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Unit Five
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Unit Five

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  1. Unit Five Ways to Success

  2. Passage A My Advice to Students: Education Counts

  3. 比尔盖茨的十大人生定律 • Life is not fair, get used to it. 生活是不公平的;要去适应它。 The world won"t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself. 这世界并不会在意你的自尊。这世界指望你在自我感觉良好之前先要有所成就。 You will not make 40 thousand dollars a year right out of high school. You won"t be a vice president with a car phone, until you earn both. 高中刚毕业你不会一年挣4万美元。你不会成为一个公司的副总裁,并拥有一部装有电话的汽车,直到你将此职位和汽车电话都挣到手。 If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. He doesn"t have tenure. 如果你认为你的老师严厉,等你有了老板再这样想。老板可是没有任期限制的。

  4. Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping; they called it opportunity. • 烙牛肉饼并不有损你的尊严。你的祖父母对烙牛肉饼可有不同的定义;他们称它为机遇。 • If you mess up, it"s not your parents" fault, so don"t whine about our mistakes, learn from them. •  如果你陷入困境,那不是你父母的过错,所以不要尖声抱怨我们的错误,要从中吸取教训。   

  5. Before you were born, your parents weren"t as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you are. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parents" generation, try "delousing" the closet in your own room. • 在你出生之前,你的父母并非像他们现在这样乏味。他们变成今天这个样子是因为这些年来他们一直在为你付账单,给你洗衣服,听你大谈你是如何的酷。所以,如果你想消灭你父母那一辈中的"寄生虫"来拯救雨林的话,还是先去清除你房间衣柜里的虫子吧。

  6. 比尔盖茨的十大人生定律 • 9.Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. In some schools they have abolished failing grades; they’ll give you as many times as you want to get the right answer. This doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to anything in real life. • 你的学校也许已经不再分优等生和劣等生,但生活却仍在作出类似区分。在某些学校已经废除不及格分;只要你想找到正确答案,学校就会给你无数的机会。这和现实生活中的任何事情没有一点相似之处。   

  7. Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. Do that on your own time. • 生活不分学期。你并没有暑假可以休息,也没有几位雇主乐于帮你发现自我。自己找时间做吧。 • Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs. • 电视并不是真实的生活。在现实生活中,人们实际上得离开咖啡屋去干自己的工作。

  8. and Unit5Ways to Success Part I Listen Talk

  9. Unit5Ways to Success Directions:Listen to the following passage and fill in the missing words with the help of pictures.Click here to listen.

  10. Unit5Ways to Success Directions: Listen to the following passage and try to fill the missing words. Click here to listen. Success can be reached in different ways by people in different careers. Bill Gates began at age 13 to 1.program computers. His vision for personal computing has been central to the success of Microsoft Corporation, the company he 2. founded with his childhood friend in 1975. The former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, is a business legend. A famous quote by Mr. Welch is, "Change before you have to." He believes in leading by example and 3. encourages his employees to do their best everyday. Michael Jordan said, "I accept 4.failure , but I can't accept not trying." He is one of the best athletes to ever play team sports. His great smile, athletic 5.achievements, and pleasant personality have made him one of the most famous 6. athletes in the world. Michael Jordan spent a lot of time playing basketball as a child but in senior middle school he was taken off the team. Instead of 7.giving up, he worked through adversity and became the greatest basketball player yet.

  11. Celine Dion came from 8.humble beginnings in a rural French Canadian town in Canada. The youngest of fourteen children, her voice is internationally known on such soundtracks as Beauty and the Beast and Titanic. • Ronaldo is Brazil's greatest 9.talent in soccer since Pele. He began his professional 10. career in the season 90-91, playing for the Social Ramos Club. FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) voted him best player of the year in both 1996 and 1997.In 2002,he won the Golden Shoe Award of the FIFA World Cup with 8 goals scored.

  12. Michael Jordan • The 46-year-old Jordan played in 1,072 NBA games for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards and finished his career with 32,292 points, 5,633 assists(助攻)and 6,672 rebounds.(篮板) • His acrobatic moves and uncanny shot- making(投球)during his prime with the Bulls, whom he led to six NBA titles, established him as one of the greatest players in the sport's history.

  13. Passage A--Think About It: • Who is Bill Gates? What do you know about him? • Bill Gates is the founder and the chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation. He is a world famous figure and a successful example for many young people to follow.

  14. Related Information • Bill Gates • Microsoft • Ohio

  15. Bill Gates Gates, William Henry, III (1955- ) is an American business executive, who serves as chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation.Gates cofounded Microsoft in 1975 with high school friend Paul Allen. The company’s success made Gates one of the most influential figures in the computer industry and, eventually, one of the richest people in the world. www.microsoft.com/billgates

  16. Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is a leading American computer software company. Microsoft develops and sells a wide variety of software products to businesses and consumers in more than 50 countries. The company’s Windows operating systems for personal computers are the most widely used operating systems in the world. Microsoft has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft’s other well-known products include Word, a word processor; Excel, a spreadsheet program; Access, a database program; and PowerPoint, a program for making business presentations. Microsoft Windows

  17. The State of Ohio Ohio is one of the East North Central states of the United States. Ohio is located on several main routes between the eastern and western United States. Therefore it attracted settlers from all parts of the country and developed a culture significant for its diversity. Ohio first developed as an agricultural region, and more than half of the land is still devoted to growing crops and raising livestock. The state’s position on major east-west highways and railroads and its access to Lake Erie and the Ohio River, however, offered a large potential market for industrial production. This strategic location, combined with the presence of abundant natural resources and potential sources of power, made possible the rise of the industrial concentrations that have made Ohio a leading industrial state. The Ohio River,which traverses all of Ohio’s natural land regions http://www.state.oh.us/

  18. Main idea of this speech • Bill Gates’ gave his advice for students and their parents about education . That is to Get the best education you can; to receive the broad education in high school and get specialized one at college; and learn how to learn.

  19. What do you think of school education? Does it play a significant role in your life? • School education plays an important role in my life. In my opinion, school education is a steppingstone towards success. Also. It provides an opportunity to learn of the world.

  20. Do you want to pursue graduate study after you get your BA or BS? Explain. • Those who go on pursuing a higher degree would be entitled to more opportunities later in life. But others may say working experience is more important. Personally, I haven’t yet made up my mind...

  21. Text Analysis • It can be divided into 3 parts. • Part1: Para 1-3 • Part2 : Para 4-10 • Part3 : Para 11-17

  22. Para 1-3 • Bill Gates’ advice for students and their parents: Get the best education you can. Take advantage of high school and college. Learn how to learn.

  23. Para 4-10 • Bill Gates discourages students from dropping out of school, whether high school or college.

  24. Para 11-17 • Bill Gates holds that education should be broad, although it’s fine to have deep interests, too.

  25. Understanding the Text 3. What does Gates think of dropping out of school? He discourages it.

  26. Understanding the Text 4. Which university did Gates go to? Did he graduate with a degree? He went to Harvard but he dropped out in his junior year.

  27. Understanding the Text 5. When does Gates think is the appropriate time for students to think about specialization? He thinks that students should think about specialization while in college.

  28. New words • Text study

  29. My Advice to Students: Education Counts • 1.Hundreds of students send me e-mail each year asking for advice about education. They want to know what to study, or whether it‘s okay to drop out of college since that’s what I did. • 2.A smaller number of parents send messages, seeking guidance for their son or daughter. "How can we steer our child toward success?" they ask.

  30. Understanding the Text 1. Why do many students write to Gates every year? They want to get his advice about education.

  31. Understanding the Text 2. Why do some parents write to Gates? They want to get guidance for their children.

  32. Count: be of value/importance • We have only a few bullets left, so make each one count. • 我们只剩下几颗子弹了,因此要弹无虚发。 • 因为她有经验,所以她的意见很重要。 • Her opinion counts because of her experience.

  33. 奉告学子:教育是关键 比尔·盖茨 • 每年都有数以百计的学生给我发电子邮件,要我就接受教育给他们提建议。他们想知道该学些什么,或者可不可以从大学辍学,因为我就没有读完大学。 也有不少家长给我写信,为子女寻求指导。他们问:“我们怎样才能把孩子引向成功之路?”

  34. 3. My basic advice is simple and heartfelt: Get the best education you can. Take advantage of high school and college. Learn how to learn. • 4. * It's true that I dropped out of college to start Microsoft, but I was at Harvard for three years before dropping out——and I'd love to have the time to go back. As I've said before, nobody should drop out of college unless they believe they face the opportunity of a lifetime. And even then they should reconsider

  35. Notes to the Text 1. It's true that I dropped out of college to start Microsoft, but I was at Harvard for three years before dropping out--and I'd love to have the time to go back. (para. 4) It's true that I left college early to start Microsoft, but I was at Harvard for three years before I left, and if I had the time I'd love to go back (for my further study). 不错,为创建微软,我未完成大学学业,不过辍学之前我已经在哈佛呆了三年,而且我真心希望有一天能重返校园。

  36. 我的基本忠告很简单,而且是发自内心的:全力获得最佳教育,充分利用高中和大学,学会如何学习。 不错,为创建微软,我未完成大学学业,不过辍学之前我已经在哈佛呆了三年,而且我真心希望有一天能重返校园。以前我也说过,谁也不应该辍学,除非他坚信自己正面临着一个一生仅有一次的机会,但就算在那个时候也还是应该深思熟虑。

  37. . • 5. Kathy Cridland, a sixth-grade teacher in Ohio, wrote to say, “Several of my studentsclaim that you never finished high school. * Since you are a success, my students perceive that asa reason not to care much about getting a good education.” • 6. I finished high school! • 7.The computer industry has lots of people who didn't finish college, but I'm not aware ofany success stories that began with somebody dropping out of high school. I actually don't know any high school dropouts, let aloneany successful ones.

  38. Notes to the Text 2. Since you are a success, my students perceive that as a reason not to care much about getting a good education.(para. 5) As you are a success, my students tend to infer from your success that they don't have to worry very much about doing well in school. 你成功了,我的学生因此就认为没有必要接受良好的教育。

  39. Claim vt. • 1. 声言;自称;主张 to assert as a fact; maintain against denial • He claimed that he hadn't done it, but I didn't believe him. • 他声称没有做这件事,可是我不相信他。 • Fishermen and sailors sometimes claim to have seen monsters in the sea. • 渔夫和水手有时声称看到过海里的妖怪。 • "他自称得到了英国两张最早的邮票中的其中一张,但是无人相信。" • He claims that he has got one of the two earliest British stamps but nobody believes him.

  40. Claim vt. • 2.(根据权利)要求,认领,索赔 to demand as being due or as one's property; assert one's title or right to • Did you claim on the insurance after your car accident? • 你的车子出事之后,要求领保险金了吗? • I claimed the coat that the teacher found. • 我认领了老师找到的外套。 • Did you claim on the insurance after your house fire? • 你家失火后你要求保险公司赔偿了吗?

  41. perceive sth as sth: interpret sth. in a certain way; view • 我认为他的批评是对我的激励。 • I perceived his comment as a challenge. • Perceive: v. notice • I can’t perceive any difference between these coins. • N. perception

  42. Be aware of • Beawareof those who fish in troubled waters.  • 当心那些浑水摸鱼的人。 • 我们意识到了这个问题,但这不可怕。 • We areawareof this possibility; It's nothing to be afraid of.  • American presidential candidates have to beawareof the tremendous influence of the fourth estate.  • 美国总统候选人得意识到第四级的巨大影响。 • Be you awareof your son's falling into evil way?  • 您知道您的独生子正在走邪道吗?

  43. Let alone : • 1.更别说。much less • (synonym) not to mention • she can‘t boil potatoes, let alone cook a meal • 我们死都不怕,何况困难? • We fear no death, letalone difficulties. • 2. let be; leave alone or undisturbed.使它那样;保持原样或不被干扰。 • Please let my things alone. • 请不要动我的东西。 • Let her alone to do it. • 让她一人去做吧。 • We let the fierce dog alone. • 我们没惹那条暴怒的狗。

  44. 在俄亥俄州教六年级的老师凯西·克里德兰写道,“我的好几个学生声称你根本没有读完高中。因为你成功了,我的学生就觉得他们也可以不必要接受良好的教育。”我高中毕业了的!计算机行业中确实有很多人没有读完大学,但是我从来没有见过有谁高中没读完就成功创业的。确切地说,我认识的人当中根本没有高中辍学的,更没有高中辍学后事业成功的。

  45. 8.In my company‘s early years we had a bright part-time programmer who threatened to drop out of high school to work full-time. We told him no. • 9.Quite a few of our people didn‘t finish college, but we discourage dropping out. Having a diploma certainly helps somebody who is looking to us for a job. • 10.College isn't the only place where information exists. You can learn in a library. *But somebody handing you a book doesn't automatically fosterlearning. You want to learn with other people, ask questions, try out ideas and have a way to test your ability. It usually takes more than just a book.

  46. Discourage:dishearten •  encourage • We discourage smoking in this school. • We tried to discourage him from climbing the mountain without a guide. • Discouraging a.令人灰心的 • Discouragement n.挫折 • Discourage sb. from doing sth.劝阻某人不要做某事 • Be discouraged 感到泄气的 BACK

  47. Notes to the Text 3. But somebody handing you a book doesn't automatically foster learning. (para. 10) But if someone gives you a book you may not necessarily learn anything from it. 但人家递给你一本书并不能自动地让你学到东西。

  48. Foster v. • 1.培养;助长 to promote the growth or development of • to foster an interest in music • 培养对音乐的兴趣 • Frequent cultural exchange will certainly help foster friendly relations between our two universities. • 经常的文化交流肯定有助于发展我们两校之间的友好关系。 • Foster integration with the global economy • 促进全球经济一体化 • 2.养育;抚养 to bring up (a child, etc); rear • Foster parents; foster grandparents; a foster home.养父母;寄养的祖父母;寄养的家庭 • We fostered the young girl while her mother was in hospital. • 小女孩的母亲住院期间我们照料她。

  49. 我的公司创立早期,有一个相当出色的兼职程序员,声称要从高中辍学来做全职。我们叫他不要这么做。 我们公司里确实有好些人没有读完大学,但我们不希望人们辍学。谁要想在我们公司谋职,有毕业证书肯定会优先考虑。 •  不一定只有在大学才能获取信息,在图书馆也可以学习。但人家递给你一本书并不能自动地让你学到东西。你需要向别人学习,提问题,将设想付诸实施,设法验证自己的能力。这一切,往往不是读一两本书就可以做得到的。

  50. 11. Education should be broad, although it‘s fine to have deep interests, too. • 12. In high school there were periods when I was highly focused onwriting software, but for most of my high school years I had wide-ranging academic interests. My parents encouraged this, and I'm grateful that they did. • 13. Although I attended a lot of different kinds of classes in college, I signed upfor only one computer class the whole time. I read about all kinds of things.