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be amongst individuals who traveled on faith n.
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Hajj package and Umrah package PowerPoint Presentation
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Hajj package and Umrah package

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Hajj package and Umrah package
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Hajj package and Umrah package

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  1. Be amongst individuals who traveled on faith Performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan has an exceptional value. Umrah is a sacred act of reverence for every Muslim once in his life. Follow in conduit of millions of Muslims, good men and women; each with individual aspirations, regret and perhaps ailments too, but united in their eagerness to worship Allah, to please him and to be enveloped in his mercy and forgiveness.

  2. Hajj is a sacred journey for any Muslim, as described by the Holy Prophet. Hajj can be symbolizes the resurrection of a new beginning for every person who believes in it. We know that for the majority of people, Hajj truly is undertaken only once in their existence but consequently the meaning cannot be emphasized enough on ensuring that the Hajj, from the beginning to end, is in total fulfillment with the prophetic Sunnah. Hajj for a lot of us is a turning point and we ask that our pilgrims return safely to their home with the renewed devotion and better promises to their creator.

  3. Islam Freedom extends an invitation for you, to come and join us this year on this sacred journey. Our Hajj package and Umrah package has evolved from years of occurrence and commitment. We value you, our customers, and developed a number of packages. Our Hajj and Umrah packages are available 24hours providing the freedom to arrange your journey by yourself when you want. Umrah can serve as a perfect family experience or special trip when starting a new life together.

  4. With high standards of accommodation in close propinquity to the Holy places, all our travel packages include our standard services, accommodation at the best hotels with meals included. We serve the best that we can, for the benefits of our brothers and sisters on their worship. Islam Freedom has built its reputation as a tried and trusted Hajj and Umrah service provider over the past years by helping thousands to appreciate their thoughts of a serene pilgrimage. Both Hajj and Umrah are journeys upon which ones very salvation can depend and with this, we consistently strived to provide a journey of a lifetime for each pilgrim.

  5. We promised to ensure every pilgrim achieves the best Umrah experience at the most reasonable price. We are dedicated and committed to serve you and rest assured we will accompany you throughout your travel. Islam Freedom offer the utmost Hajj and Umrah service, we provide support and assistance at each steps ensuring to a better preparation for the journey ahead.  Our commitment is to let every pilgrim experience a tranquil Hajj and Umrah experience.

  6. Why travel with us? • Islam Freedom have over a year’s of experienced delivering Hajj & Umrah Service • Competitive rates reflecting the level of excellence in customer service • Selecting the best place for accommodation and amenities. • Helping you to ensure a serene spiritual Hajj and Umrah experience If you have made the intention to embark upon this truly unique journey, then we at www.islamfreedom.com ask you to allow us to assists you upon this trip.