctcbritainceritification and awards
  • ctcbritain provides a vast range of qualifications in various fields.
  • A full list of our course titles can be found on our website:
  • ctcbritain aims to maintain a high standard of delivery and execution in the teaching of all of it’s syllabuses
  • ctcbritain awards are also intended to meet specific center requirements and, where possible, be tailored to the need of the demand of a specific locality.
account managers
Account Managers
  • ctcbritain account managers aim to:
  • 1. gain an understanding of your needs
  • 2. represent your interests within ctcbritain
  • 3. co-ordinate the delivery of ctcbritain services and products to you
  • 4. identify and offer you appropriate ctcbritain products and services
  • In this way account managers form a key part of the organisational infrastructure of ctcbritain, and are instrumental in providing a premium service.
certification order process
Certification order process
  • The ctcbritain certification order process proceeds in the following way:
    • Ctcbritain admin staff will send username and password to affiliated centers which are members of ctcbritain organization.
    • Your center staff will log-on to
    • On the home page, you log-on center log-in.
    • Put your username and password.
    • Put your students details on the certificate form.
    • Click on send or submit
  • (The number of certificates you have submitted will appear on ctcbritain database and will be printed and sent to you by DHL )
communication with ctcbritain
Communication with ctcbritain
  • We hope that we will have a successful partnership made between us.
  • In the meantime, you are always welcome to visit our website:
  • And always welcome to send e-mails to us at :